31 Replies to “Stillborn Zakk Wylde Black Label Society full guitar cover by Neo”

  1. you know when i click on these videos i usually watch it to hear how well the person plays it not bash them on what they're wearing or how they look…. But i guess there will always be trolls on here so just laugh at how pathetic they are for bashing someone over the internet

  2. lol @ people sticking up for his fingernails, does he really seem that bothered? No? Stop jumping on the band wagon, seriously who gives a shit…

  3. @NeoGeofanatic I AM! ;]

    seriously, people should just stfu. 😐
    Why open youre mouth just to say something unintelligent. People are gonna hate, I should just learn to accept i suppose.

  4. theres nothing wrong with the painted nails, i dont have em but to let it bother you, thats just arrogant.. can you record a cleaner version? get it right into the computer? that was pretty ill dude

  5. Dude don't trip over these homophobic retards on the internet over this video. Their attention span is obviously too little to realize it's a cover video not a show off your hands video. It was an EPIC cover dude. I'm jelous that u can get the solo down and I can't >.<

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