– Hey Huntys! It’s your girl LaToya Forever, back at it with another story time video. (chokes) Did my voice just crack
like a twelve-year-old boy going through puberty? (coughs) I’m going to start calling you Huntys instead of crazies, okay? No more, what’s up, crazies? Every time I do it, I
cringe on the inside part. Do you like my red hair? (laughs) I feel like I color my
hair red once a year. I love the red. Should I keep it? Comment below. Anyways, let’s jump right into
today’s story time, shall we? Let’s see if we can get
this video to 15,000 likes. Sorry for spitting on you. In today’s story time, I’m
going to share with you my labor and delivery experience with my first born, Samia. Yes, I have a four-year-old, okay? And a two-year-old. Lawd have mercy. We’ll do Zayn next. But in today’s video, I’m
about to share with you my labor and delivery experience, okay? You ready? Okay. It’s graphic. You ready? Okay, let’s jump right into it. So, it all started in
October, Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, us Canadians celebrate
Thanksgiving in October. (gasps) When I’m supposed to be eating
turkey with macaroni pie, jerk chicken, curry chicken,
cranberry sauce on the side, you know what I’m saying? Your girl is going through
labor and delivery, okay? Thanksgiving weekend, thanks Samia, for cutting into my, you know, dinner. (laughs) Yeah. Anyways, it was Thanksgiving
weekend, and all my family, they were in town, everyone
was cooking up a storm, so of course your girl, who
was nine months damn pregnant, I was house-hopping from house to house eating up everybody’s food. So Samia, you really didn’t cut into (gasps) too much of my Thanksgiving dinner because I was having Thanksgiving
dinner every other hour, you know what I’m saying? (finger snapping) Anyways, I was at my
Auntie Yvette’s house, and she of course had family
over with a bunch of food. She had everything on that table, okay? She got curry chicken, jerk
chicken, macaroni pie, turkey. She had chicken, she had roast chicken, she had chicken chicken,
everything damn chicken. She had callaloo with crabs and stuff. She had lobster. She had salads on the side,
she had potato salad, honey. She had fruit punch, baby. Like, she had everything. Anyways, I’m at Auntie Yvette’s house and I’m serving myself food,
you guys, I had four plates. I was holding four plates. I used to be a server back in the day, you know what I’m saying? At a restaurant, multiple restaurants, and I used to carry plates
like this, like four of them, we used to serve people, yes. So I had four plates like
this, one, two, three, four. Okay? And I swear to you, I put
everything stacked up on my plate. And I ate that shit, I really
did eat that shit, okay? I was up on the couch just
chilling with my four plates, like eating, yeah, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Dropping all kind of food all on my shirt, barbecue sauce just
slapped all over my leg. I did not care.
(claps hands) I’m nine months, I’m
pregnant, I’m fat, listen. I look like a pig and I don’t give a damn. I’m hungry, okay, and I’m gon’ eat! I had six servings of
the four plates, okay? I had 24 plates of food
by the end of that night. It’s not a game. Not at all. (laughs) It was an eating competition, yes it was! My judgmental cousin was like, “Damn, Toya, you already
on your sixth plate, “I didn’t even get my third
plate with your big self.” (guffaws) (sobs) So you’re over there judging me, Cuz, yo? Then my other cousin was like, “Girl, Toya, it’s okay, girl, it’s okay.” And I said, “You know what? “I don’t need y’all to
console me right now, okay? “He judgmental, it’s cool. “My cornbread gon’ console me, okay?” (smacks hand) That’s right! (crying while chewing) Anyways, I’m complaining
all evening, you guys. And my cousin, she sits right next to me. Now, she’s my cousin through marriage. Let me explain to you
this lady here, okay? So, she is (coughs) a witch, okay? Like, if she said
something, I promise you, she’s a damn psychic, all right? She’s one of those crystal ladies, like, let’s pray to the moon,
