Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize | A Book Review

hey everybody its Katie so pregnant mamas are you starting to think about you know pushing that baby out maybe getting a little bit nervous wondering if there's a better way to do this I want to review my favorite pregnancy and delivery book today with you super natural childbirth in hopes that you will get the book and it will help you just as much as it helped me with my two super natural child births that I had I have two little girls one who is almost six and one who is almost two and both of them were super natural child births I had both of them without pain it wasn't easy nor pleasurable but I didn't experience pain the type of pain that we as women are kind of programmed to think comes along with having a baby and where it all started to be honest was with this book I was given the book by a friend she actually suggested it to me and I got it and I read it probably in like an hour because I was pregnant and starting to think about the possibility of what's gonna happen when she's ready to come out and how is that gonna be like probably most pregnant women was really not excited about it and this book helped a great deal I wanted to give you guys an overview of what to expect in the book because if you go to Amazon it shows you the front cover the back cover and a mannequin holding the book which is not super helpful so if you are like me and you're kind of wanting a little bit more before you purchase the book I wanted to just kind of give you a brief overview and then also give you sort of my review my top points for the book today so in the table of contents that's where we're going to start there's of course the foreword and the preface and introduction but the table of contents chapter 1 where do you start chapter 2 what does God say 3 how does it work 4 what should I say 5 can I be a joyful mother of children 6 face the issue then there's conclusion testimonies and epilogue and then at the very end there's confessions and prayers and this is one of the great parts of this book is there's dealing with especially I'm very important for me at least in my pregnancies was dealing with fear and thoughts there's also other prayers and things that you can look at in here and they're all connected with Bible verses so when when she's speaking and when she's praying these prayers they're giving reference to to biblical reference so you can kind of go and read it for yourself so the very first part the very first thing as I was reading in in the first chapter it says where where do you start well the very first place that you're going to have to start if this is something that you're going to pray into and contend for is you have to change your thinking so in the book here it says the world is programmed women to expect a long torturous delivery with their first baby probably and second and third or whatever but it doesn't have to be that way because god we have to totally change our thinking by renewing our mind with the Word of God on the subject of having babies the same way we would renew our mind concerning anything else so that's for me that's where it started is just being willing to say okay Lord how do you want me to see this how should I look at this because I can tell you what all the movies say and what you read and the majority of my momma friends are telling me that's all over here but how do you want me to see this so that was the first part for me is saying okay I'm willing to entertain different thought what are they going to be Lord I'm gonna I want you to renew my mind so that's the first point in the second chapter which is what does God say many of you are probably aware of the Old Testament where it talks about painful childbirth and you know the curse on Eve because of the sin and that's I think unfortunately part of where all of this comes from is that we're still looking at the Old Testament the the curse of the painful childbirth we're still looking at that but I have great news for you which is that we're not living under the law of the Old Testament anymore we have a new covenant with Jesus when he died that that took care of all of that so we're in new covenant with Jesus and he wants to give us the desires of our heart and when we can ask for these things and we can pray into these things and in here it's in first Timothy 2:15 it says notwithstanding she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety that word saved means kept safe and sound isn't that good to be kept safe and sound in childbirth sounds pretty good to me and throughout this chapter it talks about the different verses and what God throughout the Bible what he says about childbirth but again this is New Testament and so you can kind of take that whole painful childbirth and keep it back there over in the Old Testament the next one is in chapter 3 which is how does it work and this was another really big one for me like the light just was like ting when I read this so I'm gonna read through just a paragraph about this part that was just huge for me the woman who wrote this Jackie Mize she's asking God I don't understand God how is this supposed to happen how am I supposed to push a baby out and have it not hurt like how can that be so she said this is what she says God took me step by step I asked him about everything god I don't understand how this is going to happen I've already had one baby and I know all the things that happened and it was hard work but I don't understand how my body will contract and stretch without hurting valid question totally I knew labor pains were muscle contractions but I didn't understand why they hurt so why they did hurt so I didn't understand why they wouldn't hurt so she had already been through one childbirth and it was not a supernatural childbirth she said it didn't make sense to me the Lord explained it so plainly that I couldn't miss it and he tells her contract the muscle in your arm so this you know do the Flex now hold it I did I held it real tight keep holding it hold it for as long as you can I did my arm was all