SWAP THE PUB FOR THE BUB // Pregnant Pause

a new awareness raising campaign pregnant pause launched in Canberra today it challenges people to go alcohol-free to support pregnancy of their partners family member loved one or friend recent studies have found that almost half of all pregnant women drink before they knew they were pregnant almost one in five continued to drink once they became aware of their pregnancy in almost eight and ten women who drink alcohol during their pregnancy do so with their partner and this is where pregnant pause comes in by supporting your loved one and giving up alcohol during her pregnancy will help her to do the same and so what's novel about pregnant pause is that we want blokes really to help their partners get through that pregnancy because to get through the pregnancy without drinking means that that young person that's going to be brought into the world is going to have the best chance in life – raising awareness about any very important issue of Emmys not any – the partners meaning there are too many people who are affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders while we don't know the prevalence we have a good indication of the numbers of people who are affected and they show up in our prison system they show up in Portland for performance at school and that means that that young person's life is going to be affected as a consequence and what we're about giving everyone this chance those wishing to take a pregnant pause and take a pledge to go alcohol-free in support of a pregnant loved one at wwp rnm pause calm you you

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