Super Adorable Moment Big Brothers and Sisters Meet Their Newborn Baby for the First Time #2 πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘§πŸ§’C

[Applause] [Laughter] that your sister mom try to take try to take her away are you the big brother are you gonna take care of her [Laughter] Aaron who you'll cry before a baby did your baby he's your baby eyes I think she was like in there he's catching me she didn't have very hard deals you were making your sister who do you think Evelyn he just want to give my big hugs don't you Oh big brother Mason you that's her Lord birth can you get very kiss on her cheek let me fix your head real quick you can still hold her and she'll fix your head hold it in there for me hi Aaron say hi [Applause] we stress such a good rather John okay don't squeeze too tight it's your baby sister Isabelle your baby kids as your baby sister very good those are his feet that's your brother he's perfect he looks like you need to be very gentle just like this that's your sister all very nice [Laughter] that's nice are you excited you

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