let’s pray to the sun, let’s smell the grass and the roses. Oh my gosh, namaste! Let’s meditated, everybody. (hums) Okay everyone, let’s stand on our heads. (hums) Okay, everybody, let’s do a back flip into the child’s pose. (hums) Yeah, that. (laughs) So, she looks me dead in my eyes, okay, and she goes, “Latoya? “You’re gonna have this
baby before I leave.” Now, my cousin’s from
out of town, you guys. She lives in New Jersey, and she was like, “Latoya, you’re having
this baby before I leave. “Your baby is going to
be a Thanksgiving baby. “I’m telling you, you’re having
this baby before I leave. “Let me go ahead and massage your feet.” So she takes my foot, she
grabs ahold of my foot, and she starts doing all of
these different pressure points. ‘Cause I’m complaining to her, I’m like, “Dee, I need to have this baby. “How are we gonna induce my labor?” She’s like, “Listen, I got you.” So she starts massaging my feet. She starts massaging my ankles. And then she goes out and
she buys some pineapple. Oh my gosh, I dropped my water! (sobbing) So she goes out and she buys
a big pack of pineapple. So she’s like, “Latoya,
eat this pineapple.” (laughs) So I start eating the pineapple,
and I’m thinking to myself, this is not gonna work. This foot massage is so bomb right now, it feels so good, oh my gosh, were you a masseuse in your past life? Because you are solid! “Shh, Latoya, focus. “You are going to have the baby this week, “and before I leave, okay?” So, my cousin’s massaging my
feet, my ankles, my calves. I’m over there eating my pineapple, and I’m just having a good old time, like, free massage, yes! Let’s induce this labor,
although it ain’t gonna work, but we gonna try, okay? I start dozing off, you guys. I am so tired. This massage is feeling
oh so good, and I’m like, “Family, I gotta go, okay? “I am tired. “I gotta go to bed, okay?” So I waddle my butt to the table, pack me a little to-go box, you know? Take my to-go box, waddle
my ass to the front door, put my shoes on, then
waddle my butt to the car. Drive home, okay? And as soon as I get home, I warm food up for my hubby, all right? Served him, of course. And then I took my ass to bed. I was so tired!
(claps hands) I don’t know if you guys have
felt this feeling before. It’s a feeling like you are dozing off, and you’re dreaming as you doze off, and you remember
everything, like so vivid. Like, it feels like real life. And then you wake up, and then
you doze off into a dream, and then you wake up. And then you doze off into a
dream, and then you wake up. That was happening to me
throughout the damn evening. At around 12:30 a.m., I have to pee. I have to pee, uncontrollably, like, I’m walking to the
bathroom and my pee is just leaking out of me, okay? And my pee is all over my legs and stuff. (laughs) I was peeing my pants on the
way to the bathroom, okay? Like a damn three-year-old
kid, like my son. He’s like, “Mommy, I have to pee.” I take off his pants, and
he’s peeing on the floor. Yeah, that was me. So anyways, I’m on my way
to the restroom, okay? And I’m not turning on any of the lights because I don’t want to completely
wake myself up, you know? Because I know if I turn on the light, I’ll be like, right up, and I wouldn’t be able
to go back to sleep. So usually, and even now, I
sleep with all my lights off, and I don’t turn on any
lights when I go pee, okay? I’m just like trying to feel
for where the bathroom at? Where the toilet at? Where the toilet, where,
where, where the toilet? Where the toilet? Okay. So I plop my butt on the toilet, even though I was soaking wet, already. And then I did my little
twinkle twinkle little star, in the toilet, did my
tinkle tinkle in the toilet, and then all of a sudden, like, something fell out of me. I just heard a, “Glug.” I’m like, what the hell was that? So like, I’m feeling
like, where’s the light? Where’s the light, where’s the light? So I turn on the light,
I look in the toilet, and a jellyfish was in the
toilet, you guys, okay. I’m like, “What the, oh my God, I’m dying, “Oh my God, I don’t know what’s going on!” I knew exactly what it was, I knew it was my mucous plug. Because Samia was my first child, so I knew every single
