42 Replies to “Super Meat Boy – Dr. Fetus' Castle (1 Hour Extension)”

  1. So won't you make a 10 hour version?

    Just asking because I can't stop hitting replay and it's getting boring

  2. am I the only person who was thinking that this should have been the dark world theme for the CH.6 levels instead of D.W. rapture levels. (I know it was for steam but c'mon!)

  3. I decided to play this video when going through the Kid warp zone. Never before I had to press "Replay" button twice on an extended music video.

  4. Fuck you 8 bit version of it ends is great too and i wouldn't have been able to finish the kid without it. Every music was placed really well. That's what I think after i've made the 106% in smb in 4 days –'

  5. The bag of marbles is in the pony is attacked. Due to the stick attached to his hoof, he will have trouble walking. In that case, the marbles are scattered on the floor between the pony and his attacker. The attack will slip and fall, buying the pony precious time to get away.

  6. The pony sets his keyboard on the floor. He ties the stick to one of his hooves using the fake flower (Bluejay feathers are strong enough to not break, but soft enough to not bother the pony.) The pony then uses the stick to hit the keys.

  7. With a 5-foot-long stick, a bag of marbles, and a fake flower with bluejay feathers for petals. It HAS to be bluejay feathers, no other feathers will do.

  8. Wait, it took you 40 minutes to do Kid's warp zone…with this music?

    …Crap. And here I am, stuck on the first warp zone in Rapture. I am so screwed.

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