[Sub]10月前半💛総合リーディング/The fortune of the first half of October. Oracle Card Reading

Good day! PASMO here! I will cheerfully do an
Oracle Card reading again this time. This time it’s your fortune for the first half of October. With these, Oracle Cards. With these Daily Guidance Angels Oracle Cards, and, These Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards. And for this time, I’ll be using these,
while trying to remember about them. These newly bought Macaroon Tarot cards.
I bought these very cute Tarot cards. I’ll be studying them for a while, In order to bring back the memories from
when I used to do Tarot card readings in the past. This time, I’ve placed 3 cards on each. Your past, present and future. And like that, while showing the Tarot cards as well, I would like to do a reading for the first half of October. I think that there are still parts that
I won’t get, but I will do my best. So this time, we have this here, Red seashell, Ah, it’s the same colour as the cards. This here Smoky Pink seashell. Oh, what a nice sound. This here White and Pink Marbled seashell. I had also thought of using
these seashells for ASMR triggers, but, I would have never thought that I would be
using them like this for Oracle Card reading. If you could please make your choice. Red seashell, Smoky Pink, or White Pink Marbled. Okay then, I would like to
begin with the people who chose Red. Well then, people who have chosen the Red seashell. This time, the Daily Guidance and the
Unicorn cards will be the advice cards. And these, this time like this. Like so. I’m apologise, but I wanted to make it slightly
Halloween themed, thank you for your understanding. The past situation for the people that have chosen
the Red Seashell, is shown by the 9 of wands card. This 9 of wands, is a the card of defensive posture, There are 9 wooden wands, And you are holding just one of the wands, right? And the other 8 wands are what you’ve built until now, Successful results, What you’ve achieved in your career until now,
what you’ve made yourself until now. Do you understand? What you have created yourself, and all it includes. And you have protected that. Until now you’ve protected it with all your might. And this one, the 9th wand,
you are really holding on to it right? This 9th wand, represents what
you’ve overcome, it’s your pride. And this bump on your head, Up until now, I think that the people that chose the
Red seashell, probably had some hard times in the past. In order to protect your up until now results and what
is important to you, you had to put yourself on the line, Or hurt your heart. While doing so, you’ve protected what’s important
to you, that’s the kind of person I think you are. It is not a very pleasant situation it seems. And you
are really putting on a strong face in order to protect it. I think that this card is right
in between being on offence and defence. There are also some among you that have
acted without forgiving, is what I’m thinking here. And about your present situation, It’s the Judgement. The Judgement card represents your present situation, I think that the Judgement card means that you
will be reborn, and your stage will greatly change. To me this card feels the same as the Death card. It is a forward-looking card. Having this card come up, means that
it is time to change an aspect of yours. For example, by continuing to do what you’ve been doing, there hasn’t been any development, Or you have become unable to
continue to do what you’ve been doing. So, even in difficult situations, you need
to make a decision in order overcome them, And for times like that this card comes up. To explain the artwork,
this is actually the Archangel Gabriel. These are Zombies. These are people that have passed away.
And Gabriel is wondering who he should revive. He is blowing his trumpet.
He has them listen to the tone of his trumpet. Only people that will be revived are able
to hear the tone of that mysterious trumpet. And these zombies, are receiving
their final judgement in order to be revived. These are like the people that have
passed to the final assessment of an audition. There are white mountains here, right? The white mountains signify
that there might be difficulties, So I think it means that we have to first overcome them. So having this card come up for your present means, It could be possible that currently, You must have somehow realised by now, that the place that you currently are is painful and harsh. But you are doing it because you want to, even
though things aren’t going as you thought they would. And you ended up sacrificing and hurting yourself in order to protect things and your position, isn’t it so? I feel that there are people that are thinking
that they don’t fit in their current environment. And since this card came up for your present, I feel it’s saying that it is about time that you stop that behaviour. “Isn’t the place where you can prosper in another field?” “Aren’t you actually already aware of that?”
