hey guys it's Jay and today I'm here with another unboxing video I have a total of four packages to unbox super quick for you guys so without further ado let's get started though my first package is from the book is autumn by carl of canasa guard traveling so long if said that it isn't autobiographical quartet based on the Four Seasons and this is the autumn season so let me know what that means it is not about if you like your writing as yourself like a biography about yourself so like this person is not even so confused actually gonna read it and we'll see what that actually means kind of intrigue kind of confused see you next package is from hatchet New York City I have no idea what the book is the forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpass it says the tagline is the one night she can't forget the temptation she can't escape and it's about a girl named Annie who has never experienced any chemistry with anybody until she has a one-night stand with a man named Jack and he is not only very appealing to her she is also forbidden what that means I don't know by I mean dreams I think it's gonna be like a mere adults sexy sexy book so you know you can relax or sexy sexy books so I am excited the next book is from DC tax nights at the same time the book is the dark lake by Sarah Bailey and this book follows a lead homicide investigator who discovers the body of a former high school classmate of hers in a lake a lot of unanswered questions about how this classmate died a lead homicide investigator needs to figure out what is up and what happened to her classmate so it's like a thriller novel laughs really anything to get into this one and then the final package is from ooh Maggie Martin okay this is somebody who I follow on Twitter she's like an author and I want her give away for her book which I am very excited about because I've heard very good things about it and I can make it I think Savio's and under the ass Canadian writing is ridiculous but that's so cute the book is the big f by Maggie Ann Martin this book follows a girl named Danielle who had her whole life planned out she's going to attend college and that is when she ends up failing her senior English class and gets denied from the only college that she applied to so her new plan is to pass summer school get into Ohio State and also get into the good graces of her mother so obviously romance isn't exactly on her radar until she meets a former classmate named Luke but seems like it's just gonna be like a super cute contemporary read so I'm very excited about it and thank you again it to Maggie for it hosting the giveaway and picking me as Joanna I appreciate it are you guys so those were the four packages that I've received recently I will see you all in my next video goodbye


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