Subchorionic hemorrhage & Placenta Previa Outcome! / Threatened Miscarriage

hey guys it's me and I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I am going to share some of the complications I had during this pregnancy because it is scary to have these problems and bleed during pregnancy it's a scary thing to go to the emergency room or to your doctor and then tell you that you have a threatened miscarriage or a threatened abortion those are some of the terms they use when you have any kind of bleeding or cramping or anything like that to wearing pregnancy it's very scary and for me it was really hard because I just wanted to hear other people's stories but I wanted like good stories I wanted to be able to have some kind of hope but I was so afraid because I there was really a lot out there and I want to give somebody the background of what I had and hopefully help somebody out so during this video I'm going to be talking about sub chorionic hemorrhages and placenta previa because I had both at six weeks pregnant it was round like five six seven weeks whatever when I was pregnant I was extremely happy but I was so nervous because this pregnancy so far wasn't going normal like as my other pregnancies was I was having brown blood and I called the doctor and they said as long as it's brown blood then it's fine it's normal that it's just being the baby from the baby being implanted and everything but I never had this much brown blood with my other two pregnancies prior to this and those pregnancies were healthy pregnancies and I carried both in the baby's full-term so this time around it was very different so when I was around nine or ten weeks pregnant I actually I went to a festival and I was walking around during the day I wasn't doing anything crazy or I wasn't straining myself I was just walking around and I sat a lot that day it wasn't like I was doing any crazy activity and then when I went home I felt fine I felt heavier though like down in my pelvic area and I didn't think anything of it because that's like normal with when you have more children so I end up going to sleep I want to say around 10 o'clock I woke up at 1:00 o'clock I think it was I went to the bathroom the light was out in the bathroom but I when I got up when I went to flush the toilet I noticed the toilet was dark inside darker then you know what it would be if it was just pee so it made me afraid I turned the light on in the toilet was full blood it looked insane I then thought for sure I miscarried I thought for sure there's no way this is normal it was a lot of bright red blood it was scary because it was so much in the toilet I thought to myself there's no way the baby surviving this it's I had to have miscarried or I am miscarrying there's something wrong with me I hurried up and try to wake my husband up he was sleeping and my kids were sleeping I kind of just heard the mention tune like I'm running to the hospital I'm going to the emergency room I drove myself and because it was so late in the night I didn't want to take anyone with me my kids are young so now I have to wake them up to take him to the emergency room and it was very very traumatic for me did like deal with this so I was really upset I didn't want my kids to see me that way so I finally arrived at the emergency room I explained to them what was happening they got me back into a room when the first things they did do was run a Doppler over my belly to hear baby's heartbeat and I was for sure thinking that there was no heartbeat that she was gonna run over my stomach for no reason because there's nothing in there anymore but there was a heartbeat and I was very very prai's I thought to myself how could how can you bully during pregnancy because that's not a thing they tell you like your doctors don't tell you there's bleeding and it could be okay if you bleed it's just automatically our brains go to miscarriage so after that they told me they were going to run an ultrasound on me they before they did the otter sound they actually took my blood everything came back normal all my hormones were the levels they were supposed to be at and then they did my ultrasound on the ultrasound the lady it was so I was so afraid she did the ultrasound then she turned the screen to me and she said there's your baby and he was just the baby was moving around happy and everything was fine and I didn't expect to see that I was expecting to see something different they checked my cervix my cervix was tightly closed and that is another thing that's amazing when you're having these issues if your cervix is closed if the baby is okay on the other side and if the baby has a strong heartbeat but then it's going to be a better situation so the emergency room doctor come in and they as emergency room Iowans who they didn't do a lot of OB stuff there they actually don't even deliver babies anymore at the hospital but I went there because it was so close and I was so afraid and just wanted to know so I went there basically the emergency room doctor had told me that it was a threatened miscarriage or called a threatened abortion and he mentioned that I had a sub chorionic hemorrhage I was not clotting and I was not cramping I was just bleeding a lot and I wanted home that night so afraid I cried so much even though the I seen the baby was fine in there it was like the doctor kind of told me it's a 50/50 chance like I can't tell you if we're gonna carry the baby and the baby's nurse survived or the baby was gonna pass I can't tell you that because we have no clue and these things are so unpredictable that it's just like one of those things I it could happen or you can carry it all the awful term and everything so I went home really upside I went home without like any like information about it he didn't give me any papers about sub corner on camera jizz he just gave me a paper stating that it was threatened miscarriage told me bed rest pelvic grass no heavy lifting so I went home very upset and did my own research when I did my own research I found a lot of good stories but I had a phone haven't found a whole bunch of story is that like was relating to me so I wasn't sure some people were just saying they were just spotting mine was a full-on red bleed so I was very concerned my story was a little bit different than things that I found on Google and I'm telling you right now if you do have anything wrong in your pregnancy do not Google anything because I'm telling you now that there is horror stories that you're not gonna want to hear there's things that happen to the one person that's like a 1% chance of happening to anybody else and you're gonna get that in your mind and just think that's happening to you don't Google anything so I went to my normal doctor and he again he didn't he didn't tell me anything different he just said the 50-50 shot you can have the baby full-term healthy everything or that baby can be passed like you just don't know these things aren't predictable