That’s the kind of card I fell that this is. I think of this as a positive, forward-looking card. For example, the Judgement card
also has the meaning of revenge. For example, you’ve lost to a rival or you have experienced a losing streak, now is your second chance. But not in the way you used to do things until now. It would be better to try out a new way of doing things. That way would be better,
is what I think that this card is saying. It is about changing the way you look at things. For whatever reason, changing your outlook
on things, for example your outlook on your job, If you are looking into romance, the benefit of the romance. If it’s about money, the benefit of money. You are able to suddenly change your
outlook, that’s the meaning it has. And the future for the people that chose
the Red seashell, is the reversed The Lovers. The Lovers is about romantic partners. If this comes up, the right way up, in romance it
signifies marriage or finding your destined to be person. But it is reversed, so, The Lovers card is a card about following
your heart rather than thinking with your head. It also has a job related and
money related meaning, I’ll look into that too. The fact that it is reversed, Your inspiration is not how it used to be, You are in a situation where you can’t force
yourself to come to a decision, perhaps? Is what this card is about. I’m sorry, I just realised. Does this
comply with YouTube’s guidelines? It’s okay right? I won’t get banned right? Will I? I’m sorry. It would be better
to not show it up close. I apologise. For example, When this comes the right way up,
it means that something good will occur, It could be an encounter. In your job something positive
will occur, is what this card is about. When it is reversed, it is
difficult for you make judgements, If you have to choice to make you become
hesitant, that’s the kind of card it becomes. But in a sense, since the Judgement card came up,
you will surely find the next direction you should take. Not here, you could go in a different place, However you are wondering if you can do it, if you have the talent, the confidence and, to go there, And you are hesitant about it, is what I feel. That’s what I’ve felt. There’s hesitation, it is possible that
it has the meaning of getting tired of it. Getting tired of it. That’s why it’s possible, that you’ve reached a conclusion at what you’ve been doing and gotten tired of it, And want to go on to something new.
That could also be what it means. The reversed Lovers card is by no means a bad card. If you get tired of something,
you just have to begin something new. That’s why, at this time, it is not so easy to make
the choice like “This is it!”,is what I thought. At this time it its better to think about what
you would like to do from now on, is what I think. This time these two cards will be the advice cards. Oh yes. Let’s see. So these are the advice cards.
First, looking at the Unicorn card, This is the Wish Upon a Star card. It’s a card about making a wish
and expecting the greatest success. And this card, It’s the Notice the Signs card. Right near you, there’s the solution or a sign. It is a card that’s telling you that
what you want is near you. A card that is telling you to
believe that dreams come true, and, A card that’s telling you that a sign is near by you, Having these come up as advice means, From now on you, Regarding what you want to do, Regarding what you desire,
you will be slightly hesitant or tired of. In all of that the time for change will come, I think. At that time, if you become worried, Without wavering, wish that it
will be realised, is what this card is about. I think I’ve said this before, but because the surroundings are dark, it is hard to see the sign. But it was actually this close
to you, you just couldn’t see it. That’s why “I am not able to that,” or “The people
around me told me this and that so it’s impossible.” Please do not feel like that. Having this card come up, it is trying to
convey to you that you are indeed able to do that. This Unicorn, is really twisting
it’s body in order to look at Sirius, the first star. The horn of the Unicorn, has a tip
that can sense inspiration and intuition. The tip is really attracted to
the intuition and is looking towards the star. It’s looking behind it, “I can do it.” To me it looks like a very powerful Unicorn. I want you to be like this, in actuality this is how you are. There are a number of mountains right?
There are a number of mountains in various colours. Mountains mean difficulties and trials. Your challenges, that’s the
meaning I think that they have. Even if you face challenges, You change it’s colour to yours and turn it into enjoyment, that’t the kind of person I think you are. Even with difficulties, if you think positively, you will happily overcome them, that is what I think about you. That solution is right next to you. Right next to you. That is why you should really look around you. It might actually be within your heart. You are now at a turning point. The head is shining gold. What just came to mind… It’s just what came to mind, It’s what I thought, so if you think that
it’s not quite right, please forgive me. I think that, when a person, or
in this case the Angel is facing to the left, They are looking to the past. This is the image, looking to
the past and is picking it up, right? That’s why, unexpectedly, the
solution is in your past experiences, or, In the path that you have taken, is what I’ve thought. Furthermore, It might be something that you have forgotten about. It could be that. But when you find it, your intuition will shine like gold. The solution might be in what you’ve
experienced so far, is what I’ve thought. People that have chosen the Red seashell,
believe in yourselves, and look a bit back at yourselves. By doing so, I think that you
will find the direction that you should take. Thank you for listening. I’m rooting for you! Next, it’s about the people
that have chosen the Smoky Pink seashell. These are the advice cards. Past, present, future. I’ll turn them over all at once. Isn’t it amazing? It’s incredible. The people that have chosen the
Smoky Pink seashell, have only gotten good cards. This is the 10 of cups card, The 10 of cups has a meaning of,
shall we say, and they lived happily ever after. The family, all lived happily together. Like, “And that’s all!”, that’s the kind of card this is. It is a very prosperous card. So, until September, There was something that has
made you achieve your results, is what I’m seeing. Something on those lines.