detail you needed to know when pregnant, okay? It was my mucous plug, and it
looked like a damn jellyfish. I was so damn shocked. So a mucous plug is something
that protects the baby from germs, from bacteria, and
when that falls out of you, it’s a sign that you’re
gonna go into labor. There’s many signs that
you’re gonna go into labor, like your water breaking,
contractions, of course, mucous plug falling out, it
varies from person to person. I scooped my mucous
plug out of the toilet, and then I started playing with it. It was so cute. So I’m playing with it, and I’m like, oh my gosh, like, I’m
about to go into labor. Like, I’m excited, but when
am I gonna go into labor? Because I don’t feel any contractions, but this is a sign! Yes, God! So I take pictures of this mucous plug and I send it over to Auntie Jillian. Shout out to my Auntie
Jillian, my ride or die chick! And she was like, “Oh my God,
that’s a mucous plug, Latoya!” Duh! So then I tell Adam, like, “Oh my God, my mucous plug fell out.” Like oh my God, what are we gonna do? Should we go to the hospital right now? He’s like, “Chill, baby girl. “Chill, come back to bed.” I’m like, I can’t go to sleep! I am about to die! I’m about to go through
these contractions, I need drugs right now, y’all. So I call up my midwife. Because I had midwives on my team because I wanted to have a natural birth and all that kind of stuff, and oh my God, I wanna labor in the water, have the baby in the water, oh my God, do it naturally,
no drugs, no epidural, like I’m so natural,
I’m a freakin’ animal. Yeah, that was me, with Samia. So then I call up my midwife and I’m like, “Midwife, my mucous plug fell out. “Should I go to the hospital, please? “I’m dying, I’m gonna have
contractions, I’m scared.” And she’s like, “No, LaToya,
you’re gonna go ahead, “and you’re gonna labor
for a few hours at home, “and we’re gonna time your contractions. “But are you having
contractions yet, LaToya?” No, midwife lady, I’m not
having any contractions. My mucous plug fell out, I’m dying, I’m going into labor, oh my God! Bleh! And she’s like, “LaToya,
just go back to bed, okay? “Everything is gonna be fine. “And update me when you start
feeling your contractions. “You’re gonna feel
pressure for a few minutes, “and then it’s gonna release. “Contractions, and then release. “And then what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna–” I’m like, “Bitch, listen.” So I go back to bed, and I was like, “Adam, we have to go to the hospital soon. “My mucous plug fell out.” And he was like, “LaToya, “you have to listen to the midwife, okay? “You are not having contractions
yet, so go back to sleep.” So anyways, an hour goes by, and girl! I started having contractions. The contraction literally woke me up. I’m like, “Oh my God, oh my
God, I’m gonna die, oh my God.” Like, contractions feel
like period cramps, times five million, like,
contractions just, oh my God. The pain is so bad, it’s so hurtful, that it just makes you so weak. Like you cannot function, oh God, like you can’t function,
that kind of pain. Not like, (guttural yelling) Like, you just are like,
please just make it, just make it go away. I just can’t deal with this pain. So I’m having these contractions, and Adam calls up the midwife, because I’m in too much
pain, I can’t speak. Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me. Don’t ask me any questions,
I’m done with everybody, just make it stop, please! So Adam called up my midwife,
and she told me to, like, roll around on a stability ball, okay? And just breathe through
the contractions, all right? Just work with the contractions, okay? And let’s go ahead and
time our contractions. So Adam was over there
timing the contractions, and I was just breathing slowly, (inhales and exhales) through all of the contractions. And rolling, like winding up
my waist, like on the ball, like this, ugh! It hurt so bad, you guys. Oh my God, it was so bad. Like my stomach would literally
tighten and then release. Tighten, and then release. So Auntie Jillian came and
she’s like, “Oh my God!” She’s laboring on the ball, I’m so excited, we’re having the baby. (screams) And then Adam was like,
