[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh hello no you're financially hello hello pretty how you my name is Chris I know your sasada sigh you called me I was just wondering if we could go somewhere you know to sit down have a training something so we could talk a little bit no no no no I I don't have do two strangers besides and I'm very busy busy I think you meant for walk you down there No for me here waiting with you in front of my house I'm interested in a relationship with you anybody's who spoke would say for me come on you can't be sure about this if you don't try just give me one chance all I know I'm not to trust it besides don't you have a job I have a job but I won't leave at the moment and honestly I'm not myself but I'll see you at one day oh don't because you're leavin us I had she seen girls are out there I'm not using cults I'm chasing you and you know what if you give me a phone number I won't bother you again just you're not the original two three five two five nine seven see so fuck coming you you have in my an hour I have to go get it late this is fine o clock this is Nigeria not Greenland every time I tried to come close to you just water all the way when I said the next time I come or talk about it so I don't beiong something I love some promotions and the good life honestly right now and the happiest man on earth not only did I nail the promotion I also get ahead of branch here in Lagos welcome to the good life you didn't talk about the salary increment oh yeah oh yeah I'm telling you it just seems since my baby precious was born everything has been falling in place for me everything is just like magic so what are you insinuating that precious brought you luck that's not an insinuation that's a broad statement but let's not dampen the good feeling in the air feeling really benevolent right now so um ask me anything and I'll do it well let's see a more energy done hi how are you I actually came to see the baby she's a place to sleep lately Ida is everything okay yes it's just a slight headache I'm having oh sorry about that you'll be okay no time but there's a filling of charity in there and I want you to ask me anything and I will do I want to go back to school and the baby I'll find a way around it if that's what you really truly desire I'm only gonna tell you one word hell no multiple up still alive Chris what is the meaning of this grace you've let the wrong this gal even in my presence did you can imagine what your friend is doing you want to sponsor an education that's what little you tell me there's nothing between both of you look at your mouth and you place to start an enemy don't spoil the mood what are you standing there doing if I spoke I really am sorry about embarrassment man for this as well you subtly played the property in this house and you not disrespect yourself and provoke me so I now provoke you Chris asking my own child to sit on the ground in my house if you claim to love me the way you do then you will love my child as well you know Chris you relationship never thing you're not ready for me what my insane have you ever been ready for me in the course of our relationship how many times have I caught you with other men Greece so you now remember you're messing with other men Chris do you want us to start with colleague memories it's not what you want the only person that has their articles me in this house is that woman that you be treating better stop human I have seen you I have seen you in and out and the picture I have is not what I want as my wife you talk something like that because if you ain't my shoes what would you have done because she would have been worst fears definitely not what do you do definitely not run her with a hot iron she doctor what is this if you rats don't to your grace because I'm gonna take this if you know you choose gently and huh Edna Claude you don't know for how long I've waited for this moment it's made me a very happy man and go in there and pack every single thing that belongs to you and go far fine thank you precious Hoshi she's upstairs sleeping why are you noting that it's unusual for you not to return on time so had to stay awake for your return no I took the liberty to buy a few clothes for you so from now on I want you to whether I look good in them good night Chris Chris thank you so much but I can't wear them why not you've done enough for me already by enrolling in school and I going to pay my school fees but collecting gifts from you he said they must one thing I have intentions of doing a mind I really do mind I've been out there in the Sun all day remember Tito another trying to get this thing's for you I don't know that you need them just stand in front of me can you reject them how do you expect a fee safety energy for our baby okay use the money for her and not me I'm sorry can I lock the door sutures so me your first semester exams me magia I don't know as people keep his foot in this example difficult effective more students might swing by the culture that is local grudge no much difference I suppose anyway has purchased a baby is fine man I miss her so much but waiting betting we do now yeah my design what you with me baby listen the cemetery I'm sorry for barging you know but you're just there I'm happy doing things are going we don't spend time together and this really bothering me you know you are so locked up with your studies and I'm not saying shit I read you know but when you overdo it to look as if you're only away from something and hiding under the umbrella of your studies easy far-fetched look at me I have a baby at my age that was a mistake I'm not ready to make another baby you have knowing to decision relationship thing I just want to know you and for you to know how I feel about you wherever most countries cook days you know it should okay I don't know and that's why I will let you come soon how is it for us today ha she's fine hmm jinwu Holland sisters talkative and your type is I have a young in the house robot that could easily call my father just be sure to walk and all