Success Story – Our IVF Journey

hey guys welcome back to our YouTube channel today we are finally getting around to doing the IVF information video we went through it together so we want to give everyone who has to go through it or is going through it some hope for some advice so for those of you who don't know IVF is a process where a couple or a female or herself gets helpful in pregnant so what they do is for one reason or another you can't fall pregnant naturally and they take your eggs they artificially grow your eggs and then they take your partners or a donor sperm and do they mix it together outside of you and create a baby in like a test tube and then they grow the baby and then put it back inside of you so I needed that because I don't have fallopian tubes so my egg and his sperm can't ever meet so they did that manually and I can feel pregnant with the idea so I'm really lucky we're really lucky extremely lucky yeah so we required IVF because my endo scarring had damaged my fallopian tubes a little too much so they were better off being removed than staying inside of me because if you have damaged tubes you can have problems like an ectopic pregnancy or the egg gets like once they put the baby back in it can get stuck in the clogged tube like it's risky so they just took them out and they said that was the best option for me and the only downfall was that I'm gonna need IVF to fall pregnant forever so the first round of IVF for me was daunting I don't like needles as well so what you have so what you have to do is you have to inject yourself the first round I injected myself twice twice a day all three times I think it was twice a day and I just had to get my head around the needle very be a part of it I think the mood swings was crazy crazy one for me I had I know I'm not usually a very moody person so when I know no you know I'm not I guess because I've lived with you for the last year when you've been gone through IVF from your first trimester of pregnancy you being the crazy given us because anyway so without any drugs on board I'm usually pretty like level-headed but I started IVF and I went crazy I was like super mean and I was super like depressed for no reason and yeah it was it was hard with all of the information you get and all let the little hurdles you have to overcome every couple of days it was just a lot and yeah I think the first round didn't work for us because I wasn't in a good black headspace can we buy thrown in Leawood headspace we just opened up a gym so we're so stressed and then coming home stressed and then yeah I didn't really see you for the first yeah and I guess that's something to take away from this as well you've got to make sure when you commit to it that it's like a hundred percent of your priority like your first priority we can't everything else comes second yeah it's gonna be just a waste of money you're not gonna get the quality of eggs that you want to get and then you're also when you go through the transplant plan you're not gonna be 100 transferred fire you know only 100% relaxed and calm yeah the first transfer we did because when they have grown the baby and they put it back inside of you you had a six-day embryo so six-day-old embryo so I took off I think only three days of work they recommend you take two full weeks off to relax and let it really work and I didn't do that the first time and it didn't work so the second time I did I did take off two weeks so I don't know it just goes to show you have to really be committed and being really relaxed and in a really good headspace first round for me was as I said I think my priorities we're elsewhere and that's unfortunate to say but I was just so concentrated I was like okay I'll do whatever I have to do with the IVF stuff but it was like just showing up rather than being super supportive the second time we but literally didn't work for a week we went to the Gold Coast we just chilled relaxed and I think that played a massive difference on both of our personalities like we treated it like we were in this together rather than hey this is a job you've got to do this in this so the first IVF round was actually more successful than the second so we got we got a good amount of eggs considering I only have one ovary and assist in our ovary so you know I would say just a little bit below average we got six eggs and then three of them mixed yeah so we got and 50% there's usually a 50% success rate with when you get pick your eggs up they mix the sperm and then usually 50% of those make an embryo so we got three embryos we put one inside of me didn't work we've got one in the freezer and we've got another one that's like really low quality but they just kept it anyway just in case so we've got like one and a half in the freezer which is pretty good we then decided to do a full second round of IVF because I really did have really one egg in the freezer why embryo in the freezer so we just thought would be conservative and go and get more eggs and the second round was a lot easier for me lightning I was I was bossing it I breezed through it I was I got my head around the whole needle thing I actually was on triple the amount of hormone dose because I had slow responding hormone so they put me on like a crazy amount of of drugs but I was okay with it I was I just I don't know I just don't love that up yeah and it looks like we're gonna have more eggs in the first time but yeah just showing is that yes ever seeing is the second it's so unpredictable is the second time we did have more eggs but we weren't able to pull all the eggs from the ovaries like complications when they were getting the egg out there and get it out and and that just part of the process so that happens sometimes according to the doctors and then when they mixed two of them mixed and then one ended up surviving and that one that survived and I think that's that played a big part especially from my headspace putting that in fresh fresh transfer yes at first so the first round that are we did I did my whole IVF cycle and then what they do is once you've finished your injections and you get your eggs retrieved you go and you put their umbrella in you six five or six days later some some clinics do three days my progesterone was far too high because of just an imbalance of hormones so they couldn't actually do the transfer at that month so we froze them all and the next month I got a frozen egg transfer transfer and that didn't work so we have a theory that it's because the second round works because it was a front of fresh embryo and it was alive from when they had taken it out of mainly you know in a freezer so as well as the headspace that were in after the transfer as well as how relaxed everything was and what we proactively did to get to that headspace as well also I like in my own time I would Google because I remember me got one I only got three eggs in a second yeah friend and I only got one embryo so I was googling hope stories can does three eggs mean anything does one embryo what can I hear some story I like this all you have to type in like success