“Oh my gosh, I think, “you know, the foot
massage and the pineapple “that Deedee did to LaToya
earlier at Auntie Yvette’s house “put LaToya in labor, like
it induced her labor.” And Auntie Jillian was like,
“Oh my God, you are so right! “But it could be a
coincidence, but oh my God, “you are so right, Adam.” They’re having this freaking
conversation back and forth, and I’m just like, shut up. That’s another thing. When you’re having contractions, you don’t want anybody
to speak, don’t talk. I don’t want any loud noises,
do not play any music. Shut up, just silence. I’m dying, okay? Ow. Let me have my contractions in peace. Let me be in pain, in peace. Can we do that? Can, can we, shh. Shh. My midwife was like, “Now, Adam, “is LaToya’s contractions
five minutes apart? “Are they five minutes apart? “Is she getting her contractions
every five minutes?” And Adam was like, “Yes, midwife lady.” So Auntie Jillian kept
saying it’s time, it’s time. We have to go to the hospital, we gotta push this baby out, it’s time. I’m like, “Oh gosh, it’s time?” Okay, so between my contractions,
since we were timing it, and we knew exactly when the
contraction was gonna come, I would do everything that
I could between that time. Like I was trying to pack up my bag, make sure that I have
everything in my hospital bag, okay, perfect? Oh, contraction, oh. All right! Then I would run to the
bathroom, pack up my make-up, put some foundation on, you
know, put my concealer on. Okay, contraction! (groaning) Okay, then I put my powder
on, put my blush on, oh my God, I have to look amazing for my labor and delivery video because we are gonna document
this whole entire experience. Contraction, oh! Shit. (groaning) Oh my God, okay. Run downstairs, oh my God, oh my God. Adam, please, make sure
we don’t forget anything. Everything is, make
sure you put everything, everything, I don’t
know what everything is. Oh, God! Oh shit. (groaning) Contraction. So then we get into the car and you guys, I was just moaning and groaning
the entire car ride, okay. So I’m in the car, and I’m
like, why isn’t this car moving? I’m in the backseat, I’m
having all these contractions. Auntie Jillian finally gets in the car. Adam is still not in the car. I’m like, “What is taking
this dude so long?” I’m about to have this baby in the car! Like, get me to the hospital! He finally in the car after ten minutes, and he was like, “Oh,
I forgot the car seat. “I didn’t know where it
was, and I had to make–” Just get your ass in
the car and drive, okay! And so anyways, the whole car ride, Auntie Jillian and Adam were just talking, the entire time, okay? If you’ve ever had contractions, okay, if you’ve ever been in pain,
and people are just talking, it just irritates your entire existence. Just shut up. I don’t know if you know Auntie Jillian, but Auntie Jillian, she
says everything she thinks. So you will know everything
that’s going on in her mind, because she says it. Everything. Everything. Everything! And it was heightened, my annoyance to it. My annoyance to it was
heightened because I was in pain. She was saying things
like, “Oh my gosh, Adam, “we need to get to the hospital.” Like, we are driving to the
hospital, Auntie Jillian. Oh my gosh, she might
have this baby on the, on the highway, but don’t worry, I know how to deliver a baby because I watched labor and
delivery videos on YouTube. I promise, I got this,
(clapping) I know how to do this, I got you, LaToya. Listen, oh my gosh, you see
that car seat right beside you? Samia is going to be in that
car seat right beside you. And then Adam was like, “Oh
my gosh, I just took it in. “I can’t believe it, oh my gosh. “It just hit me right now, like
we are about to be parents!” Like, they were just going on
and on and on and on and on. Then Adam’s like, “LaToya,
get off the floor. “Put your seatbelt on. “Yes, Auntie Jillian, yes, yes.” Then Adam was like, “Oh my gosh, LaToya, “get up off the floor, you
need to put your seatbelt on. “If we get pulled over, you
are gonna have this baby “on the highway.” I am not getting up off
