Super Realistic Baby Doll – Doll Can Move! Afternoon Routine For Newborn Life Like Baby Doll

all right so baby Forest has fallen asleep he really shouldn't be sleeping because we need to give him his bottle before naptime yes so we're gonna go ahead and feed him I've got a 4 ounce newbie bottle and we're gonna be getting him fed so hopefully he'll take a nice long nap not a little catnap all right guys now that Forrest is asleep I've brought him into the changing table area where I'm actually going to put him into something a little less warm and more cozy for sleeping this is his long afternoon nap so I like him to be pretty comfortable so we're gonna put on this mmm kissy Kissy sleeper it's a London theme it is so adorable I think it is a cutest sleeper ever no one has worn it yet so it's gonna be forest first time wearing it I cannot wait to see him on it that material is just so soft excuse me I am have gotten a pretty bad cough and a sore throat and it feels like maybe I might be having a cold coming on but I have been trying to fight it taking this amazing sudafed pressure plus stuff with this stuff telling you if you feel like you're on death's door or it would be from the flu this stuff makes you feel like you are not sick so yeah so I'm in at night time I take nyquil to go to sleep because I just don't want to feel horrible I have a lot to do and being sick is not part of on my list for sure he is just so passed out I love it when the babies are so sleep that you can just change them and they won't wake up it's always really nice yeah he was being quite grumpy before his feeding and so it's good he's definitely ready for bed I'm gonna go ahead and change his diaper to put on a fresh new diaper this one seems like it might just be a little way so I have a cute on his diaper it's got transverse rex on there saying roar he can might fit him looks a little small so we'll have to see how it's gonna fit him okay I do think he has a bigger size diaper on at the moment but I can't be a hundred percent sure always nice to put the reborns in a nice fresh new diaper yeah this one is gonna fit him just fine okay you have the cutest little legs he's you – I just love your legs buddy and then your little pot-bellied tummy so cute all right yeah we got a fresh clean diaper on him okay put that one in the trash let's put his socks back on so his feet do not get worn of warm so his feet do not get cold and they stay warm while he sleeps because we do have the a/c on so you know I keep the socks on because that's always the first thing that gets cold is their feet and the tops of their head but we don't have a hat to wear so I'm just gonna have him with a blanket on I just really wanted him in some light cotton sleeper like things so he had a nice comfortable sleep all right go get your arm in there we will put the hand mittens on to keep his hands warm this little suit is so adorable so adorable okay let's see if we can turn him over without waking him up all there we go here we go little guy it's gonna get you dressed okay let's turn him back over all right oh he's just so sleepy say I'm so sleepy mommy you just leave me alone flip these little hand mittens over his hands they're so cute what the hand mittens on your sleeves are a little tight now for a blanket can I use a light blanket mm-hmm well it's thicker than his clothes but it's this great blanket it'll match the gray in here so I'm just gonna I have some things to do here in the room so I'm gonna let him just sleep right here while I am watching nice thing is is he doesn't roll over which is good so he's okay sleeping there and kind of putting his outfit away I have been doing so well at keeping the nursery together I got to put these shelf somewhere I've been using in one by one but I've been doing so good keeping everything organized nice and neat whoo I was one thing like I would just get clothes out and just kind of cram them back somewhere I do need to make another newborn drawer cuz I don't have any more room so I'm gonna have to start moving newborn clothes too oh I think I can make more room in this Shore to the closet okay so we have to kind of cram it in there to fit what is that oh that's a really cute sleeper oh there's my other sleepers I don't know why they're not in the sleeper drawer okay well these are sleepers and they're supposed to be in the sleeper drawer let's see we got some more sleepers here I think my cousin saw them morons outfits maybe even though they can definitely be used as outfits I just want them in the sleeper door because that's my go-to for sleepers and like I told them you miss that sleeper but I still need to I need to start making another door because it's kind of crowded and I have some more baby stuff to put in there okay so yeah like I said I've been keeping the nursery together really good nice far as she's still asleep so I was gonna show you guys the nursery wall as I got a new piece which is right up there this cloud you can actually it has LED light in here which sucks because it's all on its back so it makes no sense but it's all on the back and you have to turn it on so see that's a cloud so it's kind of I guess if I wanted it on I could set it in a shelf maybe first is hanging on the wall is it's actually well it's too big for there it's not convenient to oh my work like that to get it up and down from the wall I think I'll do it like that actually that might work out very well well look it there so that's the latest piece I found it at Marshall's for three dollars and then you see my little box up there so it's all coming together really nice I think I'm gonna leave that cloud there for now I need something right here like a little moon or something it's been it's a slow work this section might work it's been a work in progress I love it I'm having a lot of fun with his nerves it's really coming together very well and I'm just super excited I go to the store and I look for a little knickknacks to decorate it up so I really like it alright guys well I hope you enjoyed this video with baby Forrest and as always don't forget to like this video share my channel with your friends and thank you so much for watching