stories one embryo I retrieve that's it and you would read it and I didn't believe it I was like Pete like people usually get like six embryos out of a trance out of a IVF cycle we only got one like this isn't gonna work the odds are in my favor like it does play with your head but I am the success story I got one embryo we've got one and it worked so all you need is one I think that yeah the second round was a lot easier but I think because you're on an increased level of projection coming off it that's what made us feel that you're still crazy tosses are crazy in my first in my first trimester my pregnancy always I think I would break up if he wants like for my message human excellence or sorry I'm crazy um the proud the whole process I mean for me when I woke up from surgery I think the hardest thing when people ask me what's the highest thing that you've had to deal with for me it was like the sudden shock of it all because when I woke up from surgery I had in my head I'm getting one ovary removed that we can try to fall pregnant naturally give it like a year if that doesn't work we'll look into IVF maybe and then when I woke up from surgery I I like they told me I could never for credit naturally and if I want you I should really do it right now so I sort of got like push we got we got pushed right into it for me that was the hardest part about it not not having time to try and naturally and get my head around it after the surgery it was just like operation recover IVF 5es like it was all very yeah it's been burning but yeah it's been it's been it's been a long journey but it if you really put it down it's like it's not impossible no it's just you just need some patience I guess you need understanding on both ends so I'm gonna put my hand up and say sometimes I'm not the most understanding person but yeah you definitely need understanding on both ends and you need both ends to to think that it's definitely possible and if that's happening it's just you just got to be in for a run pretty much like you can finish they're gonna be up for the fight yeah you can finish it and up for like a lot of this use use with IV if you get bright news in one day and then the next step the next two days you go for a skin it's like oh that whole good news you got is gone like it changes a lot so it's like it's it's a roller coaster but you just have to be prepared keep telling yourself when you're going through it I can do this all of these emotions and things I'm feeling and temporary things like weight gain your skin my skin went crazy that's all temporary so you just got to remember you're doing it for a reason and that's to have a child and everything's worth it especially a weight gain that is what got me down a lot I'm like I've even before I felt pregnant I put on my full killer at four five kilos now I've put on another six I'm like so uncomfortable it took me like an hour to buy something to wear for this video I guess for me the biggest piece of advice that I can give to women is say is to understand that you are doing you have signed up for this journey it is a long run it's not impossible though and it's not the hardest thing in the world that you are we going to do you signed up for it you've committed to it give it a hundred ten percent and if you're proactively going I want this I want to do this you're going to make sure that you're giving your best efforts and when you're giving your best over it's not that I'm the dudes there have to be trouble you have to be empathetic and sympathetic but then you've also got to try and think again like being proactive in your approach go what can I do to make just that ease what can I do so I don't have to hear after I'll walk you know instead of doing it then getting angry when she loses a shit the other thing is try and make as many points as possible so I know you missed one and came with me and because we're in an IVF clinic people thought we were a couple talk to us like you guys look like you're in cold New York came to one it was me your and and Scott was like you guys honestly someone just said I'd always be ins I see mother dreamt that she came with me men are missed an appointment you wanna make a bet yep there's one that our role collapse at the end of the appointment as much as you want a hundred grand I haven't missed one we're just filming a video you can't see Erica she's in the dark thinking the baby but we're having a little disagreement did you come with me to an appointment to see Scott and we were in the waiting room and they thought we were a couple yeah when was that yeah we're checking the egg size was I in the country you might have been in China okay thank you my approach with everything is very holistic so everything that you have to do results back to being healthy and fit so a big part of us going into it like soon as yesterday as soon as this had our operation or training pretty much within two three days the last time she had her operation which was a quarter of the operation she was training in six weeks I did sorry she didn't run off and she was moving in six weeks try and get active try and get removing try and eat as best you possibly can eat the right eat the right foods and be caught be conscious of like what you're trying to achieve you're trying to put yourself in the best possible position to conceive the baby so you really want to be in the best possible health you can be I've got fertility acupuncture all throughout my IVF cycle the transfer the day of the transfer and then after all up in to the first tremors up to the second it seems to like seems out of it yeah so I just did it anyway I guess we did some people are all yet can help it can help whenever we heard it can help we so another tip I have is for the first couple of days especially after you get the transfer just take it really easy we went to the cars to the beach but I didn't actually go into the waves like the waves smashing my stomach obviously things like that to stay away from it I tried to just stay at it like a level temperature so I didn't suntan all day like I just did things that made me most level I could be sorry if that makes sense I'm sure that you're coming crazy exercise as part of it yeah so for like four or five days you just want to try and just a chilled out so watch the movies watch things that aren't gonna get you no don't watch thrillers watch comedies yeah I watched heaps of comedies don't we we couldn't pass the X I say don't have sex for two weeks the transfer color and yells coloring it alone read read something that's like cool like calming just Zen out Zen out for three or four days this is your time you've just spent all this money you really want this to work yeah that's a wrap guys so make sure you like and subscribe to the subscript Channel I guess Chuck down any questions you have in the comments I'm gonna go read them as well so if you've got anything regarding exercise or assistance for your man throughout the the process chuck them in there and this will get onto all the questions for you guys as well until next time thanks for watching

