28 Replies to “Surprising Ways You Can Get Pregnant”

  1. my mom got pregnant with twins after getting her tubes tied, burned, being on birth control and using a condom after already having 7 kids.

  2. That's also true with underwear and the men semen get through clothes old ppl always do in this way still women's get pregnant just by stimulating and touching through clothes and getting pregnant it's a like dry humping

  3. So basically this video teaches that if you want to avoid getting pregnant for sure, 'Stay in your own bed'!!

  4. This is not answering my questions. 🙁 Can you get pregnant for watching a video of Park Jimin (from BTS) being sexy??????

  5. The most effective contraceptive method is the use of intra uterine devices…..this is what I learnt at school though….

  6. My mom had her tubes tied and so did my exes mom, and they both ended up pregnant. My exes mom actually kept her baby. And my mom learned to love her babies growing in her and had late miscarriages due to complications. Keep that in mind ladies.

  7. Do y'all know how hard it is to get your tubes tied? 3specially under the age of 30. But its so easy for a man to get a vesectomy. Why is that?

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