that I'm Tim this is just like pull on my soul you have to take it easy with your father you know how he is mom I've been in this country for past six months I demand to know where my kid sister is you don't have to blame your father I don't know did a very bad thing and he forbids me from taking you to where she stays I've only been there once and to can't find my way there when we're talking about years yeah what grudge does he be against her he cannot forgive mum what I'm interrupting anything between mother and son no not at all I'm you're looking very beautiful thank you and I will leave you both yeah you don't look happy what's wrong it's not my dad and my younger sister they're having some kind of problem and my mom is not even helping issues I have told you separately to take it easy on yourself you're working yourself up and I don't like it you know what you're going to do just keep talking to your father concerning the issue and and trust me if he sees how serious you are he would give in come on baby we have just six months to stay in this country after all already and it won't be back for a while and this only chance I have to look for her I love us so much I miss her I can't just imagine him a bad way with our knowledge I just take it easy on yourself you will find out baby still you understand we are fond of each other is he when I was a kid she used to be my found George of my dear friends and she does it very well I had this girl called Christian Christian happens to be a very lovely girl pretty girl but immediately reaches for her she told me that girl she's a bloody pretender in less than three weeks be true to bossed around I have another one called punky but while I'm fortunate to run cash is a Yoruba girl and my mum dislike her so much but we just stood grand for her telling me that I shouldn't listen tomorrow the relationships is not to last because of me then when I was in United States I was almost rotated from school rooty happens to be the only one that came to my aid from that moment my lifestyle change and the girl what happened well Amanda knew her watch snatched away from me she got two kids now other both of us renew their relationships leaving us nowhere but she was happy I am let me not bore you with my fast no it's fine on the contrary I'm loving every bit of watching so who's the kind of truck to yesterday he's my boyfriend then who's he he's understand Chico's second son he's into oil and gas oh yeah you got yourself a big fish am I not a big fish myself I'm sorry I forget that's your easy ways only daughter Chrissy I'm not dating him because it's another thing listen he respects me were very compatible and most of all he doesn't tell a lot of lies oh I wish both of you the best of luck congratulations thank you talking about relationships so tell me who's a new girl on board between the business or on money to make on a daughter that depends all of my time trust me there's no space for woman are you telling me that she didn't get down no gentlemen that will be my business but I think it'd be a good idea to talk to him to bring his account to my bank so we can manage it for him so you telling me he doesn't have an accountant you are big shoes who has money you switch up your phone you didn't bother to call me you know we were stiff about you you shouldn't have I am no longer a baby oh he's the where have you been none of your business Madonna was no less you live in this house you will abide by the rules governing everyone in this house listen Chris the only reason I come to his house is because of my baby but if you're tired of seeing my face already first thing tomorrow morning I'll leave that's a problem a half of you that's the problem I have with you Stace you're always so unreasonable and always did I just hear you call me arrested Oh No did I just hear you say unreasonable can you define the word unreasonable Chris you have a hell of a man that is unreasonable trying to control my life especially when you don't have a reason to listen Chris I am no longer a baby you must realize that this is the last time you talk to me like that or else or else what Oh God because or else what do let us be policewomen I'm just bored you know just go out look around okay where do you want me to take you to the zoo see some animal zoo yeah some good zoo here I don't know there's some kind of around Oh oh my god so picky Wow look at you you're looking good thank you how long have you been in the country Oh mob six months now six months yeah maybe but ask it for my brother pizza oh come on man I saw Peter yesterday he was one that will be in school oh yeah actually convene a university business analyst tuition fine oh yeah oh that's nice that's nice I'm looking for my sister I don't know how I'm gonna find out oh yeah of course yeah she's who you need luck studying law you serious okay can I have a number are you taking me that tomorrow yes tomorrow way tomorrow country go now no come on honey tomorrow's okay yeah um it's mom in actually came say hi yeah mom is inside so baby so what's it with all this you're looking good you look beautiful honey boy she's looking good no but some of that just from my sister should be very happy yeah I know that well I'm so happy that God has finally answered your prayers love you baby you know because it's the situational growth from one point to another then look at this for example you see gradual layering of the green Beck's baby come and go how is cool huh what are you still doing in Vegas I hope what what's wrong Lent what is back I can't believe it please bring it bring it man just just bring them first thing tomorrow morning I beg you Becky please thank you who is that who was that on the phone look at your face go sit down are you acting like that sit down who were you talking to on the phone Roland my brother so ruling your brother now is vexy baby right what is it Leland is my elder brother and he's back he's come to see me in school tomorrow there's certainly good news that's nice this thinks about taking a turn for the better as if