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  1. So sorry for your loss I’ve been through 2 stillbirths 24+4 (5/12/2007) 34+4(3/12/2008) I think about my little boys everyday an often cry and will never forget them this time of year is really hard for me

  2. Forever in your heart ❣ one day in your arms you are so brave you Precious daughter who is flying high with the angels 👼 kept her little brother safe inside you

  3. I'm so sorry about your loss here that's awful feel your pain my aunty lost her baby with still born years ago now they already had 2 kids but this one was going to be called Daniel they went into have 2 more after that but it's not nice I'm so sorry it's not something anyone wants to experience but you have adorable kids and primrose would have been lovely she's now a find an angel looking down on you she's around you big big hugs it's ok to cry massive hugs for you xxx

  4. I am so unbelievably sorry for your loss. I know this is several months late, but I just found your channel and have been watching your videos. I posted on your first miscarriage video to thank you for posting it because I went through one earlier this year, and I greatly appreciate you being brave enough to share your story. But this… is a whole other level and I cannot imagine what you have gone through over the past year. But again, you are so brave for posting this. Pregnancy and infant loss is far more common than people realize, but nobody ever speaks about it. I think it is so important to normalize the conversation so women (and men) can be prepared and know that there is a support network out there for them if they ever have the misfortune to lose a pregnancy or an infant.

    I saw from your instagram that you have had a new baby, and I am so happy for you. I hope your sweet rainbow baby is a happy, healthy, bouncing little cherub and that you and your family find all the happiness in the world. <3

  5. Lorraine you, your family and Primrose are always in my thoughts. Our son Franco was stillborn in February and I think find myself with the strength to watch your videos now after all this time but at the same time its been no time. All my love 💛 xx

  6. Sweetheart I am so so sorry my heart breaks for you. My mum went through the same with my little brother. I have never realised how traumatic it would have been for her and why she was so worried when I was pregnant. Thank you for opening yourself up to talking about this. I wish you positive thoughts and sending you big hugs to you and your family xx

  7. 😢Not a ridiculous video at all Sweet.Good to get things off your chest sooner than later.These channels are for that as well as the happy times.You may well have taught someone ,somewhere ,something. I’ve only recently started watching your vlogs and can clearly see that you are a beautiful,well spoken,strong young woman. You can get through this as unfair as it is. I should imagine a lot of people leaving you messages relate as do I .It hurts like hell but who would you be if you felt otherwise? You clearly have a great amount of support and you say you’re thankful for that so all you can do is being done sweet ,so sit back and breath,give yourself a break cos you’re doing just fine.Sent in peace and 💖

  8. I'm glad your talking about it instead of holding everything inside. That will help you to heal. I don't think you will ever get over the loss but it will be somewhat easier to live life without your precious little one. You are one strong woman. I don't think I could handle the same situation with the grave and bravery you are showing. There's always the question of why. What if, if I did this, if I done that. You did everything you could. I'm so sorry that you were dealt a very sad loss! My heart goes out to you. Makes me so sad that your want your babies and for some unknown reason she died without you knowing and there are those that don't want their baby and throw it away. So unfair!!! Know that you have people your don't know that feel your heart and will shelter you from any storm!!!

  9. Girl I'm Sorry For Your Lost 😭😭 I Just Lost Our Son June 16th On Saturday 😭😭 That Was The Hardest Thing I Had To Do.. We Miss Him So Much.. I Had Placental Abruption. It Fuckin Hurts So Much.. I Cried 😭😭

  10. I just lost my baby at 37 weeks on feb 24th my heart feels for you .. nobody will ever understand the pain or how it feels to even have the thoughts cross your mind having to hold the emotions back all the time . And your so strong . Everybody who has been Thro this is truly an amazing person

  11. Hi, I just wanted to make sure that you are aware that your video was uploaded onto a viralthread.com story about another mom who lost her son. The story is called "Mom Releases Powerful Photographs Of Herself Giving Birth To Stillborn Child." I wasn't sure if you knew or not as they did not link to your YT account nor credit you for the story you shared <3 All the best

  12. I’ve just stumbled across this video, I lost my baby boy Henry this week, he was 28 weeks. I’m struggling to know how to cope and feel, and this video has helped me in some small way, it’s nice to know that all these feelings I’m currently having are completely normal. Sending you all my love ❤️

  13. I have one son and had few miscarriages. it's the hardest thing. I actually had to choose to have an abortion cause I knew the baby wasn't going to make it in my heart and was bleeding already. I knew and i didn't want to let him or her grow into a fetus with all organs ect… if I would just lose him or her, it was a hard decision. I really want another child but my body can't handle it, also my cervix is always open. So no pregnancies will stay. It's so hard losing a baby under 7 weeks I can't imagine how you felt. even at 7 weeks they have a tiny body little hands feet ect… And when you pass the sac with the fetus inside,thats in the first trimester. I asked what to do with the body they said"Just flush it" it didn't feel right cause i knew that was My child. so I went into the er and hand them take it. It's hard cause there's no guidelines on what to do with a very young fetus,
    when older fetus passes they get a funeral ect.. I honestly didn't know how to grieve. What to do with the body. Or if I should tell people or hide not. I felt if u didn't have a funeral type thing and just kept quiet. it would be disrespectful to my child and not honer them, just like their life didn't matter at all and they were never there. to me was a real baby. It sucks not knowing how to go about stuff when the doctor is saying it wasn't a real baby its just cell's. But when you're the one carrying the child, planning for it's futer. Talking about him or her with your husband and having they're whole life planned out in your head it is a real baby to you. This is just my experience from my first miscarriage. I can't imagine what this strong Amazing woman is going through. I just can't imagine. I wish you the best girl ❤️stay strong you still have a family of four it's just one of your children is a heavenly child. And a beautiful angel that will always be with you ❤️❤️

  14. I'm so sorry that you and your family are having to go through this. You are so incredibly strong.

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss .. I can’t even imagine what you have been through and what you will go through all the prayers for your future happiness ❤️

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