– Hey Huntys, it’s your
girl LaToya Forever, back at it with another video. I’m excited about today’s video because I’m gonna share my
labor and delivery experience with my third baby, Ayah Ali. She’s currently sitting in front of me, she’s the cutest thing, she’s sleeping. So I guess I should kinda lower my voice, but I can’t help it. I just can’t help it,
your girl is loud, ‘kay? She’s just so cute, I can’t. She’s like a little bundle of joy. She gets it from her mama. I want to show you guys a snippet of my labor and delivery video, on my vlog, with my LG Dual Screen phone. I did partner with LG to show you guys. After they said that they have a phone that has two screens, I’m
like, “Okay, what is life? “This is perfect for me!” So, let me go ahead and zoom in, let’s get up close and
personal so you guys can see what’s going on in LaToya’s phone, okay? Okay you guys, so I just
pulled up my birth vlog, with Miss Ayah, I’m just gonna maximize the screen really quick. I also have her Instagram pulled up, because I have to show you
guys some cute little pictures of my Ayah, I love her. Oh my god she’s so cute! So I’m gonna show you a quick
snippet of my birth vlog and then you guys can go watch it later. Oh, I love (speaker mumbling). (nurses speaking in the video) (baby crying) Okay, let me pause this and we’re just gonna quickly look at some cute little pictures of Miss Ayah. This girl already has
17 thousand followers, like who does she think she is? Look at her little model pose right here. Anyways, let’s jump right
back in to the story time, because I’m excited to tell you a story about how I gave birth
to my baby girl Ayah. Okay, let’s go. Adam and I had a tour
scheduled at our hospital, hospital tour. We heard so many great
things about the hospital that we selected. A few of our friends, they
delivered at this hospital, so I was excited for the tour. And the main reason why we were like, “Okay, we need to tour the hospital,” is to just get a feel of
the drive to the hospital. I also wanted to know,
okay where do we check in. You know what I’m saying,
if I get these contractions, what door do we need to be at, okay? I don’t want to be on
one end of the hospital when the delivery ward is on
this side of the hospital, like I need to know exactly
what we’re getting ourself into. So we get to the hospital for our tour. The tour gave me anxiety, okay. I just had anxiety through
the entire tour, you guys. We went to one of the delivery rooms and I had a panic attack. It just reminded me of the
room that I delivered Samia in. It just took me back to having
contractions and the pain, and I was so fearful, so scared. I was just so fearful. Adam was like, you know, rubbing my back, it’s gonna be okay,
we’re in this together, just calm it down. We got this. My fear was, okay, I’m pregnant and I have to have this baby, but I don’t know exactly when
the baby is going to come like I know that the
contractions are going to come, I know that my cervix
is going to bust open and the baby’s going to drop out, I just don’t know when
the baby is going to come. So that was my fear. I’m anticipating the baby coming, but I don’t know when the
baby is coming, you know? As we were touring the hospital, I was just so anxious, so nervous. As soon as I got pregnant with baby Ayah, I told myself that I told myself that I’m gonna get the epidural, because I don’t want to feel
no pain this time around. With Samia and Zane I had midwives, and they’re all about natural and I was all about natural with them, and so I had Zane and Samia naturally. I had Samia on all fours,
and I had Zane in the water, natural, no drugs. So I had to do a lot of
research on the epidural. Like the epidural blocks nerve signals from the lower part of your spine, so you can literally
go paralyzed, you guys. Obviously it’s rare, but
your girl is a hypochondriac and I have to do my research, y’all. I just knew that I was going
to have an epidural this time, I didn’t want to feel the pain. The pregnancy was a hot mess. Throughout my entire
pregnancy I had ligament pain, excruciating pain to the point where I couldn’t even move, you know, terrible. Can’t deal with it. I was nervous through the
entire tour, you guys. After the tour, Adam and I,
we went to Cheesecake Factory, and every time I go to Cheesecake Factory I get the same thing. I love The Cheesecake Factory especially for the Chicken Belaggio dish, okay. It’s like a pasta with pesto sauce on it and then the chicken is lightly breaded like they fry it on each side lightly, they don’t deep fry it
but like pan fry it. And it’s just so juicy
with the Parmesan cheese, like the arugula on it, it’s just so good, it’s so flavorful, it’s perfect. And I had it with a Coke. You guys, my entire pregnancy
I ate whatever I want, nobody could tell me anything. I was just reckless with my eating, which after I ate my meal
