SWEDISH MIDSUMMER! + pregnancy week 18 update!

hey guys come welcome to a new vlog this is a special vlog as always no it's a vlog but it is midsummer in Sweden today so yeah we're celebrating here in Spain as well midsummer is pretty special to you and I because we got married last year on midsummer but our wedding day is actually tomorrow because in Sweden you celebrate midsummer on a Friday every year and last year the 22nd of June was on a Friday so our actual wedding day is tomorrow but we're gonna celebrate it a bit today as well I will show you guys how we celebrate midsummer but first I wanted to give you guys a pregnancy update and it feels like I don't talk about it at all because I kind of forget about it right now I mean week 18 tomorrow I will enter week 19 so almost halfway which is insane this week we went to another ultrasound which was super exciting this was a third ultrasound it's just such a surreal feeling and can't really describe it but yeah that's gonna look at how that looked so hey guys now we are on our way to an ultrasound yes it's the third one I think so yes we've had to keep everything so secret yes so now it's the week 18:1 so I'll see if we will do the big ultrasound now I think so the whole thing sir picking the small and the big one is like you checked everything so it has to like all the fingers and toes and the brain and everything I don't know I'm just sort of yes I'm bit nervous like every ultrasound units not well now I mean of course and when they do check before they say oh but yeah so we're going there now and then we'll see how much I can feel we filmed a bit last time so we will try to film something now it's fun to see it's gonna probably just as unreal as the last one where it feels like you're in a movie set Senator shown someone else's yes and I will also also ask about my blood that if I'm an Rh negative or positive because I think I'm negative so we'll see just on my offer see you there and of course it was super nice to see the whole baby jump around do movements and like yeah it's just crazy can't really be but I actually have a baby in my belly but yeah I guess I won't understand that when the baby's out I found out that I am Rh negative which is my blood type is negative so I will have to take an extra shot in week 28 and also when the baby is born my sister has the same but this is if anyone of you know I need to like do some proper research on this it doesn't really matter you take a shot that everything is fine but if the baby is positive did you do that to like not it's not dangerous for the first baby it's more if you don't take your shot for if you want other babies that's when I can get like your body's not liking the baby but that's the second pregnancy but if you take the shop everything is fine but I wanted to know like how strong is that gene because my mom is positive my dad is positive but both me and my sister are negative so our grandma has negative Rh negative I wonder if her gene can be that strong so we get if you do it super interesting anyhow so yeah I found out I have that so I will have to take a shot in week 28 doesn't really matter it was just like okay now I know at least which I'm super happy that I get to know so you don't find out after so that's a good thing we're living in a country where they cannot go check it if you want more kids later on my symptoms for week 18 has been nothing really I feel the same still I've been a bit more moody this week like easily annoyed and like not like huge difference but I can't just feel that I'm more easily irritated but hopefully that goes away take I'm happy so that's good and I work out the same I eat the same I thought I would post more like pregnancy related workouts like what I do and stuff like that I will try to train with Richard and make him that week train with last year before the wedding they also no previous training so I will ask them all about a lot of things and maybe do a video about it that last time if they want to do it because I know it was super hard for me in the beginning to know what can I train what can I do I could not do and stuff like that so I thought I would do that so other than that I've been feeling like normal nothing really I've been eating a little like usual I'm waiting for my belly to start really growing I wanted to like you know when you google pictures of girls in like week 18 week 17 18 19 and they have like a proper belly I'm like I want that – I just feel swollen which is a bit boring but hopefully were just overnight that I will have my belly it feels mostly like my boobs are gonna explode any second now and I don't you want to know how big they're gonna get that's why I'm like hiding them no I don't feel it really comfortable because they're like yes but yeah so far so good I feel great I'm super happy that I can feel this well while being pregnant and yeah maybe you guys wanna see the belly I can show you that because I know I think it's funny see it's not that much that has happened but okay this is reach 18 almost 19 belly – this this from the front then from the side it's just a bit swollen like down here so not a lot but at least it's starting to go crazy I think that the baby's like 18 17 18 centimeters in there now I'm gonna go and prepare the food everyone's gonna arrive my family's gonna ride your family's here so celebrate me and somewhere together and I thought it's a lot so yeah let's go out and prep some food I just have to get changed maybe there's a makeup fix my hair but first of all get changed so I will see you guys out there I have changed haunts is ready Maria is ready are you ready moans oh yes oh yes so we've been cooking and now we're gonna do it like everyone is here it's been packed in here now we're gonna do the free drink or welcome drink exactly we have the ribbon in the non-alcoholic sparkling wine and then we have some food which peach puree that we mix and then yeah we have all the food delicious I will show you later first we're gonna make the drinks [Applause] [Applause] okay cheers everyone [Applause] so after a long lunch everyone is now gone we have cleaned out the kitchen it was a long lunch and we show you like in Sweden we celebrate midsummer as I said and then we usually put like these flower crowns usually you wear like proper flower crowns but it's all we have here in Spain I think now that we're gonna head out to the beach no to the pool everyone else is already at the pool so I'm gonna go down hang out in the shade maybe go for a swim see but lunch was really good hmmm okay time to get in to the water for a while midsummer you eat most of the time and now what are you eating chick chicken nuggets and french fries okay midsummer dinner Swedish midsummer mixed with Spanish for Monsieur going cool kids from the block hey they're hiding mom is hanging out here everyone is hanging out too we're talking about oh yeah so we are talking about if you want if you could get two hundred years old would you I said if I could be fresh for sure you said sure sure not sure why not what I think but how do you know can you imagine how what you can experience into a new year boring if you're fresh okay to be boring so what would you guys do would you do it or no if you had the choice would you guys if you're fresh in your body how do you know you're like 16 I would for sure do it yeah me too yes me too for sure all said yes okay and then I have to be it's me and the guys we're gonna be 200 years old are you yes yes mom wants to be 200 – 200 – okay now I'm gonna get my hair done right right yes just want to show you how pretty this is now under sunset me too where are they below the three tree I don't think you know we find the tree I think there are three it's a beautiful night beautiful beautiful beautiful there they are – they're not really what are the odds yep okay now time my night routine and then I'm gonna go to bed but I have no idea how much I filmed feels like I didn't film anything today but yeah this one we did our midsummer hey we didn't ready to do that much I guess the next vlog I'll have a more focus on vlogging because it's pretty hard when you're this many people to actually remember the vlog and I wanted to hang out with my brother and my aunt and her family because we don't see each other that often and use family of course now midsummer is all over and tomorrow is they so exciting I made a brave boy super nice I've been thinking if the next vlog will be the gender reveal what are you guys thinking I kinda want to post it straight away I kind of don't want to keep it free from you guys Department it's also nice to have a little secret don't see on Sunday if I post the gender-reveal or if I post a regular vlog I put eye cream I'm gonna give you a tip when you put eye cream you always start from inside and then go out but yeah that's everything from this blog I hope you guys liked it even though I don't think it's that long and yeah we'll see you guys next week ciao ciao see ya