so it was very scary but he did say he has more so people that survived this like the baby surviving than the baby passing he said about 80% of women carry a full bit full-term baby after having some chorionic hemorrhage because the hemorrhage could absorb and resolve or can just bleed out and resolve and you'll be fine or it could get bigger and cause more issues and then take the baby with it now mine was a semi large hemorrhage at first it started off at 3 centimeters that's what we measured it at the nine weak point no he scheduled me an appointment for an ultrasound at 11 weeks to find out if the baby had Down syndrome and do the nuchal testing and all that so at that appointment they look for the sub core on a Cambridge to see if it had resolved within those few weeks or what had happened I got my ultrasound I went home a couple days later I did not get a call so I figured I would call the doctor now I see a few doctors at the place I go to there's actually two doctors and a few nurse practitioners so I called and I had left the message to talk to somebody about my results the nurse practitioner that I am I love I love going to her she actually called me back and that usually don't happen usually what happens is the doctor tells the secretary what to say the secretary will call you back and tell you the information that the doctor relayed to them so when I heard the doctors voice and I mean the nurse practitioners voice and she's calling me personally to tell me the results I was kind of lard I thought you know for sure there's something going on you know she wants to tell me something in detail that she wants to tell me herself so she said that my hemorrhage had grown that it was no longer three centimeters that it was now seven centimeters which wasn't which wasn't good she told me that it was extremely large for you know compared to the baby it was very large it saw me not to get my hopes up she said baby could be lost but still was a 50/50 shot but she told me the baby did have a very strong heartbeat did look very healthy everything else was normal with that ultrasound except for the hemorrhage after I talked to her I got off the phone and then literally bawled my eyes out of called my husband I'm at work and I cried to him the doctor did say though that if the baby was gonna miscarry it's gonna miscarry there's nothing you can do to prevent a baby from miscarrying it's just how how it works it's just how it is and it's God's plan if someone back to the doctor's um I was kind of hopeful though it was around I would say 15 weeks or so and she said that she will Segel me an ultrasound for 20 weeks and that would be the Anatomy scan and then I will also find out baby's gender and and I will find out if my hemorrhage had resolved or not so that was my main concern out of every single thing I was afraid of the hemorrhage still being there after all this time I'm afraid of the hemorrhage still being there I was still around nineteen weeks whenever I want for my ultrasound they did the ultrasound the baby looked great everything looked very good on the baby and I actually found out the hemorrhage was resolved that there was no trace of the hemorrhage it was completely gone and I was so excited I actually asked the ultrasound tech and the ultrasound tech actually let me know that it was gone I could not wait for the results from the doctor I had to hear it then and there what was going on with my body and I wanted to know if it was gone and she told me it was gone so I went to my appointment with my doctor to discuss the offer some results and do a checkup and she told me that I actually got placenta previa it was one thing after another it seemed like I was never going to have a normal pregnancy I was like why all these complications all this time and my previous pregnancies I really didn't have too much complications there was some little here and there things with ultrasounds but it wasn't like it wasn't like actual like things happening to me that I couldn't be doing my normal activity so she said that she is very hopeful that the placenta previa will also resolve on its own being that I was only twenty weeks that it would hopefully just move as the baby grows the placenta will move up also with it but if it had not moved up then I would have to be coming in a lot more doing some more ofter sounds and also getting a c-section towards the end of my pregnancy she told me around 30 weeks then I would be able to find out if I was going to have to get a c-section or not because I would go to an ultrasound to see if my placenta previa was still there it had resolved so I was still on pelvic rest I was off of bed rest and I was still no heavy lifting because that's not very good so I went to my ultrasound and I went I think I was 29 weeks it was like I was just a little bit shy of 30 weeks and I went and they did the ultrasound baby was fine baby still boy and his Anatomy was fine everything with him his size of his head size of his chest size his stomach everything was perfect so I was very excited but I did not ask the tech about the placenta I was mark more concerned about some other things if the baby was growing right if the baby was weighing right which everything was perfect then I was getting at this time now I've get my results through emails and I got my results I think two three days after I had my ultrasound so I read my results and it said placenta previa none low-lying placenta none so I thought to myself and then that must mean it's gone but I wasn't going to get my hopes up and get too happy until I actually talked to the doctor so last week is when I went into the doctors and I talked to her about my placenta previa and she told me it had gone away that it resolved so I'm now off of pelvic rest and obviously no bed rest and I am so excited I'm still not supposed to be looking too heavy anyways just because I am crying but I can do more I feel like I can do more activity and then I was before because before I was afraid I was going to hurt myself hurt the baby or I'm so happy and this is my outcome of my stub chorionic hemorrhage and my placenta praevia I just wanted to share that with anybody else going through this problem because it's so scary and like there's so much like I did so much research and I didn't find too much you know I wanted to hear from some of these mouths that they were fine that he went away that resolved even though it was a large because mine my sub chorionic emridge was really bad I bled a lot it wasn't like just some little tiny thing it was seven centimeters at 11 weeks and that isn't good hopefully this helped somebody out I really hope that I kind of eased your mind a little bit if you're going through these problems anyways guys thank you for watching like comment subscribe share all that good stuff hopefully your outcome is as good as mine and stay trying to subscribe so you can see my little bundle of joy whenever he is born love you guys