When this card comes up, you feel like, “I’ve done it!” It could also be said that
your heart is an satisfied condition. And this is your present situation, the Magician. This card comes up for me really often. The Magician can create everything
from nothing, that’s a meaning that it has. Up until now, I think that
you have produced your own results, It feels like something has awakened. For this card to come up, it seems like
you want to do something yourself. You want to do more, that’s the meaning I think it has. Up until now, you didn’t know what you should do, So you finally found something
that you would like to try and do yourself, or, There’s something you would like to try to challenge, or, Your ambition is showing, or rather
your curiosity and motivation is showing. Is what I’m thinking. So… “I’m going to start a new project,”
or “I will start a business” Or like “I’m a new employee,
thank you for having me,” is what it feels like. In any way, you would quickly like
to do something new, is what this card is about. So maybe you have produced your results,
and you’ve become confident in yourself, So now you would like to demonstrate your strength, I wonder if there are there are people thinking of this. That’s what I feel. Your future, This is the Ace of wands card. For this to come up for your future,
it means that you will suddenly have new ideas, New things will come in many parts, as
inspirations, and will flourish, is what this card is about. So this is the Ace, and as the Ace it is the first,
and has the meaning of being first, Things will start from here, it is the beginning of enthusiasm, is another meaning it has. If you look at it closely, the tea branch is sprouting. There are a lot of green leaves
around the tree branch right? The freshly sprouted leaves are full of vitality, and represent all possibilities, is what this card is also about. And again, there’s a mountain here right? A mountain. This of course signifies difficulties. This is your high goal that you should overcome, which is settled and for that reason you are doing what you do, Is what I think this card is about. The meaning is already conveyed. If it is about romance you will find a new encounter. If it is about work, you will
work diligently, you will be really motivated. If it is about health, you will get in shape, There’s the possibility of a pregnancy, You will become better that you already are. If it’s about money, it also means
that you will become independent. And about interpersonal relations, you will be popular, or be looked at as leader, and of course a new encounter, That’s the meaning it has. There are a lot of people who, right now you are really happy, since they have successfully finished something. And from those experiences, you have become
more self confident, and something has awakened, And right now you want to
start something new on your own, And for your future, aim for that, as
it’s time to push forward, and work diligently. It is a card about approaching it diligently. It’s amazing. You’ll do your best during the Fall. And for the advice cards,
I’ve drawn these two. Here we go. I see, this is, Love from your Parents. The advice for this to work out, is that
you need love from your parents and your friends. Please receive love
from the people around you is what it says. Please improve your interpersonal relationships,
is what I think this card also means. And this The Ocean card, What should I say about this, The meaning of this card is, please come
in contact or involved with the ocean or just water. By doing so you will be purified and able
to bring out more power, is what this card is about. However, looking at the artwork,
the Angel is not looking good. The Angel is being swayed by the ocean breeze, To me it feels like the Angel is being sentimental. Something sad happened, or they became tired, and came to the seaside to be refreshed, That’s the kind of artwork it looks like. Of course, with so many
vitality packed cards coming up, I think that you will probably be very busy. Because I think you will be
emotionally and physically engaged, At those times please make sure you refresh yourself. And I’ve said it a few times during Oracle Card readings, Please drink water is what it says. Just mineral water.
By drinking good quality mineral water, Even without going to the ocean,
by drinking water, you will be purified from the inside. You will be able to show great power, so I recommend it. And please improve your
relationship with those around you. I see this as parent and child.
