24 Replies to “Sweet and Safe Newborn Photography Poses”

  1. Love this video and all the dialogue offered throughout shoot! Creative Live is the best!

  2. I am far from a pro photographer..I would have used like and 85mm or a 105mm and not a 50mm. Also putting hats on sleeping babies while they are naked to me is not a natural picture..have you ever seen a baby sleep like that?? These are just my opinions and I am not trying to be negative just helpful criticism.

  3. Is that a real baby?. I know of so many babies who would tear down the house crying, never mind starting a modelling career

  4. Are there concerns regarding that upturned face pose.. is this a possible strain?  I know they are pretty elastic, but at 4:50 I wonder about the unsupported position of that tiny head…?  Very interesting presentation.. thank you

  5. where did she say she got the hats from, she said they fit every time, and it sounded like hergeta hats

  6. a 50mm 1:4 lens is a prime lens… great for portraits and depth of field. Richard Willson over here suggesting 2 zoom lenses obviously knows very little about photography. 

  7. Its not the monitor color its the camera ……and why would you use a 50 mm  70 200mm or 24 105mm 

  8. the second pose wasn't even done right. they needed to pull the arm out more. Also, just because you don't do the froggy pose don't say it's unnatural, because its not much different than this one.If you are going to teach you should really learn to do these poses perfectly and not have the light going up the nose-becauase you are really just teaching people to do it wrong.

  9. Beautiful work,but they didn't support the baby's head when they were posing it. Not even a finger to support the head. As a mother, I would have been worried. 

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