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  1. Thank you for sharing ir experienced.
    Im 9 weeks pregnant now.
    And with subchronic bleed.

    Im so very scary and really worry for my baby inside my womb…

    I pray with all my heart to have a healthy baby….

  2. I have the same situation as yours. I’m so glad that i’ve found your video. It really gives me hope. I was diagnosed with SCH on my 7 weeks ultrasound and doctor says its resolved on my 15 weeks. But the problem i have low lying placenta grade 1 and the baby is breech its possible a placenta previa. But the doctor said it might resolve since it was still early. I’m already 16 weeks now no heavy lifting and pelvic rest. But i still go somewhere and i’m taking it easy. The only worries i have i have minor pain at night or even when i’m walking. I’m not sure if its cause of my low lying placenta or not.

  3. The same thing happend to me, identical story to yours. Both subchorionic hemorrage and placenta previa. Very scarry with the bleeding and when you hear threatnened miscarriage

  4. This happened to me last night just all of a sudden I was certain that my baby was no more but ultrasound discovered my little baby has a healthy heart beat I’m 6w6d today praying for Allah mercy.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this video! I just had this exact experience and it was so scary. Your video made me feel that I wasn't alone and it was comforting to see either women experienced this and were blessed to see their babies at the end of the crisis. Thanks again for sharing. God bless you and your family 😊💜

  6. Thank you very much for the video. I am in the same position right now. I am scared but your video gave me hope. I wish all the best for you and your beautiful familly.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experience! I am 16 weeks and I have the same issues and it's so very scary! This video helped me feel better. You are so great for uploading this! Best wishes to you and your family!

  8. Currently going through the same thing at 14 weeks. How serious did you guys take bed rest? Please give examples. Thanks

  9. I had no bleeding but diagnosed with subchorionic bleed at 6 weeks. Currently I am 9 weeks. This is my second pregnancy. Do this resolve by its own? Does it leads to placenta previa??

  10. Hi dear .. I am also suffering from subchrionic haemotoma which is very large n my baby is doing well .. I am so worried bcz this is my first pregnancy .. your experience gave me positive hope.. thank you for the video. Can you please share what medications and care you took during your pregnancy… so that it will be very helpful to us 🙂

  11. I would avoid amniocentesis since not only does it have a significant false positive rate (that doesn't mean they're always wrong… just that there is a tendency for that to happen sometimes) for testing for Downe's Syndrome, but it also increases the risk of late miscarriage. Worth being aware of for future reference.