This might be you, or this might be you. I think that people in
various situations are watching this, So please put love in the relationships around you. After all, I think that, By doing what you want, you will definitely
need the cooperation of the people around you. It is not just your own problem. So if you are in trouble accept
the support from the people around you. Don’t burden just yourself with everything, is what this card is about. So the people that chose B… Wait it wasn’t B. The people that have chosen the Smoky Pink seashell, I think that this Fall they will be,
in a very good way, very busy. This just came to mind! It is possible, that by telling somebody
all the good things that have occurred, It would turn to good, that is what just came to me. Since there have been so many good things
happening, please share them with someone. I’m rooting for you! That was it for the people that
have chosen the Smoky Pink seashell. So on to the next one. For the people that have chosen
the White Pink Marbled seashell. This are the advice cards. Past, present, future. I’ll turn them over all at once. This is good! It is ideal for a reading. So let”s begin. So firstly about the past. This is the past situation for the people
that have chosen the White Pink Marbled seashell. This is the Ace of Cups. The meaning of this card is,
a collection of overflowing emotions. Beginning to like somebody, or, You’ve finally found something to
engross yourself into, that’s the kind of card this is. In romance you will be love struck for someone or something. Or something will make your heart flutter. It is a card full of heart throbbing and joy. I think there was an encounter
or happening that you were excited about. Ace of Cups. The Ace has the meaning of first in line, Start from now. It has the meaning of, the beginning of emotions. Rather than money or lifestyle, try to prioritise
what you like, that’s another meaning it has. Reading into the artwork… Oh, I see. These are lotus flowers. The lotus flowers, are flowers
symbolising strong purifying power. They have the power to
clean the water if it becomes dirty. You have these lotus flowers
in you now, is what this card means. This fish right here, that is you. It is very lively. It is spouting water, right? That’s a fountain. Water has the meaning of emotions, The water id overflowing from the cup,
which signifies your emotions are overflowing. Up until now you had an encounter,
or an opportunity, or something, That taught you something, or allowed you
to peer into a new world. That sort of, Shocking… Shocking? That’s not it. I think that you had an experience
that made your heart flutter. And so your present, It is the High Priestess card. I see this card as an intelligent woman. An intelligent woman. She looks like a school teacher. It has the meaning of wanting
to do more, wanting to study more. Like getting a qualification. That’s the meaning I think it has. That’s why it is possible that in the past you
had an exciting discovery, and you took notice, And now you want to study or improve your skills. You want to reach new heights (ouch!) that’s the situation you are currently at, is what I’m thinking. Reading into the artwork, at her feet
there’s a bound moon, I think. It’s called a crescent moon, right? Like the one Sailor Moon has. Among the various types of moons, the full moon
has a meaning of maturity, reaching your goal. The crescent moon has a meaning
of incomplete, starting right now. You will now begin studying, gain wisdom, accumulate power, is the step that I think you are currently at. She is carrying a book, she will study,
and that secretly, is the image that I have. I think there are people that are thinking
about studying, slowly slowly, bit by bit. And overall, the cool blue stands out, So I’m thinking that you are
considering to study very calmly. And for your future, It’s this 2 of Swords card actually, It’s a card about the balance of motion and stillness,
the border between intellect and emotions. That’s why I think it links to the High Priestess. Oh, it’s reversed. Oh! That’s right. When this is up right,
it means that you will have a conflict within you. You’ll be in a situation where you
will keep reminding your self to stay calm, You won’t listen to others. She has her eyes covered, her arms are crossed,
like she’s shutting everything out, right? As in, “I don’t want to listen
to anybody’s opinion right now.” Since it is not a full moon, you
hasn’t matured, you’re still immature. Because you are immature,
you have the conflict within you. In the back there’s the sea, right? It is
really sparkling, but you are not looking at it. You have your back to it.
You are not facing your emotions. These two swords represent balance. It has a meaning of a lot of tense mental strain. And because they are crossed,
it means to stop thinking. But in a sense, even though you are shutting out many information, The blindfold means that you
are keeping your spirit within you. Even though you are shutting out many things,
within you, you are really thinking about a lot of things, At this time. That’s what this card means,
however, it came up reversed, which means, Up until now, you’ve checked a lot of situations, but it is about time you begun thinking about your next move. At times your balance might be off, but, Take your time and start moving. A card about, becoming able
to consider trying things out. And that being it, Summing it up, in the past you had
something exciting, an incident, an encounter. You had a glimpse into a new world. You had that kind of enjoyable day, is what I see. And your present self. Like a female school teacher,
look at your past experiences, Get the feeling that you need to
study more, and do your best, and begin studying. There might be people that are already studying. And like that, for your own sake,
slowly improve your skills. That’s the kind of people that
there might be, is what I’m feeling. The future, Maybe make use of what you’ve learned here. It is about time you try out for real. Maybe like that, that’s what I think. Maybe, just maybe, as this is a very composed card, I think this card is about,
slowly doing your best on your own. Without telling anyone what you want to do. I have thought that there might be people
that have silently studied and improved their skills. And the time when you will
think that is good to start it, is coming. Or trying things out. There are people that won’t go as far as to the real deal. It’s the 2 of Swords after all,
it is not a “let’s do it” kind of card, “Let’s try it out and see,” is better I think. For example, lets see… You wan to become a YouTuber, You met your favourite YouTuber at an event.
