19 Replies to “Stone Cold Reacts: "Soil the Stillborn" by Infant Annihilator (Extreme Metal Week!)”

  1. There is a video of the drummer Aaron Kitcher playing a song live on a tiny ass kit which makes it more impressive. He might program, but regardless he can play his shit lol

  2. I'm a die hard metalhead since the early 80's, and this band is complete shite, all studio stuff nothing live, don't think they've ever played live, all they're stuff is edited over and over…… Just noise……

  3. I was laughing so hard. These guys are some of the best musicans around. As for the lyrics they bring the heat and slam the fuck outta anyone whos a fucking piece of shit.

    Keep it up bro m/

  4. Have u ever heard about Marilyn Manson tactics? He wanna make you feel uncomfortable through he's lyrics videos and irl.
    That guys doing pretty much the same
    I know their old vocalist Dan Watson I pretty chill dude and their drummer. Im pretty sure you know that by now I guess I just explain people the situation before they start Haye them I guess. Overall great reaction

  5. Everything I've seen so far leads me to beleive that Infant Annihilator genre falls in the category of "Comedy Death Metal"?! I'm sure they are taking the piss and some of their videos confirm that. The drummer is pretty brutal but and there is a clip of him doing the drums for one of their songs which is incredible – it finishes with them joking around which further confirms my genre theory.

  6. IA is a studio band. They don’t play live. Funny enough the two guys behind IA have a band called Black Tongue which is the opposite side of the spectrum, more downtempo beat down with core-ish influences, and that band plays live lol

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