Super Hidden Tiny Wild Newborn Baby Bunnies — Happy Fun Stupid Family Time!

this place has become an insane infestation of rabbits this Karen he's chillin in my warming that's not dead we think now called hmm I don't think you can buy hahaha daya yes Lee no one's yet warm my dad never hear a deny you look at the tail ha thinking go back to sleep but the fuzzy stuff in first all righty happy now yeah all right for bunnies we have like four generations currently running around

27 Replies to “Super Hidden Tiny Wild Newborn Baby Bunnies — Happy Fun Stupid Family Time!”

  1. I hate when people just think nature is there for their entertainment. Rabbits are especially prone to stress, and die of a heart attack from too much stress.

  2. This ought to clear a few things up: for those who don't know what 2 do when it comes to baby bunnies. I hope this helps!

  3. My Mom was riding her bike today and saw a "wiggling creature" on the side of the road. It was at least 90 degrees here in Cape Coral Florida. Yes, it is now 10-2018. She rode past it. She thought "What was that ?" Turned the bike around and brought it home. Knew it was NOT a cat. Knew it was NOT a frog. Knew it could NOT be a rat. (rats are smaller) Went on YouTube and OMG !!!!!!! My Mom RESCUED a DIEING BABY RABBIT. Now what ? There was no Mama, no grass to sleep on, it was just laying there in the STREET. Suggestions at = [email protected] Thank You = Our family never raised a baby rabbit found on the street. God Bless

  4. ehem
    The comment section,
    Is crap.
    If you are willing to comment something bad,
    please don’t.

    Edit: you just like the cutteeee bunniessss like saying “ROODSSS! U TOUCHA BUNISS! HOW DAREEEEE UUU!!1!1 I WILL KEEL UUUU!!!11!1” like, PFFT HE’S NOT EVEN HURTING THEM!, oh, and btw just saying, did your brain cells vanished because of thanos? 2gud4u den.

  5. And pfft, it’s a myth. The mother would NEVER leave them or eat THEM. What do you believe in?! GODZILLA OR SOMETHING?!?!

  6. don't touch baby rabbits first of all when you uncover it bird and wild dogs will try to eat them second of all they could die if your hands are cold and there nest is what keeps them warm. DON'T TOUCH BABY RABBITS.

  7. Super hidden…. Imagine that…. Ever think maybe the mother did that on purpose to hide her young from predators and assholes who run around molesting young rabbits?

  8. U STOOD OML, if the mother rabbit smells danger she might move the best or leave the babies to die, never disturb the nest UGHHH

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