45 Replies to “Super Meat Boy – Play as Dr. Fetus (glitch abuse, no dev mode)”

  1. are ya a Danish youtuber cause i can see you have a Danish name on your channel name btw i love this video

  2. From what part of youtube these commentators went from? It's like they got shot with a gun of illogicalness.

  3. i know this video is old and all, but can someone teach me how to unlock the other characters? like escape meat boy and bandage girl from the last world

  4. If you exit the game after you unlock Dr. Fetus, do you have to use another fresh file and repeat the process shown or will he still be playable on that file?

  5. If you want do play as dr fetus on Xbox just get horizon and have a usb put your savegame on the usb and mod the save game to get dr fetus(or if you want to mod your whole save)

  6. Fun fact: Sky pup can also be used to unlock The Kid (Yes The Kid!). Save a replay of Sky Pup 1-2. Then go to the flustercluck that is The Kid warp zone. Once on it, immediatly quit to the title screen. Then watch the replay of the Sky Pup 1-2 you saved earlier. After watching it you should be glitched into the second The Kid warp zone level. Quit, and watch the replay again. You should be glitched into the third level of The Kid warp zone. Watch it one more time, and you should finish the warp zone and unlock The Kid. I discovered this glitch right after spending countless hours on The Kid.

  7. can someone just send me a save file of this? i've tried setting up the glitch and IT'S MASSIVE PAIN IN THE ASS!

  8. This is horrible, these comments are horrible!! How could someone support glitch abuse. I hope you all die of glitch #%&^%@

  9. This is really cool, but unfortunately it doesn't look like this works on consoles. Just tried on the unpatched 360 version and I'm not sure how I would replay Sky Pup 2. On PC you have to quickly press Space and then W, which would be A and then Y on the 360 but that's a no go.

  10. you told how to unlock potato boy on the description, but i also want to know how to unlock escape meat boy, bandege girl, and brownie. could you please tell me?

  11. so Im supposed to beat the skypup warpzone lvl2 w/ the bandage, replay it, and beat it a 2nd time w/ the bandage again?

  12. thanks for the glitch, i became dr fetus and did a speedrun of the dark world and strangely couldnt beat any of the light world levels because it suddenly said 0/17

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