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hey YouTube I'm back with another video and after my long hiatus in which I fill in videos and deletes them because I didn't like them today I am going to talk about sex workers on their periods on how to deal with it I'm no expert but I am a sex worker who has periods so I guess that gives me some informed insights into the situation and I'm just going to give some tips and tricks that I have picked up on my long good adverse journey this video obviously isn't for the general viewer most just for sex workers unless you have a morbid curiosity in the lives of sex workers in which case I respect that I do had a morbid curiosity and lives of sex workers before I became one and realized it was 80% admin and self-advertisement so yeah I'm just gonna talk about my experience of bleeding while working and yeah let's get to it not all of us can afford to take a week off when we have our periods it's just not possible we have to work because we have bills and everything else you know so it's not really a case of oh well maybe just don't work this week you have to do it and it's not always the easiest especially because a lot of sensory products are not intended to be used while having sex there are some however and I'm gonna talk about those so after some google you can find out the actual name of the product rather than describing it really badly I have heard that the Flex disc is a really good products that can be used on your period that allows you to have sex which is great for sex workers obviously because full service sex workers can go out there and work with clients to have you know full sexual experience and not have to worry about leakages and what-have-you and basically no one will know that you're on your period you can work on comedy videos apparently it's really good for that I have not used myself so I can say how good it is mother it stands up to their reviews but basically I can show you this kind of like little picture it's not gonna focus it almost looks like a flat circular condom in like a little frame and it's like a little it's kind of like a disc and what you do is you kind of fold it up and you put it inside your vagina and it opens up and kind of collects the blood there it's not quite a period cup and you know that my opinion of menstrual cups is not the best I've had some bad experiences with those you also can't have sex using menstrual cups um none of the ones that I've heard of the flex disk is as the name would suggest flexible the site I'm on is called the Flex company if you want to look at more information but I'll ring I'll read out some info well in here it says the Flex collects fluid instead of absorbing like pads or tampons and could hold as much as three super tampons amazing right up to 12 hour wear I mean it says that but I would recommend changing whatever sanitary products you're using like every four hours or so and only because it prevents overflowing but also stuff like toxic shock syndrome it's rare but you know try and avoid it as much as you can the disposable not shrimps are recyclable I would recommend looking into that if that's something you're worried about reduces cramps apparently mess free period sacks fabulous and great for sex workers not like – TSS there you go farms to your body which is so nice and comfortable a lot of things that people try and use during the period are not necessarily the most comfortable there we go there's a lot of pros and pluses to the little flex discs oh my god there's a little gift let me show you this look at how squishy it is so if you can imagine just sliding that into you sorry this videos turn out a lot more graphic than I expected it to be basically you can have sex with that thing in it's comfortable it's you know you can throw it away don't have to wash it and go through all that so there you go that is one option that you can use I have worked with people in the industry who've used them and I you know you could not tell they were on their period so I have heard that it's a really good product and recommended for sex workers so that's definitely something to add to your list I'll put a link to that like in the description box just in case but it's not something personally I have used so I can't advocate for it but I have heard from friends and co-workers that it's amazing so the Flexi disks got flex disk or whatever you'd like to call it that is an option and apparently site is you know really good something I can speak for our soft sponge tampons the brand that I use is called giant G note XR giant X how you pronounce it again I'll link to that in description box basically they're disposable sponges so I think much of that quite soft you insert them into your vagina it absorbed the blood it's soft and squishy so like when you're inserting things you know is it's not like getting in the way of anything it's not uncomfortable it just feels like no sex I've not noticed much leakage I mean I have quite a heavy flow so for me I have to change them quite frequently but they do your job really well and like I say I've had sex wearing one I've worked wearing them there are my favorite thing in the whole world but they're also quite expensive so that's something to think about using sponges but work is not a new thing in sex work I think as long as sponges are the I think that as long as sponges have existed sex workers have been inserting them up so that they can work so you know it's one of the oldest tricks in the book it's not really talked about that much as a sanitary product I'm not sure why I think people do worry now with global warming and you know helping the environment that it's just adding more disposable waste into the world but as far as I'm aware sponge is biodegradable I will research that for you fact I'll google it now so those sponges are made from wood fibers and although manmade they're far more green and plastic ones to say biodegrade in landfills there you go so they're actually not terrible for the environment I