hey guys it's Jay and today I'm here with another unboxing video I have a total of four packages to unbox today so without further ado let's get started the first package is from penguin Random House Canada the book is homefire by camilla Shamsi this book follows a girl named ESMA who is finally free from having to watch her younger siblings after her mother's death she's accepted an invitation from a mentor in America to go down and live there to discover some dream that she put on hold but she can't stop worrying about her younger sister and you got who she left back in London she also can't stop worrying about her brother pair of a's who disappeared in order to fulfill his own dreams and that is when he resurfaces a globe away and things get a little bit complicated the book sounds interesting I'm kind of confused about what it's all about if the back of the book doesn't give you much so I'm interested to see what it's all about the next package is also from penguin Random House the book is that someone you love is gone by her gender best friend this follows a woman whose mother just recently died and she's stricken by grief a backup for the book basically says that it's the story of her family falling apart and her trying to come to terms of that so it sounds like it could be interesting and very sad the next book is from someone named Nathan Hanson so I should have realized through this lens even her last name is Hanson like oh my god it's Radio by Sophia Laine Hanson and this is the copy that I won from guessing of the name of her third book I read you haven't heard me talk about radio yet where have you been because I literally talk about it all the time but it is the second book in the vinyl trilogy I have vinyl over there this is the second book in the trilogy and I am so excited because this is my signed copy of it and it's Jack thank you so much Sofia I'm so excited I now have two copies of this book and I ain't even mad about it I love this series if you have not read vinyl by Sofia Lee Anne Hanson you should probably read it because it's like my favorite series and then my final package is from Book Depository book is the art of starving by Sam J mill I won this from the brood echat giveaway that they were hosting on Twitter and I won like three other books as well but they're all pre-ordered I have been anticipating for so long it basically follows the story of a boy who has anorexia if you know me you know that mental illness is a huge part of my life and I love learning more about it eating disorders is one of my favorite topics to research and read about I know it sounds super creepy but like I find it so fascinating and interesting so I'm so excited about this book and 100% going to read it like ASAP alright guys so that was my unboxing video I hope that you enjoyed it all right hang on a second and I will see you all in my next video bye


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