okay I think the three minutes is up but I don't want to go in there I don't want to look oh my god I'm so nervous I'm so nervous you guys I've never been this nervous about anything before in my life I am sitting in the chemist warehouse parking lot I'm busting my blood ice so full why is my bladder fool you ask well I need to pee really bad because I've been holding my pee since about 8 o'clock this morning I've been saving it up so I can do a test while Jamie is gone to the doctor's so he's got an appointment today and I figured I would test while he's away because if it is positive I want to surprise him because it's his birthday tomorrow let me fill you guys in on why I think I'm pregnant on Saturday uh-huh was it Saturday night yeah it was like eight o'clock at night my sister and I this is my older sister who at the shops and she goes to me so have you taken a pregnancy test lately I'm like I just don't feel pregnant this month so no there's no point and she's like I think he should I'm like why and she's like I just have a feeling that you might be pregnant I'm like really but I don't feel pretty I took the test with my sister on Saturday night and there was a faint line so I'm just like freaking out I'm going into chemists warehouse to go and get one of those digital pregnancy tests that tell me like how many weeks I am if I am oh my god oh my god I'm like freaking out now though and I really want it to be positive and if it's not like I just know I'm gonna be so devastated because I've apt myself up to think that it's positive let's go in here and get this test and hit home here it is my hands are shaking man I'm actually so nervous so I'm in my bathroom out and I'll take the test when I take home oh my god you guys my hands are like shaking okay so I paid him a couple ready so I'm not going to show you all that kind of grace it says 20 seconds when I take 420 one two three 19:20 when I cover it – I don't say okay it's gone how long does it fade away so three minutes like feeling this is gonna be like the longest two minutes of my life you should go in another room I'm gonna Drive myself crazy sitting in here I've done this before like I've amped myself up and being like you know yeah you're totally pregnant and then I'll take the test and it says negative so okay I think the three minutes is up for the other one I go in there I don't want to look oh my god I'm so nervous I'm so nervous you guys I've never been this nervous about anything before in my life like so scared I don't want to go in and look but I know I have to so let's go guys oh my god freaked out freaking out oh my god freaking out majorly oh forget moment of truth okay Lindsey I'm putting it on up oh my god oh my gosh oh my god Micah's camera please oh my god okay eat you guys say that you guys see that it's his pregnant two to three weeks oh my god I'm what goodness is this real right like if this business for you yo I don't know what to say I clearly have no words that definitely says pregnant it's always not pregnant oh my god two to three weeks you guys like I knew I was but you just get worried every time you feel like weird cramping itself can you just think like you say it guess yourself a lot when you have done this for a few months and you've only ever cut a negative so when it's actually happening you definitely say he guess his outfit you want perfect for when you ahead but it was this alright now I have to plan on how to tell it to Jamie so I'll catch you guys later thank you okay guys it's real time microwaves are looking a little dead because I bought them yesterday and I do think that I would like these lights I saying sorry this is what it's looking like I'll just attach them take your teacups Jamie you can come down now here you can blow yourself oh my god you got me balloons balloons wait hold up I got a reason hey handsome marrying you was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life you made me so happy sure glad you didn't regret that decision hmm I like this is sweet I never thought I would experience a love like this a love so pure and selfless I'm blessed beyond words oh it's really sweet today marks yet another year of your life I know you've been dreading it that's true but smile baby life is so beautiful I wanted to give you something irreplaceable this year a limited edition one-of-a-kind gift I thought this was the gift the sweet stuff I'm sorry but you have to wait until January 2016 what you're kidding you're pregnant what oh my god oh my god really oh my god overhead what happening baby guys oh my god I got worried about having a baby I would take on you but yes we're having a baby that's so weird January 2016 next time on Jamie and Nikki heading down the road to go see my doctor as you guys know I'm pregnant I just want to know like what's my next step now plus I need to know how many weeks I am and I've come to meet my friends for dinner and I'm bout to go in and tell them that I'm pregnant this should be fun I can't wait to see what they say why do you why do you have baby clothes really knocking yeah hey Oliver


  1. I always come back to this video because it's so precious… it's crazy to think that now they already have two cute little girls and are such a beautiful family… Time flies

  2. I've watch J&N's videos a lot. And every I see nikki, i was like "where's i saw her before? " and ya, i read the comment that nikki like a barbie.
    Yes, finally. I remember, i saw her in some black barbie picture, and she's so beautiful.

  3. You are so gorgeous Nikki cute family ever.I wish that I could get a sweet man like this in my life one day.

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