understand that a lot of people do prefer menstrual cups and although such products because they're reusable you don't throw them away you can also get these sponges that you can wash and reuse but I've heard that it's easy to get infections using those so I would suggest the ones that you can throw away because at least they can break down and they're not gonna infect EEGs you're using them once as I said I would have 100% recommend those as someone with that heavy flow the disposable sponge tampons the Janice explains that I use really good you can either use them dry so just pop them out the packet and popping them in or you can use some wet ones and they come out the packet damp some people find those more comfortable sometimes when you're inserting like a dry side product it can be pretty uncomfortable and chafing and whatnot so having a damp one is preferable for some people but I used to just get the dry ones and I've always found them to be fine they work really well or extremely comfortable no problems there so that's basically how I get along in my period when I do sex work there's also were there tips and tricks such as avoiding a China position Dodos during penetration on videos or come in ways we're not necessarily inserting the whole way so if you do just use a normal tampon it's not so much as an issue you have to worry about dislodging anything or anything beyond show I'm just experiment with angles and such and just try and do things that work for you but for people who do have to do full-service or at least some level of penetration on that period these products are really good and the sponge ones definitely I can tell you they work and they're really quite fabulous um otherwise some other tips I would talk about for working as a sex worker on your period I just say make sure to satirize all your toys because getting yeast infections or bacterial infections is so easy I know it's easy to become lazy if you know it's only your own bodily fluids getting on there but please don't take the risk just washi toys you don't have to have anything fancy soap and watch should work just make sure it's a mild soap so you don't irritate yourself yeah just basically that you know get the right products and make sure you sanitize everything and I wouldn't worry too much about leakages you know it can happen but what I want to say is if accidents happen and your client your customers are acting weird about it or making it a great thing then there are not acting like a grown-ass adult and that is their problem like it just happened guys just happen I do this little video because I do get asked a lot what I use in my period and because I'm a big whinger about my period I have kind of done as much research as I possibly could to be honest I think that's everything I have to say on that topic but one thing I want to say before we finish up wasn't TV recently to tell you once each ll5 student sex workers I was on there appearing with one of my partners Ben I was really happy with how it turned out I'd love to do TV again I'm just waiting for the write-up finished putting tunity opportunity quite comfortably front of the camera as you can see there's the time anyway um I yeah on a serious note was really pleased with how well it came out for most people I think there was a slight tone this might be just me I think there's a slight tone of people are having to turn to sex work because we don't have necessarily have enough money I don't know if that's true most sex workers I know get into sex it because if you have disabilities or mental illness it's just so easy to slap that in take the necessary days off be your own boss stuff like that it's just a super flexible job and there's a lot of very positive people in the industry people who understand I just yeah I don't really necessarily think it's a money issue but some people it is definitely survival sex work it's a thing and also not all of us have the highest income and you know sometimes it's the best option but I don't think it's the only reason people enter sex work and I just hope that people got that out too there but that's not necessarily anyone's fault that's just the general consensus is that while you're at university no one has that much money and I think that's something we can all agree on but yeah but that was a thing one thing I will say is that I'm very aware that when I get on a platform like that I'm only speaking from my experience as a mostly able-bodied why cisgender sex worker you know I can't speak for all the people in the industry and there's a lot of people who aren't being represented it and half and aren't really getting the chance to speak people of color people with disabilities people all across the lesbian gay bi trans spectrum I'm bi but you know like I'm not particularly oppressed and I'm don't I haven't really seen much of a struggle in my lifetime so I think that different voices different opinions do need to be out there and it's a shame that whenever you watch a documentary or anything it's always a really small cross-section of the industry and there's a lot of reasons for that and a lot of people don't necessarily have the ability to be out and appear on TV and talk about their experiences so I don't know it just sucks that not everyone can be heard and not everyone could have their stories put out there but I'm gonna try and do my best to give a platform to people who don't necessarily have one I would love to try and help with that more I'm not sure how I'm gonna do some research maybe getting such with some charities if anyone has any suggestions of how I can be more inclusive in these conversations and how I can get people voices let me know I might even ask people to send me video clips with you know of them talking about their experiences and include it in one video I think that might be cool but yeah that's something I'm gonna work on be back with another video very soon guys thank you for letting me drop in again and goodbye

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