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  1. This was much tougher than I though when I clicked it! I did have to use my barre for some of the balance section. At least I did this one on leg day! :p

  2. Every time I do this video I promise myself I’ll do it at least once a week! I’ve been having an extremely low energy pregnancy and currently 24 weeks and haven’t done this since probably around 14 weeks! It’s such a good video – not too intense but just enough. I really want to try and keep this up regularly for the rest of my pregnancy!!

  3. I've just found this video and it's become one of my favourites. Thanks so much for a great workout yoga session, it makes a nice change from my usual workout routine

  4. Very nice sequence! Definitely one of those easier said then done moments! Thank you so much <3

  5. In my third trimester and so proud of myself I actually got through this quite easily. I stopped work and it's too hot where I live to go walking these days so basically what I do all day is stay home and watch movies. This video really really helped with my back pain, I feel so much better!!

  6. Really great video! Going into my third trimester, I have been experiencing a good amount of pelvic pain and I feel like these poses really helped me open up and get a great stretch! Thanks for posting.

  7. I enjoyed the workout, but I wouldn't really call this yoga lol. There were only a handful of yoga poses. It was almost entirely strengthening exercises.

  8. Wonderful routine! It's the perfect balance between strength building and relaxation… Just what I needed. Thank you!

  9. I just love that video 🙂 perfect exercise which are not too heavy and not to light. Very nice trainer. I will be coming here back from time to time 😉

  10. Thank you so much for this! It is one of the first videos that I trust due to safety even though I actually workout and feel my muscles in pain. This is truly excellent and I will stick to it throughout my pregnancy! The baby says hi.

  11. Finally a yoga practice that is both nice and challenging and gives a little sweat and burn in positions that feel 100% safe with the bump. I am 32w and I have been feeling that most pregnancy yoga is just relaxing, while this one gives you many benefits – gives you strength for the labor, supports your lower back to avoid pain and benefits the pelvic floor. As well as gives some connection to your breath (I have noticed I started breathing very shallow otherwise as the belly attacks the diaphragm) and baby during the lovely ending sequence. Thank you!

  12. I enjoyed it but I felt like it was more of a glute strengthening Pilates routine, not a yoga class really.

  13. This is a good glute workout,
    moves like a pilates class.

    In first trimester so may be symptomatic, though this class goes a bit quick in the beginning without time to breathe. However the end is nice and calming!! Will possibly re visit.

    Thanks for sharing so much =)

  14. That was an awesome routine. I feel much stronger just doing it for the first , but I do look forward to making this a repeat thing for Baby and I. This was a great way for us to start week 15 of pregnancy(4.21.18). Thanks so much for sharing. Watching and listening to you was inspiring, like a virtual mentor.

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  16. Thank you so much for this video! I turned to it during my pregnancy when I was struggling with nerve pain in my sacrum and this video provided the exercises that gave me the most relief! I have now turned to the videos again since I am experiencing some pelvic instability while trying to carry around my 1year old! If you get a chance to do any other videos, a light stretch video to counter the strength acquired in this video would be tremendous!

  17. Thank you SO much.  My back and pelvis have been bothering me all afternoon, side effect of pregnancy and sitting at a desk all day.  After your video pains are completely gone.  Better than paracetamol! 🙂

  18. Love it!! I've had pelvic instability since week 10 (now in 23) and have been searching for a challenge that wont overdo it but especially wont underdo it either. I loved your style, your explanations etc. hopefully no pain tomorrow!

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