tensed up and the muscle was tight it was hard and it began to tremble but it didn't hurt he said that is a muscle contraction and it doesn't have to hurt it was uncomfortable and a strain on my muscle but it didn't hurt hello okay so let's think about this all right you're starting to have contractions and they start off and they're you know they're manageable okay so instead of tensing up and freaking out for the moment when they're gonna start hurting just take it as what it is it's a it's a muscle contraction it's think of the hole and this is what I did eat both times I thought about okay I thought about flexing if I'm doing that all day long my muscles are gonna get fatigued they're gonna get tired they're gonna be uncomfortable maybe a little achy but they're it's not gonna hurt it's not the pain that you're thinking like this horrific pain it's just it's not comfortable so for me I don't know about for you but for me that was a really pivotal point in this book was renew your mind okay cool I got that I'm willing to I'm willing to entertain a different way of thinking and then let's look at what is a contraction and how should I look at it if it's not gonna hurt how should I look at it the next point I want to talk about is in chapter 5 which is can I be a joyful mother of children and it's talking about dealing with fear and they really kind of nailed it which is they're saying we want to talk about fear where did it come from whose fault is it why should a woman who's expecting a baby be afraid and who told us that it was supposed to be horrible as it says in the book this fear is preconceived and based on what mama grandma television movies and books have portrayed so in most movies and I can actually think of a movie right off the top of my head not going to name any names but it was horrible and the woman was screaming in fact I don't think I've ever seen a movie when a woman was having a child in the movie that it was good they're always crying or screaming or something's happening or yelling or cussing or I don't think I've ever seen a pleasant birth scene in a movie let's see it says people usually share their experiences and it's rare the report is good usually it's just one horror story right after the other which is true I heard a lot of horror stories when I was pregnant unfortunately and they want to share about how it was bad for them and it's unfortunately that's kind of natural for people to do they just you know you have a bad experience and they're gonna share it for better for worse so it talks about dealing with this fear and it says in the book many of the doctors and nurses I have talked to say the worst enemy the worst enemy of a pregnant woman is fear and that's huge okay so as I'm reading through this book I'm realizing okay I'm gonna have to figure out how to get a handle on this fear but reading what reading what the word says reading about muscle contractions versus pain these are all things that are kind of giving me a different way to look at childbirth the last point is in the at the end of the book in the confessions and prayers section which is great but at the very first one which I actually had kind of marked in my book is dealing with fears and thoughts and it talks about you know it being a spiritual force it's the opposite of faith and down at the very bottom it spells out fear false evidence about reality which again just super eye-opening for me and I I thought yes okay so it's not accurate and what I have chosen to believe and is is this is what I've read in this book and of course the bigger picture being the Bible but I am choosing to renew my mind align with what I'm reading in this book and in the Bible and get as much knowledge as possible before I go into this situation as I mentioned earlier in the video both daughters I had a supernatural childbirth with both of my girls and if you're interested in watching the videos that we recorded on those well go ahead we're going to go ahead and populate a card up here so you can click on that link so right-click open new tab and it'll be ready for you when you finish this video thank you so much for watching guys I hope that you enjoyed the video today and I hope that if this book sounds good to you order it if it if it it all sounds like maybe I could check that out order it or if you know someone who is pregnant and he was kind of freaking out like I think most pregnant women do send them the video share the video we would be honored if you would share the video for with people who you think might have some use for it so if you liked the video please click like we'd also like to invite you to be a subscriber we put out a video every week and it's mostly just the journey that I'm on as a mom and we've got over 70 videos just dealing with family life and kids and just what it looks like to be a mom around here we would be honored if you would join us on our journey we hope that you have a wonderful rest of your day and that you join us again next week for our next video take care bye bye have a good one

4 Replies to “Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize | A Book Review”

  1. Someone suggested this book to me. This is my 9th pregnancy but I’m having TRIPLETS 💙💙💙 we’re so excited but I’m nervous. God has given me peace though. I know this is His plan. No matter what we’re all in His hands.

  2. Gods word and His Scripture IS the "old testiment". It hurts to hear you totally put down His written word so easily.. i really hope this book doesnt speak that way too… :/

  3. I experience a supernatural childbirth amazing moment
    My midwife said to me I never ever seen this in my 25 years experience.
    im so grateful for the book

  4. Excited to be reading this book for my 8th pregnancy and wishing I'd known about sooner. I did have my last 5 at home and natural, but pain free will be icing on the cake. I've told so many people about this book and I'm so excited to see the difference in my upcoming labor and delivery. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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