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, I too have Endo and trying IVF. Did you do long or short protocol? Please please please let me know! I admire your story and your strength xx

  2. Congratulations!! I am unable to have children naturally, and my Husband and I are currently saving for our first IVF. This journey is so difficult and so expensive. We started a t-shirt fundraiser to raise money. Would you ever consider sharing sharing it to your followers? It would mean the world to me! Every purchase of a shirt makes a huge difference!! Thank you so much if you do decide to buy one or share the link!

  3. Great video guys!! so real and funny too ! You are amazing. I really like this idea. I'm still trying to realize my dream. We will go to Mexico for an IVF treatment. We discovered few days ago. We are in contact with one clinic. I'm hopeful that 2019 will be the biggest year for us.

  4. I may need IVF in the future due to suspected endo and I have also had PID. I was wondering how you explained to your partner that you may need to have IVF. I'm single atm and it's worrying me that it will put guys off if I explain to them I may not be able to get pregnant naturally.

  5. Can you please do a baby clothing haul video or what you have brought so far for the nursery 😍 congratulations

  6. I would never be able to look my child in the eye knowing I had chosen this path. I’d see all of the thousands of dead kids that it took to make me happy.

  7. My sister was going to go down this route, but then she realised that it could cost 20,000, and she decided instead to put her ego second and save the lives of 2000 children with Malaria vaccines by maki g this donation, as it is the biggest killer. On top of that she saved another life and adopted a child from our over populated world. I’m so proud of her not putting herself first before children’s needs.

    I’m glad that she realised that passing on her genes came second to hundreds and hundreds of millions of desperate children in an overpopulated world needing love and money.

  8. Hi thank you for sharing! And congratulations 🎊 so happy for you. I can totally relate to your struggles as i have gone thru IVF just few months ago but ended up embryo didn’t hold in my uterus. I was extremely sad and depressed. But yeah, looking forward to doing another cycle and maybe trying acupuncture as you did. Thanks again for sharing. Lots of love from Dubai

  9. Congrats guys!!! Nice to see more awareness about younger couples having to do IVF. My husband and I did our first IVF transfer when I was 26 and everyone I told was shocked, saying things like “you’re so young why do you need IVF?”. I think a lot of people have the pre conceived idea that IVF is only for older couples not realising there are multiple reasons why younger couples cannot conceive naturally.

  10. Beautiful couple and incredible story! Pregnancy is such a blessing so happy you're experiencing it ✨❤

  11. Such an inspiration. I may need IVF down the track too so this was good for me to watch. You're a beautiful couple. Congratulations again! ❤

  12. I dont wanna say much, so what im gonna tell you is that eventually i figured that if something is meant to be and you want it a lot, its gonna happen!!! Im so happy for the two of you( 3 soon😉)!!! Συγχαρητηρια για το κοριτσακι σας ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Thanks for sharing ur story, being unfiltered, and honest your such a strong woman💪😘💗 Congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!😘❤I'm sooo happy for u!!!!

  14. Thankyou for sharing your journey. My husband & I can relate to your story in many ways! I never in a million years thought I would need IVF but 3 years later of infertility we are starting our first round in a few weeks! I’m terrified but after watching you I felt a sense of calm come over me. I’m going to look into acupuncture! Congratulations on your miracle princess 💕 I can’t wait to say I’m pregnant too🤰

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