Supply Problem? No Problem! – Effective tips to increase breastmilk production

Hi, my name is Sherry Hopkins and this is
Sara and we are (Well Rounded Momma) midwives in Las Vegas, Nevada. And we decided that we would tackle a
subject every week where we just made a really short video to kind of talk to our
clients and those that were interested in any kind of birth work. what you might want to come learn more
about this month the big hype has been breastfeeding and so we chose milk production and how to make more milk. Intro Logo Music Sarah and I both took
herbal classes together. She was much better than me and
finished her. Like what was that? That Materia Medica? Yup. Myself, I did not finish doing
that, but I took the same course. And so she’s kind of my go to
gal when it comes to herbs. And so we get that question asked a lot. and that is how do I know
I’m making enough milk and
how do I produce more milk? And so for me, I kind of
look at the whole picture. I know that there are a lot of
teas and herbs and supplements. I’m going to turn that part
over to Sarah to talk about, but I’m going to tell you what my first
line of action is and that is what is, what is your life look like right
now? Like how stressed out are you? How much sleep are you getting
at? Are you feeding yourself? Because I find that most women
postpartum aren’t sleeping well. They’re not feeding themselves,
they’re not taking care of themselves, they not feeling really, like there’s not a lot of self care going happening. And so a lot of times when
they’re doing their diet diaries, we do that during prenatal care, but we, we don’t always kind of make a woman
feel stressed out during postpartum, but honestly it’s just as important to
eat while you’re breastfeeding as it was when you were pregnant growing the baby.
Cause you’re still growing the baby. The baby’s just sent me outside now. And so for me it’s about staying
hydrated and eating enough protein… And so do you have some nutritional
stuff? What do you tell ’em? I mean as far as like, herbs, all of that, what we’re really looking for are things that are considered galactgogue. That sounds like a really
strange name for something, but it’s anything that induces lactation,
which can be like your brewer’s yeast. So there’s lots of people that
make like lactation cookies and those are just like basic things
that increase milk production. Barley is another one. , and then you start getting into like
more like the herbal supplements and things. And so, yeah, just kind of
touching base with, with women. And I think a lot of it links to women
who even struggle a little bit with postpartum depression or anxiety
and making sure that, you know, you have someone that you’re
checking in with. and I think sometimes why women jump to
that I’m not making enough solution is because that feels like an easier fix to
be able to take a pill or drink a tea, which should, we have lovely pills and
lovely teas down here that are delicious. And who doesn’t want cookies?
Lactation cookies are delicious. I’ve ate them and I haven’t
breastfed a kid for like 13 years, but you bring me a lactation cookie,
I’m probably going to eat it. And so, but I think having somebody to touch
base with and talk to and make sure that like your, your wellbeing and
your well health is matching, your physical being and your physical
health I think is really important. but Sarah, do you want to name some fun herbs and
pills that they could take that would be galactgogue? Yeah. , I mean there’s
lots. So if you look online, you’re gonna get a ton. , most nursing formulas are going to have
like fenugreek. They’re going to have, things like goats rue, nettle, even something like Moringa is
another herb that, it’s just really, really high in nutrition. So if you noticed that just taking
like a straight up galactgogue, like fenugreek, if that’s not working, and you suspect kind of
like what Sherry said, like maybe you’re not getting
enough protein or enough nutrients, then Moringa is a really
great, herb to try. but yeah, most nursing formulas are going to have
like fenugreek or something like goats rue in it. that just patently
increase production usually.. Wonderful. So thanks for tuning in and if you
have something that worked for you, post it down below in the comments and
hopefully we can help each other produce enough milk to keep feeding those
babies. Have a wonderful day, ladies. Thanks for watching. Please like, subscribe and hit the bell and share with
us your thoughts below for you in the next video.

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  1. I definitely think everyone needs this information! It’s frustrating when you don’t know if you’re making enough milk for your baby! 2 years have passed and we are still
    Going strong— thanks to self care and supplements 💕

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