you care maybe you know that I can touch me yeah which are ideal and stout that is very very upset with you right now and he's not in the country so whenever he comes back out we'll definitely look into your case I mean I miss mom I miss daddy Kinion George didn't have plans of coming back home at all right how about your baby and why didn't you contact me on this one precious is fine you knew they left the house I didn't leave with a pin okay I wasn't allowed to because they'll pass on all that and we can I go back to the house that doesn't allow me in so I lost my contact all my contact and then I'm loose in neutral school Chris the father of my baby first my father said he did not know you I guess we're just running away from his responsibilities well it took care that's by the way the most important thing right now is that you're back in school yes that girl you came here with is she really the one you want to marry I'm serious soothsayer what do you have to say again is anything wrong with your hand anyway let's not spoil this reunion with irrelevant issues well whatever the most important thing is uh I'm seeing your life let's all give you a check of three millionnaire Feeny okay just use it for your personal needs for your school whatever you want whatever you lost thank you what's wrong with you come on out what did she mean that shouldn't turn me elevate or have a song about oh you had to hurt up what did your sister tell you about me did she tell you not to get married to me or what Algie with it I can handle it I'm a big girl so what is affected from her what exactly you expected from her and listen to me I don't care what people say about you what matters is you I love you that is a yeah right your sister is your charge remember but what is wrong with you John she's fine she's doing perfectly well with her studies she's really low in unilag I'm we see her through school um Chris of course the mother impregnated her that's idiot anyway that is just responsibility um she looking good come on she's no longer a baby she's grown now she's looking beautiful more intelligent um hey I think I should leave you both to discuss well I I just have to go back home and rest um John wait a minute ever since your contact with my sister you've grown cold I hope all this world know say because you asked to be excused on the contrary I am I understand it's just that I'm having a little bit of um headache and I just need to rest that's all Juwan you are my daughter-in-law and this is your home yeah so you are going to spend the weekend with me go upstairs thank you mama what is this woman and mama boy okay never should get you I should be asking you that I'm gonna Christmas girlfriend girlfriend oh um I Donna richest mother yes nice to meet you grace is not back from work I came to the base you know oh that's very thoughtful of you um I hope you don't mind that let's go sit okay darling it's good to have you home what did you get in here honey no no I asked you a simple question answer me you and I have not spoken in a while so I decided to surprise you my comment to make me for you make me a meal is that a joke I don't want anything from you about whatever poison you put in here I do not want a part of it what I wish to do now is get your things and get out a lady takes the pig comes to your house to prepare you Mia the least you could do is say thank you last I checked I did not invite you to be a part of this conversation so he will do your world of good to keep your mouth shut and you I'm fighting a battle within myself to remain a gentleman and then fast losing it next time I told you to get off this house I will not use my mouth your attitude toward it hasn't changed a bit what happens to the men with bad attitude their women leave them what are you still doing here I don't know who is more sick you are the women that failed to realize that you're not worth it watch it all this is not happening to me who would believe that ad Anna would turn out to be Roland's beloved sister what am I going to do god I am finished I love Roland and I don't want to lose him my god the things I have done to that gal is irreversible sooner or later she's going to spill the bean so you have bluntly refused to terminate that thing in your stomach huh I understand I'm telling you to think but actually going huh you want to check if not is not something what happened the other day I found you on her on the floor she obviously took poison and tried to kill herself she didn't tell you no I didn't take poison you were the one that gave me food to eat some days ago and after then my stomach started painting me you are very stupid was that the first time I give you food how dare you accuse me of trying to poisoning you what wrestled across oh-hoo Aereo's as for me i'm not home what about me who are you Chris oh are you a lady walks into his house to kindly cook for you you throw her out asking me to sterilize whatever happened between Allah and I is none of your business okay that God means absolutely nothing to me how can I allow her to come to my house without my own knowledge she means nothing to you yes you're sleeping with her not sleeping with her she's just the best I got rid of saved an explanation for the next go you know what if you need to live where fight one I'm not what [Applause] hey I'm fine what's up with you thank you you look absolutely beautiful I'll be inside with my daughter Yola about the other day I already am very very I almost turned you wearing in a good one that day so I would just spend somewhere I just decided to see how your face I really appreciate the fact that you understand what Allah I have to beg you a huge favor what please you spend the weekend sure of your black oh great which is that I don't have my glutes hair come on that's nothing we'll go shopping nice all right but first we need to catch up on a whole lot of stuff would you guys like to go out somewhere sure I just want you to go bail collectors that I don't know but I'm gonna find out well guys are you're not gonna get dressed yeah oh I