  12. hi dear,I am also having placenta previa with SCH,had major bleeds in 7 weeks and 19 weeks , after 19th week bleed , I'm put on strict bedrest, my question is how to manage toilet trips, I have problems with my voiding, so I have to pee every hour, I'm so scared that my frequent toilet trips will lead to hemorrhage! !!I'm still bleeding lightly since 19th week hemorrhage, it's 21st week now.i tried catheter, which was too painful, then adult diapers which were very uncomfortable. is it okay to go to toilet every hour or in 90 mts.

  13. I don't have bleeding still now I'm 9 weeks and 4 days but my US shows minimal subchorionic hemorrhage .does this condition may occur without bleeding..?

  14. I'm 10 weeks and had this scare last week. I was at a restaurant and was rushed to the er via ambulance. Thank you so much for this video. This is very scary to go through…. especially with the doctors constantly saying youi might miscarriage. This is my 5th pregnancy and I had no issues with my others. Thank though one again. I needed this.

  15. I am currently going through the same situation. I'm currently 8 weeks with a Sch that is about 3 cm. I had an active red bleed that sent me to the e.r at about 6 1/2 weeks where they diagnosed me with a Sch. Baby has a strong heartbeat but it's still a waiting game for me. I go back to the doctor for an ultrasound tom so praying for good news. Your video gives me hope! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  16. glad for your positive placenta previa story. its inspiring. since found out on my 20th week scan yesterday im having placenta previa totalis, so still having some hopes that it might resolve itself

  17. Im 9 weeks 2 days pregnant. I had bleeding at almost 7 weeks, till now i have some bleeding. bed rest for 3 weeks now. just happy to hear stories like this somehow it eases my mind.

  18. You had a very nice lady to ease your mind about how the baby was doing . I was soooo worried I asked her if everything looks ok she said that the dr will let me know … ugh it drove me Insane to wait on the results of my ultrasound. Everything turned to look fine but they did find a small hemorrhage… and I put on to bed rest and I'm just trying to hope for the best and just listen everything my ob has told me to do

  19. Thank you so much. Im going thru this right now. Very scary. I needed to hear someone had a good outcome.

  20. Your story is similar to what happened to me and it is scary they told me I was 2.5 and be on bed rest..

    Did you keep doing the house work and walked taking the kids to school or you just staid in bed..

    That's my concern
    My email: [email protected]

    Thank you for sharing your story well explained..

  21. Great to hear a success story I'm currently 5 weeks and 6 days the doctors has found blood and some fluids around the embryo but I shall see what the doctor says next week

  22. this eased my worries with all the problems that I am having myself so thank you for sharing your story!

  23. Thank you for posting this. I'm now 16 weeks. First started bleeding at 13 weeks. Was on pelvic rest for about 1.5 weeks. The bleeding was brown but pretty heavy so my ob put me in bed rest for 2 weeks. I'm now one week in and the bleeding has definitely slowed down. It's so scary to think we could lost this baby. But with lots of prayers and faith, we know she'll be okay. It's nice to see I'm not alone. 🙂

  24. thanks for your information it really helps me ,i am in that same position right now i am just praying for the best

  25. Great to hear this! I have 2 subchorionic hemorrhages and am now 16 weeks pregnant. I have had major bleeding to 3 times that each led me to hospital. BABY is still fine and growing well. But bleeds are still there as of today but are getting smaller. Buy I did find out today I have placenta previa on top of having these hemorrhages. Just soooo stressed out. And my doc started talking about possible hysterectomy because my placenta is anterior and if it stays this way I might have to have one. I was sooo blown away and not ready for that. But your video gives me hope. Praying to God my story ends like yours! Thanks again!

  26. I'm going through subchronic hematoma @ 7 weeks thank you for doing this I just went to the ER today and got the news hugs I am so afraid to Google thank you big hugs

  27. That is so scary, I can't imagine how stressed you were. You are definitely blessed to be having a healthy baby boy though. 😊 I've been following your pregnancy and it seems like it's flown by!

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