Strange Pregnancy Cravings

(overlapping chatter) Good morning everyone it
is a beautiful rainy day outside that means it’s perfect for building a giant Lego castle. – Yeah! – Let’s do it! (playful light music) Wow. – Three, three, twelve, thirteen, nine, or six. (light cheery music) We are taking a break from
building our Lego castle so that we can go to the mall. – We’re going to the Mac store! – We’re going to the Mac store? – Everybody else in the world
calls it the Apple store. – The Apple store? – I call it the Mac store and they’re like “you’re going for makeup?”
I’m like “no computers!” That’s how you know I’m old. – We’re going to the MacIntosh store. So we’re basically here to
replace Jessica’s computer. She has a desktop computer
at home that basically died. So we have to, we’re replacing it. – Yeah. – Are you excited? – I am excited I think
it’ll be really good we’ll have it be able to do editing so the kids can do more
like learning on it. I think it’ll be really good. – The kids like the Apple store ’cause they get to play on the iPads. Alright we got what we needed at the mall, including some Starbucks. Courtesy of Trent ’cause he
gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas so thank you Trent. And Jessica got something
she’s super excited about. – I got eggnog! Even though this is December 30th. And the eggnog in our
town at all the Starbucks, they’re all sold out, so, thank you mall! – Also she was at the phone
store when I was vlogging earlier but Grandma Julie’s with us! – Hi! – So we’re gonna, we got
one more stop to make, and then we’re gonna go home and… Yay for being adults and running errands. – Also wait wait wait this! I got a new phone case
– Jessica’s phone case has changed. – You can’t tell but it’s very red, which is not my first choice. My first choice was my
pink one but the pink one was not like an official
iPhone case, it was just a case for big phones and it covered up my flash, so anytime I needed to take
a picture in the nighttime it just turns gray and weird. – It like reflected the
flash back into the lens, it was really weird. – Yeah. I like that, I like that case. This is smaller, that
other one was really thick. But they only have like
black and white and gray, or all these dark colors and bright red. And if I had a 7, an
iPhone 7 I could have had like pink and teal and cute things but… – Womp womp. We’re back home, I think
we’re going back out to get some more furniture in a minute, but in the meantime, Jacob and I are gonna try to get some of this
castle done, right Jacob? – Yeah! (triumphant music) You might have noticed
Brooklyn helping us out with that last little bit of the castle and now we’re taking
another break to go to IKEA. – This is a crazy break. I was like “I need drawers”. And we live an hour from
IKEA, we do not live close to an IKEA. – Does this– do drawers
count as a pregnancy craving, cause that’s kind of the urgency
which she brought this up. – And might be nesting. – Nesting a little nesting? Well we’re at IKEA we’re
gonna get some furniture. – And it’s about to
close, it’s like bananas. – Yeah it’s interesting
timing, we’re gonna do it. (fun music) This is how I want my kitchen to look. (playful light music) We’re in the crazy self-serve area. Which kind of looks
like the last scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and we’re gonna try to
find the various things. – Spoiler alert. – Spoiler alert? That doesn’t give anything away? – Everyone’s gonna be like
“ugh the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, now
I know what it looks like, exactly.” – Anyway, it’s this big huge area where, you gotta find your stuff. – [Brooklyn] Mommy. – And I found it. So we got to the end of,
I feel like I’ve done this vlog before I’m gonna look
and I’m gonna find it. I feel like I’ve been
in line for In-N-Out, and talking about how, how
IKEA had none of the things that I was looking for,
and I had to substitute for other things. But I think I had credit card problems, I didn’t have cred it
cards problems this time. There was no problem. – There were definitely
times when we’ve gone and we’ve made the drive
and they don’t have any of the things that we want. – Yes but I remember this
vlog, like I remember this line for In-N-Out,
none of you were here it was just me, my credit
card got declined a bunch and then it got frozen because
I kept trying to use it. It was a mess. This time not as much of a
mess, we got good replacements, I think we’ve got a good
plan, I think we’ve got what we need, I have a
lot of building to do, Jacob helped me load
everything into the car, right Jacob? – Mhm. – Yeah we are certainly
loaded up in the car. Bailey’s back there with
her reading light reading. – I’m usually back there. – You are, you’re in Parker’s seat, not his car seat, he’s
got his own booster seat, but he’s in the seat that
Parker’s car seat is usually in. Anyway we did it, we finished, we’re done. Now we’re gonna get some food. And wow that’s bright in my face. What is that is that a flashlight? It’s my flashlight on my iPhone. – It’s your flashlight on your iPhone?