It was fun, and left an impression, it was heart moving. Like “I want to be come a YouTuber!”
“Me and the Unicorn want to become YouTubers” Because telling the people around me that I want to be come a YouTuber is still embarrassing, You think about studying about the equipment
on your own, practising how to shoot videos Quietly and slowly do all of that. However, showing your face, straight away,
as a YouTuber, still requires some courage, So you try starting off on Twitter. That’s the meaning I think it has. That’s the kind of hint I would like you take from this. So, next. The advice cards for the people
that chose the White Pink seashell is, It came up! Oh, the Oracle Reading Cards
are only read the right way up. I see… Some familiar cards came up. It’s the You’ll know in the Morning card,
and the Cleanse & Detoxify card. I think that anybody would be
anxious when starting something new. Me too, it took me some time to get myself set. That’s why I really understand that feeling. But you want to do it right? But you, you want to do it right? I’m all about, if you want to do it just do it. In case you are worried about
something, that will soon be resolved. What I thought about when I saw these two cards, Don’t cram your studies, is what I feel it’s saying. One section, two sections, how should I put it. It would be better not to pull consecutive all nighters. This card is also about properly sleeping, To explain this card, in order to demonstrate such power, the, in many ways, poisons that are now within you, It could be called body management
or compromising with your past. There’s a lot of things within you that
could bring your mood down, so let’s release them all. That’s what this card is about. I really understand this feeling, and I’m sorry for
bringing up my story into this, because it’s a bit… The orange colour is prevalent here right? Orange shows overflowing vitality, and regarding
your health, it is very strong, I what I think it is saying. It’s going to be a Youtuber example, The job of a Youtuber has
the image of being very easy, is what I think, I thought I would be able to the easy work required, Publishing a video every day would be easily said, but I think, only people that have done it would understand, Publishing a video every day becomes difficult. It is difficult. Your body is your asset, for everything be it studying or manual labour. For everything your body is your asset. Having this card come up, you need to review and take care of you health and your lifestyle, is what I think. If you sleep it will be fixed. I think there’s a saying,
“There’s no night without a dawn.” I wonder if you are troubled. Your troubles will soon be resolved
is what this card is about, so, I feel it is saying that there is
no need to worry about it it will be okay. That’s why surely, for the people
that have chosen the Pink White Marbled seashell, For the sake of you r new stage, study, You might have conflicts within you,
but you first need to take the first step. Gather the courage to take
the first step, once you’ve decided to do so. And when you’ve decided to do it
for real, take proper care of your health. It says that your troubles will
soon be resoled, and not to worry, so, Without wavering, by all means, do your best. I’m rooting for you! Thank you very much! How was it? How was it? This time as well, It might have been an all over the place reading, I think it would be good
if this could be of some guidance to the viewers. Well then everyone, let’s meet again in another video. Take care of your health. Until we meet again! Bye bye!

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  47. I really identified with your insite on some of the readings. I came across some events in my past and even my present just recently so I could better my knowledge and prepare to achieve some objectives I had dreamed about.

  48. PASMO!! thank you SO SO MUCH!!! For not only adding subtitles but for your wonderful, loving, and peaceful reading!! I chose red seashell and it was spot on ;___; everything i needed to hear, even i didnt really want to…. but you're right… i did have to pause when you drew the "wish upon a star" card and "notice the signs" because i have literally been fighting it!! I didnt want to see or believe it!! I will try to work harder on myself ;__;♡

    truly your intuition for reading the cards is a gift, please continue to chase your calling!! i will do my best to follow this advice… and follow the better path…. thank you very much!!! I also want to let you know your previous readings were spot on and perfect! So please, please keep up your wonderful guidance💛🌙🐇

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