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  1. Don't overthink. Thanks for sharing. It's going to be the best experience of your life. The responsibility of another life. Your child. There will be nobody more important.

  2. I would definitely go for 200. It would be very cool to be 120 and like a fit 40 year old. And the future will definitely not be boring. We will travel among the stars and meet them all in our current lifetimes. 25 years ago there was no internet. 35 years ago there were no computers. 35 years from now we will have star ships and no one will work for a living.
    There can be only one 🙂

  3. Hei Janni! det sies at du arver flest gener fra besteforeldrene dine. Jeg har arvet mye fra min bestemor, og er mer lik henne enn mine egne foreldre. Det sies også at noen gener kan hope over en generasjon. Så det kommer ikke som et sjokk om noen gener hoppet over dine foreldre, men du fikk dem. Slik er det i vår familie og

  4. We also celebrate Midsummer in Poland. It is called ''Noc Kupały'' or ''Noc Świętojańska'' Young ladies wear wreath
    s and then throw them into the Baltic sea. You look better than ever Janni! Glad Midsommar! 🙂

  5. I'd really want to know the ingredients of the injection for myself, don't trust what they say!

  6. Hi Janni, here is a Spaniard living in Sweden and here is some constructive feedback. Because Spain’s weather and excellent soil you are actually surrounded by nature and flowers to make yourself your own midsummer crown. Also, not sure about Sweden – but at least in Spain – Burger King/McDonals or any similar fast food is known as American-based food and it is not consider real food not the least Spanish food – I would encourage you to learn about the Spanish culture and embrace our healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Thank you

  7. The reason why you take shots is because as you are negative, when the 1st baby is born , the blood of tha baby can be mixed with yours, so your body thinks it is an intruder and the next time you have a baby your body will reject it. Also there may be a possibility that the body rejects your first baby if any complications occur .
    The shots i dunno if it is to assimilate the positive temporarily(you dont have a protein that the possitives have) or just to not allow the body to react.
    It is more common to inherit from your grandpas that from your parents in genetics.
    And it is also important to know your blood type because in case of an emergency you cant have any type of blood.. and negatives are more rare.. one in particular can only accept the same blood type. If you do sth else you die. You need to tell someone first thing when sth happens

  8. Yanni, if ur parents are Rh+ and both of your sister and you are Rh- that just means that both ur father and mother have the + and – (we do have two "alleles" one from the father and one from the mother) and because the + is stronger, both your father and mother express the +, but you and your sister must have taken the – from your father and from ur mother –> means you have two allele – that's the only way you can have Rh –
    hope its clear for you 😉
    Ob-gyn from morocco <3 xxxx

  9. Bloodtype A positive is dominant. So possibly your parents have a ghene for positive and negative. Because the ghene positive is dominant. You have got the negative from both of your parents. So you are negative. Your child can also have bloodtype negative but it depends on the ghenes of John

  10. The Rh+ is a dominant gene , and tge Rh-is a recessive , so when they're together th Rh+ is the one winning and expresses itself , and in the human body we have two genes for every part of our body (hair , blood type , colours eyes …) , one from the dad and one from the mom , soo your dad has Rh+ and carries Rh- same for you mom , so they gave you and your sister the Rh- , and thats why you both have it … 💓💓

  11. For your first child your bloodtype isn’t dangerous. But you are making antibodies (Natural process). For you and the first baby this isn’t dangerous . For your second child it is. The shots will help against the antibodies so the second child would not die. But about the last I would recommand to talk with a doctor.

  12. I’ve heard genetic traits can skip up to 10 generations so you could get features of your great great great great grandparents. But I’m sure you and the baby would be fine. Wishing you a very happy, safe and prosperous future ❤️👍.

  13. its awsome that you are sharing your experience! helps a lot of us and educates many girls that do not have so much support. congrats. wish you a great healthy pregnancy.

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