STORYTIME: I was pregnant at 16 and gave birth to a stillborn son.

he was my son he was stillborn but he was stillborn don't act like you don't we're here what I got to say no for real is exciting you hello you guys and welcome to reviews we Whitney T I'm Whitney Dean let's get into it shall we a so um this is story time with Whitney D okay so I'm trying to as I nervously brush my hair I'm trying to get more into the personal goal of me and so I wanted to indulge on story time this particular story time is gonna be less serious but you guys know me by now you know my character I'm very go family bring it straight to the point and I love life if you have not gotten that from any of these silly goofy videos then I'm not doing my job for that decorates hey so I wanted to do a little more personable in regards to myself I think I've sharing that I am on my second marriage and I have kids but before I had my beautiful babies there was Compton okay and so this story is about Compton okay and I'm wanting to share my story to hopefully inspire somebody okay and preferably women of loss who have lost children and here's my story so I was 16 years old okay and I had just came back from a weekend of of thrills with my older boyfriend and this came from line two there is say that I was going off to a friend's house for his sleepover okay and so went and came home from this experience and time went on as normal when I say probably roughly two or three months after this experience you know I was at school you don't know but I was at school and I'm sorry okay but I loved I still do this thing I love cafeteria food like do I remember the little little square pizza no thanks for making about a triangle is but the square pieces with the corn on the side in the chocolate milk oh wait I love to me some cafeteria food okay and I found myself walking into the cafeteria and being disgusted by the smell mind you I'm sixteen at this time so I'm not taking the consideration you have a whole situation going on this brewing but walked in I was like oh this stinks I don't want any of this food I was hungry so I tried to find something to eat time went on the kid and so I run I ran track for a good amount of my life I ran track and I remember going to athletics and I couldn't keep up just not I couldn't keep tired all the time and then I was getting beat by some of those slow people miss me I just didn't understand it so decided to you know figure things out didn't know what was going on I didn't understand because also I didn't so I think in my cycle it's almost like talking to my best friend marquita her thoughts chef's salad marquita heart I love you we are still friends to this day we don't know we're 20 years later but any whose soul we were walking home and she was like you need to get a pregnancy test know by a girl please you know and so we walked walking home when we decided to stop into a dollar store and she looks like a girl you know get you one of these pregnancy says the dollar stores so you know people won't look at you suspect my back of my mind I'm like this is even better because it won't work with loot dollars don't it's double stuff double store taste come on him so thing is is that we got the taste I got two maybe I spent 214 okay because I was like let me just be sure she got her one too because she was just like you know my room is sexually active isn't she let me just say let me just see how a girl but she got one too got to the house and I took the test took both of them actually I got a little cup and I put my urine in it and I squeezed someone venom oh we look out of the restroom and let it do its magic while there was one only was just talking and I'm just bugging out because I'm 16 you know and I was just like this cannot be my life have stuff going on you know envisioned for myself okay so time is up we proceeded to go into the restroom and there my life changed there were two actually four lines both of the pregnancy tests were positive I don't know what to do with my life at that moment marquita was excited for me it's exciting it wasn't exciting for me okay I didn't know what was going on my mind u16 at this time I'm just like what just happened how did this happen what does it mean what is going on like she loves and I just kind of went on with my life after that for a few days while I got my stuff together and figured out exactly how I'm gonna present this to my mom my jucy was similarly raising me at this time my father was around but he wasn't in the home and my siblings were pretty much out the house and my older sister were peeing in from time to time okay so I just went on and you know I think it was probably about a week or two I said okay I'm gonna tell my mom and so I've tried to scope things out for the most part and so I noticed one particular day she came in and she was happy you know she was happy I was like okay this is gonna be the time I'm going to tell my mom I'm pregnant and so I went into her room why I should knock on door she let me in so I went into the room I sit on her being my child back in fade I don't know they still exist now I say back in bed but how many y'all remember the big bitch if your parents had and they had the big pillars you know the four pillars I used to take the ball off the top of them and play with anyway so I was sitting on the bed to where I was looking at her while she was in the restaurant and she was in the restroom and she was just seen again she was just smelling I'm just laying leaning on the front part of her bed on the headboard and I'm just looking at her and I just kind of zoned out as she was I What's Wrong baby and I was like I need to talk to you and she was like what's wrong you know and I was like I just really need to talk to you and so she was like okay and she comes out the restroom she's like what's wrong yeah um I have something I need to talk to you about she was like she was like you pregnant and I looked at her and I was like and I start bawling and she just looks at me and she says oh yeah I know this is not funny it's funny now we laugh about it now