of course I followed it up with some dessert and I
had the original cheesecake which was just so good, oh my god. I ate the entire thing. I left no bites for anybody else. Not even Adam who was
sitting right across from me. I don’t even think I offered him any. Like, “Just get your own, don’t
even look at my cheesecake.” I you guys been watching me for awhile you know I’m lactose intolerant, so I can’t handle dairy,
I cannot handle dairy. Of course cheesecake has dairy in it, so your girl will be gassy later on. So we get home, shower, get ready for bed, we tuck the kiddies in,
read them a bedtime story. I get in bed at around 10 o’clock and I notice that my stomach
starts to cramp up a bit. So I’m like, “Okay,
I’m lactose intolerant, “and this is probably gas.” So I go into my medicine cabinet, and I pop some Gas-X to subside the pain. And usually it kicks in
within 15 minutes, 20 minutes, and it didn’t. So anyways, I head downstairs
and I tell Adam that, “You know, I popped some gas
pills at around 10 o’clock, “you know 20 minutes ago,
and I still feel this “gassy feeling down
there and it kinda hurts, “it feels like cramps, so
it might be contractions, “but I’m not sure.” I call my mom, I said,
“Mom,” because she was in the other room, I said,
“Mom, I might be having “contractions, but it
might be gas because I had “cheesecake at The
Cheesecake Factory and we “all know I’m lactose intolerant.” And then mom was like, “No,
you’re having contractions.” She’s Trinidadian, she’s Caribbean. “You’re having contraction and baby coming “today or tomorrow.” I said, “I think baby
coming on September 12th. “Look at God, look at God.” “The baby coming, that no gas pain, “the baby coming, time it, time it.” So anyways, I start
timing the cramps, okay. So cramps 10:30, all right,
more cramps 10 minutes later. Another 10 minutes later,
another 10 minutes later, they were coming 10 minutes apart. So anyways, I told Adam and my mom that I’m gonna lay down
because I wasn’t convinced that I was having contractions. I go to bed, and I’m laying down, and my mom and Adam followed me upstairs and I was having
contraction and Ayah’s head was popping out of my stomach, and my stomach was so hard
and then it would release. And then it would tighten up, and then it would get softer. Like when my contractions
weren’t happening it would be soft. I call Auntie Jillian. I’m like, “Auntie Jillian… “I might be having… “contractions.” So I was like, “Okay
guys, it’s time to pack up “because we’re about to have a baby.” Then we pack up, ready to go, we left the house at 12 o’clock. My contractions are coming
on every 10 minutes. When we were driving to the hospital we got every single red light. The light was green in front of us, and then instantly it would turn red. I’m gonna have this baby
right here in this car. And then we get to the exit, tell me why the exit is blocked off. We have to take another exit. There is construction going
on at the hospital exit. Like really? They wheel me into the hospital. So we get to registration and I’m having contractions while registering. The nurse is like, “Okay,
I need your ID ma’am,” I’m like, “Babe, get my ID.” “Okay, we need this form.” “Oh we got the form.” “Okay, you have your registration papers?” “Okay here, give them
the registration papers.” “Okay, buh-duh-duh-duh who’s your doctor? “Okay, we’re putting your doctor in. “All right, let’s put
some more information in. “What’s your address, your phone number? “Duh-duh-duh, what sex are you?” “Bruh, can you please just
Jesus, just get me in a room!” So then I finally get to a room. I’m contracting fine, to be honest. I wasn’t in that much pain. I knew that once active labor hit that I would be in excruciating pain. So I got on the bed and the nurse, she checks me, and she’s like, “Girl, you are nine
centimeters acting like this, “and laughing and having a good ol’ time? “Oh my gosh, usually
by this time women are “screaming bloody murder for epidural “because they’re in so much pain.” Legit, I thought I was only like three or four centimeters. So I was like, okay, the nurse gave me that confidence that
I needed to even think about having a natural birth. So I was like, “Okay,
let me labor for an hour “and see how it feels. “And then I’ll let you know if I need “the epidural or not.” But after like 30 minutes I’m like, “No, no, no, no, no, do you have any drugs “that you can give me before the epidural, “before I decide to get the epidural?” They’re like, “We can give you Fentanyl.” And it definitely took the
edge off of the contractions, but it didn’t not numb the pain. So I was like, “Okay.” So it was around 2:30, and
that is when I was like, “Okay y’all, I think I need the epidural.” My mom was like, “No, you got this.” Adam was like, “Whatever