didn't like this wants to take about would you want to come what I'm given that close to my chest at the moment so thanks are you been getting rest of one right I was so beat I can see that the presence of a woman in this house is bringing out the best in you come to think of it you have never asked to take precious an eye out before well the man has to go sometime right so are you coming with us or not no besides why do you even want to take pressures with you she's my daughter um a prepared rice can I sell the team thing with no thanks we all decided that we are not eating mice with brother eat something more solid so I already told a lot to make alternative arrangements Thank You precious so how was your answer fine mom I enjoyed myself and she did until elaborate it teddy for me I should promise to take the dare to more precious you don't like Terrace when did you start liking tennis the last one I bought for you just said did you like it yeah we what for how is very small word the one I bought for her is huge as no human being I see Makemake how does it go for mistakes what yes sounds very expensive you know I know I can the things for what's got me there for like coming six or so it's not permanent it's not fun it for life one yeah okay have it I don't get my ATM card I'm going to this for my kids I'll see you guys shortly Chris how long is gonna stay with us one sends this confession I thought you advised me to be nice to ladies I did and I'm not complaining oh listen precious is a baby my daughter is too young to see such kissing picking naked and public display of affection I can see you guys us to discussing my let me go to this for my kids I'll see you guys later it's okay wait don't really we're done done yes we are you make your point of heard you will discuss this as a subsequent dates I want to be nice to her by taking her to the supermarkets ha after embarrassing me fry your guests do not embarrass you and where are you going at this time of the night to my boyfriend's house and I will be back until Monday it's already past 11:00 and I'm not going to let you out of this house what'd you do that for very sorry first thing tomorrow morning she leaves don't you ever try that again my dear I think was that making preparation for your why do I wear wedding dress oh my god mom wow this is so great thank you so much thank you I really appreciate and you know what mom you are the sweetest man I've ever met okay you know you are like my own daughter and I would do anything for you just name the country you want to shop from Eiffel Tower Jesus thank you so much and I know ruling will be happy to hear this he called last night and he asked after but I told me my dad what ruler out of love dancing weights okay no I'm not hungry you had me eat I've been watching you is it because of the wedding idea feel free feel free you don't eat yes mom fight let's just say I'm watching my weight watching your weight yeah you know that I'll be able to fit into my wedding gown it's my wedding anyway if you say so um mom I will be upstairs okay but remember when you're hungry you come downstairs and fix something for yourself University before we clean water and water so if there's nothing ever do much honestly this video faculty he passed out there Katie what I going to do what I asked was go back there and say I don't want to be part of this that's absolutely crazy I thought I also asked for a glass of juice because if you won't choose you know the way to the bar why disturb me what you need so whether to put me home I don't know it was about it it was a mistake just get your hands off me I wasn't going to do anything to just only a Keith Allen what is wrong with me I'm sorry it's just that baby I promise you I'll be patient with you okay thank you so much old I have done without you no you're my guy now definitely do about eight o'clock will be cool yeah all right no leader who was that Oh then what did he want he said he wanted us to the cop who got what for to introduce it's one of those girls I saw walking around the lobby oh please don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about I saw you with that we do that killed a husband in the fast food you need to see how they were acting like we were so in love then you see my day I'm dead serious I know what I saw I only pitted in a fangirl when you find annalisa about that in a second girls issue while I'm around it will never happen I can't believe that famous do we bet well well well well you know baby that was not the initial plans just by the side meta why don't you go for some Chinese [Applause] this is really very easy you have to stop him here oh we can pay oh we can't play on a big bass drum I'm a big bass drum and this is the way to do it and this is the way to do it don't jump on a beat face bump and this is the way to do about this Oh precious my baby so what's the excitement about that has into here and Murdoch will really gene what that is right because your daddy and I is quick mom my dad my father uh who did I buy for precious I got you apples okay and I also go to chocolate so if I showed them to you you'd have to tell me what you learned in school today ever get my notebook I'll sing a song for you it will sing a song for me hi hi how are you we're calling and coming calling you over and over again and you're free to pick um what's going on I have been busy besides why are you calling me because there's nothing to talk about oh yes there's a whole other song about what happened here the last time he said not to talk about Chris I can see it one Ann agus usual but listen I really don't have the energy for you okay if you don't mind I came to pick my daughter out ha if I have offended you please just don't touch me Chris can I take my daughter out how okay it's been around please for yourself I just I I just called him no one said he will be home can you just like I said check for him yourself what does comfort I mean how can you dump someone you've promised to marry for five years just because of that husband Kela hey hey watch it all