– I was giving you good lighting. – Yeah that’s great lighting. – I care about you – So now we’re gonna get food and then we’re gonna drive home. That’s our current plan. – I feel like the things you just– oh no wait now my lighting’s kinda weird. I feel like the things
that you just described make us sound like
complete messes who don’t learn from any mistakes. We’re like “we’ve been
to IKEA and picked– and got nothing that we needed. And we have credit card problems.” – But I didn’t have credit
card problems this time! I gotta order now bye. We’re home from IKEA and Jacob fell asleep on the way back, so. No more castle build tonight, which I’m a little disappointed about. But I’ll show you what we did so far! We built the mouse himself,
Jacob built these guys he’s very excited about them. There’s this cool clock inside here, little chandelier, cool
little pot of flowers, there’s like an archery area. Now we don’t know what
these are, do you know what these things are supposed to be? There’s two here and one up here. What are those? Why are they there? I don’t know if you’re into Legos or not, but there’s some super
cool little design things that they did with this set. Like here they used
these little round pieces to get this in the middle of this piece, that’s not normally how these
things get put together. These walls here are all diagonal, so they’re not actually
sitting on anything, they’re freestanding,
which makes me nervous, but it’s cool. And then this tile work
in here, super original. I’ve never seen anything
like it, very cool. Anyway, that’s me nerding out about Legos. I used to get Legos all the time as a kid, it was like a huge part
of Christmas for me, was getting a Lego set and
having something to build Christmas morning, and
I remember kind of early in my relationship with Jessica, we had Christmas together, and
I told her it was important to me to have something to
build on Christmas morning, like it was a part of Christmas to me, was to build something. And I didn’t care if it was my kids toys, like if there was some
complex thing that needed to get built for the kids
toys or a piece of furniture or something like I didn’t
wanna lose that part of, of the Christmas tradition
for me, and I know it’s kind of weird, but she has gotten me
some really cool Lego sets on Christmas just to serve
like a throwback I think to that time. I don’t even know if she
remembers that conversation. But I was not expecting
to get that set this year, that was totally crazy and
really fun to put together with Jacob and Bailey. Anyway now I’m doing grown up building I’m putting together stuff from IKEA. We got a whole bunch of
these like drawer things, you can see I’ve already built back there we have seven of those
that I have to build and then two bookshelves
and two other tables. And a lot of this is
going into Jacob’s room. I feel like I’m the
opposite of everybody else when it comes to IKEA, the act of shopping at
IKEA stresses me out, and I know a lot of
people like going in there and seeing all the cool things
and playing on the furniture and stuff, not my thing. I’m just stressed about
getting stuff in the car like how am I gonna get this in the car? And then I know for a lot of people, putting the actual IKEA
sets together stresses them out but to me it’s like
the most relaxing thing. Like I just put this thing
together and I’m like this is awesome I love doin’ this. Let’s see who today’s winner
is, it’s Maureen O’Brien, congratulations you
won the Lara Bar shirt! Hi. (strumming) Let’s talk about what we learned toda. We learned that Jessica
and I call the Apple store the Mac store because we’re old. We learned that most
ladies crave food during their pregnancy, but Jessica
craves a Collax shelving unit. And finally we learned that
I’m a big ol’ Lego nerd. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see ya next time. (strumming) (playful light music)

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