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  1. Hi my name is Bethann. I can’t afford a baby. I had a nervous breakdown in January due to my son who is now 18 has autism and has always been low functioning. In August he started losing his skills. After many months of tests he was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder called Phelan McDermin. His father has custody of him and refused to let me see him because I was tired of being accused of not watching him and ect. My ex was abusive to me. I left and moved out of state to heal mentally. It’s been really hard. I have been diagnosed with ptsd, severe anxiety & depression. I want to say that you do beautiful work and admire your babies.

  2. Hi, I need that Pooh Brush & Comb I have searched. If We could meet up I have some stuff you want. We could trade. I'm telling you, you would get the better end of the trade lol😁🤗🐽✌❤ Sheryl

  3. These dolls are amazing for people suffering with illness, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer! They should be part of their rehab!

  4. People stop hating she’s not mental she just likes to role play so stop saying bed stuff please it’s annoying

  5. Newborns are expensive. This must be a very expensive hobby with all of the clothes, diapers etc. I can’t tell if her wife likes her from her videos.

  6. I really want to buy one for me but I don’t know witch is the best brand, I want a little girl that look a little chubby, if any one can give me any info I would appreciate it

  7. Great craftsmanship. It looks so real. It's weight must also be like that of a real baby. So it's a baby forever…not growing. Besides it can be a portal of demons when you left it in its crib.

  8. lots of orphan babies needs some one to take care of them … but I guess some people don't want to take the responsibility for a real thing.. they have a baby and can sleep comfortably at night .. always healthy and can be left at home alone with no worries

  9. He looks real in love with him o….m….g soooooo cute. In love tell me where u got him please let me know please please please please please pleaseeeeeee

  10. I want more…less worries…!!!!!!
    I had 6 real ones…and loved my realistic baby doll plus maaikens from somso co. Germany.but all hot stolen at a u haul…
    So I have nothing g .after 45 tears of collecting……
    How much???
    where can I get
    Simply so beautiful.sweet.!!!! them……??????

  11. What mother let's her baby sleep on a changing table.
    This is not normal! I saw a kid what the devil does say about that thing

  12. I don't think this is a "weird" hobby or that the people that have this hobby are "off" or have something wrong with them. Hobbies are different for everyone and what someone thinks may be dumb, or odd may be awesome and enjoyable to others. I see a lot of negative comments and while I'm not surprised, I think calling someone names or saying there is something wrong with them because they have a hobby you don't like isn't productive and harmful to yourself. I'm not into this hobby, but I think the craftsmanship in these dolls are absolutely incredible and appreciate being able to see them. For those that think this is weird, it's really…reeeeeallly easy to find a video that is more your style. If it's not for you, move along. Adding negative comments only adds to the negative in the world today and there's already way too much of that.

  13. People, I’m not going to tell you that you cannot comment, as your opinion is free. However, there are lots of videos to watch, I’m sure you could find one to better suit your taste. This lady isn’t hurting anyone, why waste your time watching these lol

  14. I love reborn babies any good trusting places to order from ? & for the people with disgusting comments go somewhere else ! You clearly clicked on the video to watch so why take the time to write something bad when that nonsense will not matter to us , so what if we like to have reborn babies there is nothing mental about it ! It honestly brings me peace and comfort and who doesn’t love baby clothes !! So whatever !! You only live once ! Go fuck off and let us live how we want! Ps i love all the accessories you have love 💗

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