right what your love okay don't call our names the woman you're a friend to like that is going to be my wife okay so what's of course I mean what has come over you on Chris you mean you want to marry down which that shit had new ill- yesterday just because I put it girl look look I don't know what you got with that girl okay I don't know what you guys are up to all right but whatever it is keep me out of it okay what I had with that girl was stronger before I left not here for America we settled it mutually she went away I will my way all right this is my life if you won't be my friend be my friend but stay away from Anita that's it okay then thank you Miss barkow she definitely qu on D all right when you're done preaching with me in the car look the devil you know is better than no you don't know problem I'll find my way I'm in love with Radha what can't you see it how else can i express myself too hard what's gonna hit you I can't sleep she wouldn't even take my calls come on Chris grab you know you are always the man you're always in control no I can't control myself when a dice involved what do I do Oh God please help me torch her heart but I brought through this furious has religion my perception about life and love and you speak in parables and he look very worried to what's going on my life is at a standstill and I'm hating everyone around it listen I mean I don't even know what to say to you right now but other things happen okay and you are not an exception for God's sake some girls died going through what you went through but you're here healing Hattie I don't even have a thing forget about this house I feel very empty inside I know okay I know how you feel listen all you need to do is be yourself up to a level that he will appreciate you so when he says you have no regrets whatsoever they ever had the baby all right come on how is Chris hope he hasn't offended you again chris has always they always offend learner who depend on you to stand before me and tell me how to run my family amen in search of God mad otherwise you will stand before me and talk like that when I send you abroad to do to learn but dad why are you being inconsiderate and afraid to that go I mean you must find a place in your heart to forgive I must have a forgiving spirit about this work is very difficult to forgive I am totally disappointed in you Roland or Tali disappointed Roland Roland you are to fear senses why don't you implant a spirit of forgiveness in me look at you and listen to yourself do you know what it means for all your friends to laugh at you have you thought about that everyone that powerful as a web is now a laughingstock before all my friends today have allowed the riffraff to impregnate my daughter he's all a dog come on dad you don't run your family by listening to people never ever listen to any of you you can drag my name to demand anymore they're a madman conk raisi stupid boy don't hug them who your father is I'm a liar nobody cares nobody dares to touch my tiger would behave like a mana each other fuckable will be moving around me their commanders have been wrong taking you people approach Catrin you [Applause] is wipe your tears crying rivers of Tears will not solve the problem changing me please I can't stop crying let's see if my father forgives me you know what cursing that day just stood in from my family and denied me you destroyed every relationship I had with my dad see I wish I could turn back the hands of time if I could I would I'm very sorry about me but you can do what you made me a slave in your house you'd establised me I can't even forgive myself I'll tell my father forgive me don't touch me what set will change this whole situation about the go right back into the past to right every wrong that I've done you trust me I will go there please all I'm asking for is just one chance to prove to you baby look my back look at this guy carrying a baby to send baby now listen that cost me you devastated me I don't even know what I wanted Oh watch me you don't know what I'm gonna judge me [Applause] Hey so where are you going I don't need them come on baby you haven't even looked at it don't be so cold I thought after yesterday's conversation things are going to be a bit different between us why are you trying to buy me over with gifts you knew I wouldn't accept them so why brother I don't please tell me anything at all what you want me to do for you and I will do it anything lets me be your stalking me this house is no longer fun for me I'm sorry I'll do anything for you but that I can't do I can't leave you alone I need you I love you and I want a chance to be able to prove it to you please give me just one chance to prove how much I love you please well this love isn't gonna be reciprocated do you think I'm stupid oh are you suddenly losing your chance of a woman I don't want other women nada I want you I want a chance to be able to write all the things I've done wrong just give me that chance give me a chance to be a man give me a chance to to make you happy I can please I can't even think straight I don't even want to think straight I just want a chance to be one with you please I'm sorry I could drop you off I have fun how many times will I make it clear to you that before you walk into my house you give me a call why because I sense Orleans that's a very stupid thing to say to say that because the truth hell no I'm not allowed walked into my house to accuse me unless it's really just tell me by the way you want this this is how I want it this is how I have always wanted it and this is how it will be if you're not comfortable with it you get chuka get out see what is it thank you what if I just roasted it but did you kill him alien and my fellow men Chris DeRose Chris dude up my Junction for more than one month waiting for me when he had the slightest opportunity he told the world that he's never seen he told the work that he has never set eyes on me listen odda you cannot go like this okay I mean you had to let all these things go and move on with your life please I want to be in