no damn car floor, okay? I am having contractions. Okay, just everybody shut up. Shut up. They kept asking me questions,
and I would just like (hoarse groaning) That was my answer to everything, like (moans) I was in so much pain,
like that was my answer. LaToya, how are you doing? Did your water break? Do you feel any water? LaToya, do you feel pressure? Oh my gosh, LaToya, you
feel like you have to poo? Oh my gosh, because I
know if you have to poo, that means the baby’s gonna come out, the baby’s head is right
there about to come out, if you have to poo. The only thing I remember saying is, “Oh my gosh, I think I have to poo.” And Auntie Jillian starts
freaking out, talking about, “Oh my gosh, they say that
if you like you have to poo, “that the baby’s head is about to, “oh my God, we have to
get to the hospital, “we have to get to the
hospital right now!” (banging on chair) Oh, another thing that I
said was, “I need drugs.” At this point, like, as soon
as I got to the hospital, I know that I was gonna get me some drugs. Drugs, drugs, drugs. Drug me! I don’t wanna feel this pain, no, I want to be numb to this pain. Drugs. We finally get to the hospital
after, what, 25 minutes. We get to the hospital
around five o’clock a.m. Five in the morning, you guys. So we get there and I swear to you, it took me at least 30 minutes to get to the labor and
delivery clinic, okay. Because I was laboring. I was like going through contractions during my entire walk to the clinic. I was stopping every
five minutes, I was like, “Oh, oh God.” And then walk. “Oh God, oh God.” Walk again. You get it, right? So I get to the labor and delivery clinic. And then my midwife, she
meets us at the hospital. And she lays me on a bed, she sticks her entire hand
up my vagina, and she’s like, “Okay, LaToya, you’re
five centimeters dilated, “so you are going to be having
the baby soon, woo hoo!” She stuck her entire frickin’ arm, like (chirps) up my vagina. So anyways, I get up off the
bed, and my midwife is like, “Okay, LaToya, I’m gonna go
ahead and set the jacuzzi, “because we’re gonna
have a water delivery.” (laughs) And I was like, “Wait, what, huh? “Okay, I guess, all right?” So she’s setting the
water, I hear the water, and it just feels so good. And Adam just kept like,
you know, rubbing my back, and I just wanted to say, “Don’t touch me. “Don’t speak to me, don’t
say anything, just shut up.” I just remember just
stopping and just having the most contractions,
like the most pain, oh God. Just get me to the jacuzzi tub. So we get there, and I don’t know why I remember this so vividly, but I felt the water,
and it was just so warm. And I was just like, “Yeah,
yeah, get me in the water.” Yes, get this hippo in the water, please! Woo hoo, water, yes! So I get in the water, and
I’m laboring in the water, and you guys, I was just
losing confidence in myself to have this child naturally. I’m like, looking at my
midwife, and I’m like, “Okay, midwife, are you sure
that I can do this on my own? “Like, I’m in so much pain.” She was like, “You are doing this, LaToya. “You can do this, you
can, you are doing this! “You are meant to do this. “You are strong women,
you got this, come on.” So then she sticks her hand back up there, and I’m like, “Oh God, please, God.” Just stick your hand up
there and just take her out. So anyways, you know, she’s
checking the baby’s heart rate, making sure Samia was okay, all right, she’s not high risk, we’re okay. Everything’s running smoothly, oh my gosh. And I’m just like, my butt is on the jet, and it feel so amazing. Like I was massaging my butthole (wheezes) with the jets, y’all, like (yells) Man! I was in so much pain. And then my midwife, out
of nowhere, she’s like, “Okay, LaToya, we’re not
able to have this baby “in the whirlpool, because we can’t find “the proper documentation to
have this baby in the whirlpool “so we’re gonna have to
deliver this baby on the bed, “and you’re about to go
into delivery, any time now, “because you’re ten centimeters, LaToya!” All right, let’s go on to the (yells) So anyways, I waddle my butt to the bed, and I’m on the bed. And oh, I had a doula. Now, a doula’s role in the
