like at lunch time and there was no Sun you got him oh my goodness we have a go baby we have friends over for dinner and we're having dinner and the one said I didn't see the little goat out oh my gosh she's fine good thing my expand attention okay let's go Oh oh my goodness let's clean him up honey looks like she might be right let's dig Laci we're over there let's get Laci separate baby hey Mike can you grab the camera it's already filming just get some action you gotta get down we were having dinner and we have some friends over and when they were walking over they said they didn't see gizmo around the series in here baby [Applause] [Applause] see what you get kid I think she cried wolf Norman he's got it now he's won this is great we were worried about wow this was awesome we like didn't even hear I just looked at her at lunch today and she seemed totally we were gonna put a camera in here this week like I will put a camera up I think we would have caught it yeah I guess you get used to them and let's let them try to get to the network I don't know if we have to my [Applause] [Applause] all right it's midnight they go babies were born today and so far gizmo has not been proven to be your natural mom she's not bad with the babies she likes them but she's not like letting them nurse easily we have to kind of oversee it so I've been out there already Kay's been out there and I've been out there each one time to force if not force feeding but make sure feeding happens and that went okay she's not tight real tight here her collars loose she's not the light in it but she does need this like she doesn't need to be tired not to be able to walk away right now which was not great but I think she's led to me she's not kicking too much let's see I think it could get better they still hope that this will work everybody here is doing this so once these little ones have a little bit more strength you know what they're going for will be more I that leg up stop kicking your babies [Applause] [Applause] that was the weirdest go poop we ever did see can't figured out how to tell them apart stripe over here is the male spot it's the female just got a little spot on her neck there's spot these little big obvious it's like a lightning bolt cool way to name him so far the update is gizmo is not a horrible mother she's also not really feeding them I now want to get some sleep do you love goats would you like to have a business with your goat herd in the upcoming episode of the home-study pioneers live from the barn we're going to interview Rachel from the Travis family farm and learn how her pet goat at 8 years old turned into a goat business become a pioneer so you can join us for that show live next week


  1. The girl has brown over her eyes like eyebrows the male has white!! So cute!! What a surprise!! Also the baby is freaking adorable!! My youngest is 11! How dare you give me baby feaver again lol!!

  2. Name suggestions!
    Boy: Stripe (from Gremlins), or Flash for that lightning bolt
    Girl: Kate or Phoebe (Gremlins), or Dash (if you like rhyming names)

  3. So sweet! They are beautiful babies too. I love how their ears are white too! How about "Patches" for the boy, and "Dotty" for the girl? Will you be bottle feeding if Gizmo isn't providing enough for them? Maybe her lack of mothering was because she was in pain trying to pass the afterbirth, plus just the fact she's new at being a mother. Fingers crossed 🤞tomorrow is a better day for the new mama and her sweet twins!!

  4. I'd name the boy with the lightning bolt Thor. They are adorable. Hopefully Gizmo settles down and accepts them to nurse.

  5. Looks like the animal noise is already second nature to the baby! Twins on the first try!👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Thor's a good name, maybe even Flash could be another contender? DC versus the Marvel universe, lol. Glad it all went well.

  7. Oh boy. I hope you don't end up with bottle babies. At least you will have goat milk available. They sure are cute. The doeling seems a bit weaker than the buckling. Congratulations on your new babies.

  8. Nice video catch! Loved Mike getting the drop on ya'll. I was only a split second ahead of you on the name Lightening! Just saying you were fast!

  9. What happened to the third kid? Also, my suggestion is to milk some colostrum out into a bottle to supplement the live kids. any extra can be frozen in case of an emergency in the future. It appears she may be shocky. We had a FF doe kid with trips and the two bucks survived but the doeling didn't. The first buck was a breech and was the 'Plug' and was holding everything up. She kidded two days late, and hence why the small doe was DOA. She rejected the bucklings because of all the trauma and hates them. She is milked 2x a day and they are bottle babies. I would advise to take her temp incase she comes down with an infection. If it was traumatic (not sure if you saw what happened) she may reject them down the road. If you have any questions, please let me know. I have raised nubians and Oberhaslis for 14 years.

  10. You would have known she was close if you were checking her ligaments. I would guess that the reason she is having a hard time with them is all the added noise and things going on when she had them.
    I know you weren’t prepared for her to birth(I wasn’t for like three goats this year) but if only one person moved her and her babies quietly she may have done better. I also would have let her stay where she had the babies for about an hour and move all the other goats away so she is less stressed. It’s hard on these newbies. All of my first fresheners were licking them instantly and nursing them within 20 minuets.
    Maybe she will be better by morning when she has had some time to calm down a bit, but man those first few hours are crucial.

  11. So adorable Your kids are going to be so attached to animals that they will not hurt even a fly. That's gud keep it up beautiful family and God bless u

  12. Little helper is saying, "I thought I was the cute little baby. Where did all the people giving me attention go?" Congratulations on all of the changes on the farm.

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