she drops to the ground y'all and she keeps on her hands and knees she was like you cracked it yeah and she's like scratching across though it's funny if you ever do anything and I was just looking at her and I'm just like oh she was like you're not keeping it you know keep it I agree yep right here here sister yeah I don't know what that man thought in our experience I was about to go through but I was on yeah you know hey let's just rock rolling you know and so you know she was like did I need a moment I need a moment so I get I go to her room I didn't hear her get on the phone my older sister and she's telling older sister you know what's going on or whatever and she was like she's not keeping it you know everybody I'm the baby room I had all these aspirations and dreams for me you know and I give it you know and so then I want to say a few minutes later my sister comes over and she was like you know you know the Bourdon is baby you and keep this baby you know you're going to keep this baby and you're going to see that it's not easy at this time my sister had I want to say two children at this time and so she was like you want to see it's not easy you know and I was just like okay you know and so she was like she went in and she wouldn't talk to my mom and you know made her feel okay over there but not better but okay about the situation and she was just like you know how far are you know I don't know you know I just found out it's just probably our earlier along I'll be two three months or whatever and you know she was we need to figure out how like you know you need to the doctor and all that stuff I think you gonna have a baby you know and she was just like I didn't I want it's for my little sister but you know it is what it is you know and so I like just changed after that movement and so time went on I went in got my doctors and things like that and so I just grew and grew and grew so here it is I am getting prepared for my baby shower I got that out the way I wanna say a week or two after that I was 32 weeks by this time so I was eight months getting a little bit bigger and I go to the mall with my with my older cousin and we're looking for stuff just you know get me ready for the hospital or what have you so we're just looking at baby stuff or whatever and so I was like I'm tired my back is hurting and I was already having Presti Hicks contractions wanted to but I was just like okay well you know this is normal getting further along so she takes me back to the house and I'll tell my mom you know and she was like you know put your feet up relax you know you're eight months pregnant you know this is normal and I was 16 at the time I'm a little woman now but I was even smaller then you know can you imagine and so I'm big as a house you know and so I put my feet up put my feet up and you know I was that was pretty much it my juice earlier that day however I'm leaving our information earlier that day I went to the doctors and it took them ten minutes to find my son's heartbeat and then when I found it it was kind of faint so they told me to you know go home and race is schwarmann there's just rest and then I went up and went to the mall I was sixteen I was 16 I didn't think anything was going on so they actually because of that it's going to be a day especially of some of them at that point in time the following week just to – with a baby you know and now since I was getting closer it was going to be able to frequent so time went on days went on life went on Wednesday she comes up and I go to my appointment my sonogram appointment all right I already knew was a boy had my baby shower and Dean spent nature so I am now at the Sun ground Tech and I'm laying down and she's you know doing a little Doppler and everything and she freezes and I was excited is everything okay cuz she was like let me let me check something and she you know checks again and she was like when the last time you felt the baby move I said I just on earlier today you know and she proceeded to keep going in regards to and she was just like okay so get up and I got up and so she was like we gotta get you to labor and delivery and so I'm like oh okay so that's a baby okay great okay whatever I was like well what's going on she was like they're going to tell you over there but yeah go ahead and get up and some of them in the room to explain everything to you know it's like a cool okay so I get up and I see the lady is she's talking to the doctor outside and so she looked like she had this look of sadness over her face and I was just like okay so I go to the phone the hospital following my mom please come up here I don't think something that's right but about that baby they're sending me off to labor and delivery and she was like okay all right along the way so then I'm hanging up the phone and I see the nurse lady that did the you know son around leaving out the hospital and just she was sad okay she was sad and I was just watching her leave out and so my mom comes and they put me in the room and they explained to us that my son was dead and I was just like no no that's not that's not true this that's not that's not no I just felt him when I was describing to be movements what's the contractions and I was having moving kids like this lying around in my stomach and my body was actually trying to get him down that's why I was contracting and so that was very devastating so the procedures who induced me and because from that Friday when he was alive and they did the Sun up and I saw brown but the the Doppler reading they listened to his heart at Friday and it was real pain I should have been induced in okay but I was not and so from Friday to that winds day somewhere in between there he denied and so they were practically trying to induce me and get him out of me and so they did 12:38 that next morning I gave birth to him King jr. he was the junior to his father Carlton senior and yeah and that really as a teenager really really wrecked my life I didn't know exactly what was about to happen with my life you know and what that meant for me it's already hard