you need to do, do, “okay, I’m cool in it, I’m back here. “I’m chillin’, whatever you
need to do babe, I got you.” (breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly) “Nobody talk to me, nobody touch me, “the pain is just unbearable.” The only thing that was preventing me from having the baby right then and there is my water did not break. My water was not breaking. I asked my doctor to break my
water, but then I was like, “Actually, I want it to break naturally. “So, don’t break the water.” He’s like, “Okay, I’ll be right
back, gotta do a C-section.” So he went out the room. So at 3 o’clock I’m like, “Okay, these contractions
are way too painful. “It feels like a boulder is about “to come out of my butt. “Like, I cannot do this,
get me the epidural. “Where is the anesthesiologist?” So the anesthesiologist comes in, he starts explaining what I need to do. I’m like, “Honestly, this guy is talking “way too much right now. “Why you talking so much, bra, “just get with the dang
needle in my back, honey.” “Now, lean over on your husband.” I’m leaning over, he puts
this long needle in my back, and all of a sudden I can’t feel my legs, my legs are so numb, and
all I feel is pressure from the contractions, it
was such a relief, you guys, after I got the epidural, I was chillin’. I did not feel any pain. I just felt pressure. 20 minutes later, I tell the nurse. I said, “Nurse, I need
to push, I need to push.” She’s like, “Did your water break?” I said, “No, but I need to push.” She leaves the room. I said, “Why is this nurse leaving the, “why is she leaving the room? “Why is she leaving the room right now? “I need to push. “Mom, I need to push. “Adam, I need to push. “I’m telling you guys, I need to push.” The nurse comes back, I said, “Nurse, I need to push. “I’m telling you, I need to push.” She said, “Okay, open your legs.” I open my legs, she puts her hand there, and my water breaks and all of a sudden I’m starting the push, my
doctor comes strolling in, he’s like, “Okay, we’re having a baby, “the head’s right there.” The head was literally right there. Like as I opened my legs
for my nurse to check me to see if I actually needed to push, water right there busts, head coming out. Ayah was ready to be born. You know the doctor puts
my feet all the way back and everyone’s smiling,
my mom was so excited. She’s like, “Oh my god,
LaToya, I see hair!” Adam’s always behind
me whenever, you know, during these experiences
he’s always right here, like by my shoulder,
because he does not wanna see all of that gory stuff. “Okay, I’m rootin’ it for you, over here.” And the nurse is like,
“Oh my gosh, the head, “we see the head, the head’s coming. “The head is coming, your
baby’s about to be here, “LaToya, your baby’s about to be here!” So I’m pushing, literally
two pushes and Ayah comes. They plop Ayah right on
top of me and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, my baby!” And as soon as she came out, you guys, screaming, crying as soon as she got out. Waaah, it’s so beautiful, so cute. I was holding her in my arm. The only thing is I
wanted to sit up so bad but because my legs were so numb, I couldn’t like raise myself up, so I’m laying down like “Oh my gosh, can somebody lift me up?” Doctor was like, “No,
we have to give birth “to the placenta.” I’m like, “Oh gosh, that?” But it’s like the placenta
wouldn’t come out. It took about 20 minutes for
that placenta to come out. But after it did, I got to bond with Ayah, it was just so beautiful. Adam cut the umbilical
cord, and it was just the most magical experience ever, after I got the epidural. And Ayah Papaya is here! I’m so excited that she’s here. As you guys know, this pregnancy
took a toll on my body, and I’m just happy that
that experience is over and that we can you know,
bond with our baby girl, outside of the womb. I’m just so over the moon. She’s the most perfect,
beautiful human being, I say that about all my children, but children are a blessing for sure. And that experience was a lot, a lot. Thank you so much for
watching today’s story time. Thank you so much for all of your support. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, thumbs up the video, and I’m about to make
a few calls, you know, watch some Netflix, as I’m on Instagram, you know what I’m saying,
or order some food while I call my mama an
Uber, because I know that’s definitely gonna happen on
my LG dual screen phone. Holla at me. You girls, out. ♪ You take me to ♪ ♪ You take me to ♪ ♪ You take me to a ♪ ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ ♪ How many times do I gotta say ♪ ♪ How many times, how many times ♪ ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ ♪ Let’s use all the time
that we have here today ♪ ♪ Baby I want all of you ♪


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