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  1. Do you have an awkward first period story?? Comment below! ✅

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    💋- Brooklyn

  2. My first tampon story: I was going to a water park so I had to wear a tampon! My older sister talked me through putting it in, but of course I didn’t put it in far enough!

    Later that day, after being super uncomfortable, I went down a super fast water slide, the force of the water actually put the tampon into place! I was so scare it had fallen out because I couldn’t feel it anymore 😂

  3. Well I’m struggling because I have a heavy flow and I go to gymnastics and my mom is telling me to try tampons because I keep staining myself and we can’t find pads that work, but I’m so so so so terrified of using tampons so please do you have any words of encouragement so I can brave up and try tampons?

  4. Omg me and my twin sister are two min apart! And I’m the older one and I didn’t start my period until the summer before 8th grade and my sister started in 6th grade. 🤭

  5. I just dont get those applicators.. why would you even need one and do you really just throw them away after? That sounds like a lot of waste

  6. My mom told me I would get my period some day a week before i actually did get it and we took a trip to the store get pads.

  7. Yall are lucky. I got my period at 10 years old. Mine started when i was sleeping. But on my 2 time i got a stain on my chair. Btw i was on 4th grade. All of the boys were like hahahahahhaahhaha. Then one of them asked me what happened, so i told them was sick. My sister got hers 2 months later. Btw me and my sister are twins . My other sis is 1 minute older. Love your videos

  8. Dude, the first time I used a tampon I got terrified because it dripped ONCE. So I pulled it out after like 10 mins. And then I FAINTED. ON THE TOILET. When I came to, I was even more terrified. My mom wasn't home, so my dad called her, also terrified lol. And my mom was like, "calm down. You're fiiiine! Just lay down for awhile, take some ibuprofen for your cramps. You're fiiiine" and she was right!

    It's been like 2 years and I'm still too scared to try a tampon again lol (I'm a girl btw, this is my dad's account)

  9. Why does their background look green screened? Ik it's an actual room in their house but it looks so clean and nice…. I LOVE IT

  10. Please make more big sis videos!! I love themmmm and I enjoy watching them bc I’m the oldest and don’t really have an older girl role model in my family. All my friends have like an older sister and I always feel left out lol

  11. Me and Brooklyn’s story are so similar- instead I started the summer between 5th and 6th grade, it was awkward so I waited 3 days, then I kept staining so I just called my mom at work..

  12. I am literally the exact same as Brooklyn…lol. Long hair, similar personality/style (sorta except I wear running clothes every day almost), sometimes hangs out with boys more than girls (besides my bff), summer before 8th grade, scared to tell my mom. I ended up telling her but only after I told my younger sister. Tbh I don't like talking about that kind of stuff with my mom…

  13. My school never really taught about periods and puberty until like 7th grade, and I started mine in 5th which is kinda early so I didn’t even get the talk from my parents yet. So mind you when I began my period at school one day, I was TERRIFIED. I felt like I was dying or something 😂 I went to the nurse and she was like “you don’t know what this is? It’s a period” and then gave me a maxi pad as if I knew what to do with it 😂

  14. I love Story Time like this because it's so interesting, hilarious, and super helpful. Especially since I am an older sibling/sister, it is cool to have "big sister" videos like this to go to when I don't want to talk about things like this with other people. So thank you for helping (and also comforting me) in my emotional state…lol.

  15. Another period thing (this is my second comment) if it's your first time trying a tampon. I recommend trying it on your heaviest day, the amount of blood will help slide in better. If it hurts it isn't in right. If you put in on a very light day it can hurt since it will be dry.

  16. My first time I used a tampon it was my first ever period cause I’m a swimmer so I had to use one, i was terrified, I put it in upside down 😂🤦‍♀️ lucky as soon as I did it I looked at the instructions

  17. See I don't get period cramps or anything like that so like i have no clue when my period is going to hit me. I was also scared to tell my mom too it was not because i was embarrassed but i was nervous to see what she was going to say. I had less than one hour to learn how to use a tampon because i am a competitive swimmer.

  18. For some reason, my period ALWAYS falls on a holiday. I had it on my birthday, Thanksgiving, I’m expecting it on Christmas

  19. The first time I used a tampon I just did it. I hate how pads feel and I’m always so stressed that I’m leaking and I can just live my normal life for a few hours if I’m wearing a tampon

  20. Thanks for not hating on pad users 😊 my roommate locked me in our bathroom with a box of tampons and wouldn’t let me out until I’d try them. They aren’t the best option for everyone 🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. I got my period before 6th grade.. it was because I would stay up late etc and it messed up my hormones, I regret it because I could’ve gotten it later and nobody in my class has gotten it 🙁

  22. I’m sorry I’m late I got my first period last week and I feel like somethings I can’t talk about to my mom. Can you please do more of these?? I lovvve your channel 🥰🥰😘

  23. I started in sixth grade the day after we did the period lesson thing. I literally wiped the blood on my seat with my sleeve. It was gross how I handled it but I went to the bathroom and shoved toilet paper in my underwear and waited til I went home

  24. How do you use a tampon? I’ve never used it before, but I want to start. I’ve had my period for 1 and a half years so far and I was in 5th grade when I got it.

  25. Oh i have a crazy period story. I started in 5th grade and I haven’t used a tampon for 5years bc they feel so weird when they first touch ur body. So I’m like no. And I am so active and I feel like I should use one but NO THEY HURT DOWN THERE.

  26. My period story is I started in fifth grade when I was 11 and no one new that I was on my period and I didn't tell my mom for like 5 or 6 months and my first ever period was in February so my mom did not know and none of my fam new and it was summer and I was OMG I have to wear a lot of black shorts over my swimsuit but then eventually I told my mom

  27. Bailey, when you used the tampon to make the Disney symbol, I cracked up. Blessings to you, Brooklyn and all the Ladies who deal with periods! On a completely different note, did you celebrate National Cocoa Day today? Happy National Gingerbread Decorating Day tomorrow and National Cupcake Day thereafter. Sweet Saturday and Sunday, and Awesome Advancing Advent…

  28. Please do more!!! I’m 11 and ya know got all the symptons here so we’re expecting the flow to come soon. Please this is so helpful and I appreciate you guys so much since my older sis is in college across the country

  29. Aww Bailey she took you out to lunch sorry Brooklyn but I love it . My mom through me a surprise right of Passage party with friends and family I wore a light blue Cinderella like dress it was very sweet.😇

  30. I started my period around January 2nd, I think, and I was so embarrassed that I didnt tell my mom at all. she only figured it out because one day, my nose started bleeding a lot, and it got on my bed sheets, so my mom helped me change them, and thats when she saw the stains on protective sheet. and she asked me if I started my period and I just sort of nodded a very little bit.
    by the way, im still scared of tampons. I will always refuse to wear them! I love you guys!

  31. what really helps me on my period is midol. its a miracle worker! its a pain remover that works in like 20 minutes. lust a little tip for everyone who hates being on there period!

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