Strengthen Pelvic Muscle While Pregnant | Pregnancy Workout

Strengthening your pelvic muscles while pregnant
is very, very important. I had a client who had four children, natural
childbirth, never did a Kegel and ended up having to have surgery inserting a pelvic
sling to keep all of her organs safely up inside. If all you do is do a couple of reps everyday
while you’re pregnant, you can avoid incontinence and any complications later down the line,
even 40 years down the line. It’s really simple to do. No one will ever know you’re doing your Kegel. So you can sit at work, sit on the bus, wherever
you are, and work on your pelvic floor. Just have the sensation like you are going
to the bathroom and you need to hold back the flow of urine and release. So, every time you take a nice deep breath
in, draw the pelvic floor in and up. And then as you exhale let it relax and release. Try not to squeeze your butt or your abs and
isolate the pelvic floor. So whether you are already pregnant or post-pregnancy,
work on your pelvic floor. Keep it nice and strong. You can do it anytime, anywhere.

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  1. My GF at the time had a strong pelvic muscle, it was so strong that it would literally sucked my penis into her vagina.. I think all women should do this exercise.

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