labor and delivery process is to just be your support. So she was massaging my back, you know, coaching me
through, telling me that, “You know, LaToya, you got this. “You were built for this,
you were made for this. “Make sure you breathe in, breathe out. “Would you like some water? “Okay, let me rub your head, okay. “You’re gonna be just fine, all right?” And Adam looked like he was the one that was about to pass
out, like what the hell you look like that for? He looked like he was about to cry. (laughs) He was just so, like,
emotional because he saw me in so much pain and he
didn’t know how to handle it. He was like, “Oh my God,
why, she’s in all this pain. “And I can’t help her,
I can’t do anything. “I’m out of control.” (slaps knees) Cry me a river, okay. I’m in the pain. Anyways, I can’t remember
when my cousin Anna showed up, but she was there. Auntie Jillian was there. And Adam was there. It was them three, and then
it was my midwife team, my doula, all the people
that I needed, by my side, they were there, for the most part. So I’m on my back, and my
midwives, Auntie Jillian, like everyone, they’re just
like holding my legs back, and they’re like, “Okay,
now on the count of three, “I want you to push!” And I’m like (hoarse screaming) Like my pushing face was
the ugliest thing that I’ve ever seen. After watching the footage
of my birth, I am like, oh my God, my face was terrible. So yeah, so everyone’s
holding my legs back, and my midwife was like, “Okay, LaToya, “now on a count of three,
I want you to push!” And I’m like (raspy groaning) I just felt like I had to
take a really big crap. Like it felt like there was a boulder just wanting to come out, but like the hole wasn’t big enough, like it’s not coming out,
you know what I’m saying? It’s just not coming out. And my midwife is like, “Okay, the water, “we have to break your water. “Now, do you want me to break
your water with this stick, “or do you want it to break naturally?” I’m like oh my God, is it
gonna hurt if you break it? Is it gonna hurt worse than the pain that I’m already feeling? ‘Cause if it is, no, I
just want it to break, oh. (splutters) And then it just broke all of a sudden, like I just had this urge to push, and then my water just broke. And I’m like, “Oh my gosh, you guys, “I cannot push this baby out on my back. “I need to get on all fours, please.” I don’t know why, I just felt
the need to get on all fours like a freakin’ animal in
the wilderness having a baby. Like, I am like, “Yo, get me on all fours, “so I’m like this.” (grunting) Like I’m pushing on all fours,
trying to get this baby out. But it felt so amazing
to be like, on all fours, pushing this kid out of my vagina. I’m on all fours, and I’m
like, “Oh God, please.” And every single time
I felt a contraction, everyone was like, “Push, LaToya!” And I’m like, (groaning) I felt like the veins in my
head were going to explode. I just felt like my
head was gonna explode, like my face was bloodshot red, like. I was shaking, trying to
push Samia out of me pums. All of a sudden, Auntie
Jillian was like, “Oh my God! “I see her, I see Samia! “Oh my gosh, look at all that
hair, she has so much hair! “LaToya, oh my gosh, keep pushing.” (laughs airily) “This is so magical, this
is amazing, this is life! “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, LaToya,
you’re doing a great job, “LaToya, I’m so proud of you,
we’re all so proud of you. “The world is proud of you. “Oh God, everybody’s proud,
oh my God, the baby’s coming!” Like, Auntie Jillian, can you shut up? And Adam, he was here the entire time, he did not want to have
any part in this area. Like no, no no no, no. He’s like, “Nope.” Auntie Jillian was right
there, right between my legs, watching Samia come out. Anna right there in between my legs, just watching her come out. And I’m just like, “Ugh!” Then, I felt her head coming
out the rim of my vagina, okay. That is what the ring of
fire is called, all right? When that head is popping
through, and then the shoulders, you know, pop through,
and then like, oh my God. It was just so terrible. And all of a sudden, she