the arms of my father I want you to make promises to me that he will always fulfill I want you to read stories to me odda I know but you never got a baby you have to let things go please all right let me just let things be come here well no but you well still please just go look uncle Qi right this way now smell get out of this mood you have too much fun with you don't you don't worry now unless your food other I am truly sorry I'm so sorry about everything especially everything I did to you the last time you spoke to me in this manner it resulted to poison I hope you have carried a gun at this time no I am NOT all I seek from you is it's for you to forgive me that's all why because it dates in my brother or because you're truly sorry because I'm truly sorry hello yeah why are you guys back I see okey okey up there with you in a jiffy now are we I'm coming alright am I I'd like to take my leave I know you know what that means other there's no need to be some circus noodle get you know actually your beginnings of a child so long forgive me I mean for each other please my goodness Dave I can't believe you set me up you put me out oh look look look I told you already this is I can't go over this over and over again this gave me real peace stuff we're done okay but down it is so happily you said you'd live it down stop bro give me stop following me around for old times see but the dump don't ban me okay about what old times sake are we talking about I'm so disappointed in you man I can't believe you you you treat me huh I thought you had a new hookup for me you tricked me into believe you had a new hook up just to bring me out here for this drama or pain just keep my a child you guys look so good together okay I thought for you my monkey mentor I know what you stretched to right she fell down the stairs cool I lost my funda that's a trouble Chris for LA had simply try stabilized and if it rises advise you bring her to the hospital Maura calm down everything's okay a lot to be a winner just a penis cool I got you chocolates precious I love you more than anything in this world oh we can play on a big bass drum and this is the way to do it dum dum dum on the big bass drum and this is the way to do it I just told you that I love you daddy do I do I really really do both of you are the most important people to forget that I still love you promise precious listen I think you should get some rest okay um how are you feeling [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] no dad I don't know again man what about and then is it because I've I've done not that you are disturbing my peace yeah come on – she just lost her baby what happened how happy for words don't you the country's war look at the time of the day um oh boy it anywhere it's a way it's the way I've had it up to him at this point you have reached your limits just not a baby gravity catalyst the catalyst listen listen I can see you should go to see her please understand me I'm talking about time here so regulate I wanted to believe it first into more warning move see ya excuse me that did you say we yes you had me the past years has not been the same in this house as a result of at another pregnancy and my aunt Atossa but what you all don't realize is that term I have been monitoring the situation and the fact that the owner of the school the preparatory school is my bosom friend yes that way I monitor pressures and successes yes I visit her in her school under she was a very good friend I don't know I don't know what to tell you I believe in good because you are also going to have more beautiful more intelligent children yeah they must come only God knows why it happened this way sir I'd like to use this opportunity to apologize every single member of this family for my initial behavior for refusing to accept a Donna I can't baby I'm very sorry I was motivated by fear I'm sure that every single man here will understand that but I want to promise you that I'm a changed man right now are different man it's alright see that young one see and I have forgiven you that should be forgiven like I did say earlier I have been monitoring your situation and I must tell you that you a nice guy a nice man very very responsible man they the only thing I would like to thank you nice to relieve you of your duty when I doubt is I want to continue from where you stopped talking about our education all right sir may I ask you a heat favor sir what's the point I'd like to ask at Emma's hand in marriage that's lovely but let us finish your studies then we'll know where I got a right man for her sir I really appreciate everything you've done so far I do and I just want to ask if we can take a leave now did I hear you say we no sir henceforth she stays here this is a and Adam no sneaking to see that man nevertheless young man you have to come a visitor first off I really make her happy [Applause] Oh I want you to forgive me I know I've done so much gu I've done something about things I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me you know I was so desperate because I was giving so much to a relationship and I was not getting anything in return and I couldn't find myself and I'd see myself president I'm sorry you know it today pushes that I dropped every project the head against anymore come to think of it you're not a very bad person it's just that I wish would be differently then you don't thank yourself oh thank you the kind of the kind of heavy load that hasn't been you know taking over my weight my boy half I'm so happy and you know Chris he lost you I wish you guys the best talking about I know he did was very very very bad did you know I'm ready all my stuff's are in here it's just that I miss precious a lot listen to – miss you like crazy phones will be back I'll be back for good this time I love you and I always will I love you too [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


  1. This story made me dislike Oge Okoye. She should have never been allowed to marry her brother. She's evil

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