for a grown woman to go through there but as a 17 year old I didn't understand like I wasn't going home and mind you I was induced I didn't have any medicines because I wanted to experience that burbs the same way as if he was living so I didn't get any kind of interventions and requires to amassing any pain or anything like that sighs – all the pain full fledge and he changed my life because I experienced him riding experience and so my life changed after that I really went through a good deal of depression after that I became very infamous coolest just to be quiet like an ostrich and transparent because I mean I just was really into the arts but you're trying to move look up if you want to get pregnant again you know and interact because I have no plans for me but yeah I just went downhill after that because I just didn't understand why God was doing this to me I'm in such a very young age you know and I really didn't have a relationship with God at that point of time you know and definitely at this one something you took my baby no I'm done with you so time went on and you know and after that I just didn't get pregnant again I actually experienced my second loss at my first marriage I had a miscarriage of six weeks so it was just a very damaging experience and so I just believed that the doctors are right because I've told me that you know different reasons why had sits on my ovaries the way my universe was tilted just a lot of stuff in regards to the cost that I was going to have a hard time of being pregnant and keeping a pregnancy so five years later after that well actually not five years um I wanna say three years after going through that experience of loss with my with my miscarriage I get blessed with my daughter doing and that was my rainbow baby if you guys aren't aware of what a rainbow baby is is the baby that you get after you've lost and I had to on the bill you know and so on the thing is is that I was starting to least when I was just like okay Jesus oh okay okay up until having her I was kinda like you know and did took her week early she actually was a valentine's baby it was supposed to but they were nervous about me losing her with my experience so they induced me and i had her february 8th and she was perfect she was fine she's four years on 145 okay and then after that two years later 2.0 three years later we get blessed with my son Didem so it's deviant in them and they are my blessings okay and i think i'll for my husband because I shared my story with him and he wishes fight don't believe what the doctors tell you you can get pregnant you know and he already had his son prior to you know and soul I feel believing that bad and he did the deed right twice that was my story but here's my word of inspiration and I say this with a happy heart no tears in my eyes because that chapter and their journey it has closed for me and God has allowed me to move on and experience joy in my life and you will too you are in this word you're not of it so you cannot go by what man thinks okay if God promised you something you gotta believe in trust and he's gonna see you through my period okay and to be honest with you I wasn't quite sure you know what the outcome of my pregnancies with I was going to be you know I had so much lost and I expected it to be and I really thought that like Felice so I deserved it you know we tend to think that we deserve bad things that happen to us in our life and sometimes it's unfortunate but think of this no God did not take my baby or my babies but he had spent it what's the work of the enemy and no this ain't no conspiracy theory I've got tingle my spidey senses are tingling but I just have that faith and I believe and I know the works of the enemy and the thing is is that he was trying to do that to get me down on God to not have me believe and only that just to give up on myself and the capabilities in which that I was going to want to make happen you know and I didn't I never stopped believing I always had that yearning there urge to be a mother even if it was just two people two children there wasn't mine you know and so what it was God was just givin getting me mature and getting me ready to go through all of this mothering that I'm going through and it has in turn stains and salaries so don't you give up don't you give don't you get discouraged and there is why I'm sharing my stories because people want to sit there and paint pictures and let you see but they don't want to let you know what all they went to or went through to get to where they had well I will because I want to let you know that everything that glare and gold and it's not you know it's not a hard thing for you to obtain it so that's why never be jealous or envious of the next person because you don't know what they went through to get it and if you hurry up with a lot after a while you know or you're probably here to play Wow went through that too okay I can do this and you can do this and all things acknowledge God and he would I wreck your path and you can do all things to Christ he that strength you greater is He that is in you that either is in the world okay and know that anything that the enemy meant for bet that would most definitely turn around for good those lost children and opportunities in my life I thought it was gonna be bad in my life but I'm able to share with you and uplift you so thank you this has been story time with Whitney Dean and I hope that my story was able to inspire you if it did or if you have a story of your own whether the lost or and experienced them a rainbow baby please leave it down in the comments below and why are you there and please take out the time to like share and subscribe to this channel and so you'll be in a known what I know do not forget to click that notification you can ring my ring my ring ain't ringing darling just what about that you were here and that's a good implication to be able to know when I upload every time I look thank you so very much this has been review the school led I digress it's exciting

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