just slides out, completely. And then I grab her, and I’m like, “Oh my God, my baby.” And then I start bawling my eyes out. I’m bawling, I’m so happy. Like, oh my gosh, so much
relief from the pain. And oh my gosh, a bundle of joy. Like, the pain just completely went away, and it was just all about Samia
and how beautiful she was. And oh my gosh, I finally
got to meet my daughter after all this time, it’s
been like ten months, like oh my God. (gasps) I love you, you are so beautiful! Although she looked like an alien, but every mom thinks her
baby’s beautiful, right? It was my beautiful alien baby,
so beautiful and precious. And then Adam cut the umbilical cord and he cut it way too long and we thought she was gonna
have a long belly button. Then Auntie Jillian came in, cut it, and then we put her little
footprints on the little paper, you know what I’m saying? I had her at like, 10:56 a.m. It was just (gasps) I just gave birth to
my beautiful blessing. So yes, I’m bonding with my
family, bonding with Samia, and then all of a sudden, my
midwife, she takes the baby. And she was like, “Okay, LaToya.” She takes a needle, she
goes, “Okay, LaToya.” (blows raspberry) Stabs me in the thigh with the needle. She was like, “Okay,
you’re about to give birth “to your placenta, all right? “Get ready to–” (blows raspberry) And then this frickin’ bloody sack comes out of me, all right? Yeah, that’s my placenta,
and then she was like, “Do you want to keep it?” I’m like, “No, I don’t want to keep my–” “There’s a lot of health benefits to it, “you can throw it into capsules,
do you want to keep it?” I’m like, hmm, hmm, hmm, I don’t know! Don’t talk to me about this
right now, I don’t know. So then all my family, my friends come, we’re just bonding with Samia. And then all of a sudden,
I’m on my way home. Right after I pushed Samia
out, I’m on my way home. And that’s the end of the story time. (laughs) It was a great experience. Would I do it again? Well, I’ve done it again, with Zayn. Would I do it a third
time, laboring naturally? Probably not. Terrible pain. Anyways, comment below
if you want me to share my labor and delivery experience
with my second child, Zayn. Let’s see if we can get
this video to 15,000 likes. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video. Whenever I do story times,
I get so out of breath. (“All of You” by JAHKOY)


  1. Hey I’m Such A Huge Fan I Have Watch Basically All Your Videos Within 2 Weeks You Gave Me Inspiration To Post My First Story Time Please Continue Your An Idol

  2. Hands down! Best story teller everrrr!!!!! I wish I could tell stories like this 😂😂😂 all the little details and sound effects she throws in are just hilarious

  3. Girl u pregnant? I swear u looked like you had a whole baby in the snapchat u did yesterday where u were wearing all black and dancing in the kitchen

  4. I LAUGHED so hard during this video!!! But at the same time I’m sooo scared! I’m having my first a baby boy! I’m soo excited but the way you explained the contractions I am soo scared I want to cry! 😪

  5. I would love for you to share your birthing experience with your son!!!!!! Please! Your videos are soo entertaining!! 🙌🏾😆😆

  6. It’s so crazy because my man and I got together on October 6th 2014 so every time we celebrate our anniversary I think about Sami! Crazy she will be 5!

  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOLOOLLLLLOOOahahahahahagahagahaghagahagahagahagahagahajahgajah…..12:14 literally had to pause the video from crying so much in laughter!

  8. who remembers that vine that says soooo i put bbq sauce on my tittys LMFAO she reminded me of that when she was talking about food fallin on ha shirt

  9. 7:34 when I dream as I doze of, I wake up and I’m like wait was I dreaming or was I thinking that? And then I’m like I don’t think that crazy so i was prolly dreaming. Then I go back to sleep. I can’t be the only one who does that😂

  10. Actually losing your mucus plug does not mean you’ll go into labor. SADLY 😭 mine started coming out at 21 weeks but my OB told me the mucus plug can come out at anytime and it can regenerate. 😭😭

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