Swimming In Oil. Can sperm survive on
fatty keto? Fertility in men and women especially in Western countries like the
United States and the United Kingdom has been declining since the 1970s and of
course everyone wants to know why. Everything from environmental pollutants
to how late most people are leaving it to start a family has been blamed but
what we can all relate to is food, and what part it might be playing
in fertility. More importantly in this video, what foods are the most fertile
men eating and what is it doing to their sperm and semen. Sperm takes about 70
days to get produced and mature and hormones including testosterone
responsible for this process are released by the hypothalamus in the
brain. Sperm and semen consists of amongst other things, uric acid, DNA,
vitamins like b12 and vitamin C, minerals like magnesium and zinc and
proteins and carbohydrates. Good quality sperm are in a nutritious semen that is cool
in temperature to make them grow in quantity, swim easily and live for up to
5 days when ejaculated into a woman’s body. They are also more alkaline than
acidic. So without considering nutritionist, experience or even common
sense, let’s see what the best diet for sperm is, according to two recent
scientific studies. In the first study reported by the UK’s Oxford University
Press in May 2012, a study was done on how dietary fats affect sperm and semen.
This was determined by how much saturated fat the men ate and the
resulting fatty acid levels in their sperm and semen plasma. Without going
into lengthy details, the tests were done mainly on British men in their mid 30’s
at a fertility clinic. This is what they found. The men who had the highest
dietary fat intake had lower sperm concentration or lower sperm count and
acidic semen. And this means simply, it will be more difficult for them to
conceive naturally than men who ate a diet with less saturated fat. The
second study was done in 2019 by researchers from the USA’s Harvard T. H.
Chan School of Public Health over two years. They analyzed the semen of 19 year
old Danish men who were also getting fitness tests to join the military in
Denmark. They discovered that the men who had the lowest sperm count had a diet
high in meat and processed foods and drink. Vegetarians and vegans scored
better with a sperm count which wasn’t as high as it should be but was
at an acceptable level for conceiving easily enough. But the group that scored
the highest we’re those who had a balanced diet. This group had a high
production of good quality sperm with nutritious semen to maintain the health
of the sperm, and this is what they ate. Whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh
vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes with fish and meats in small quantities. And
get this, water! They drank adequate amounts of water daily. All these
unprocessed and fresh foods especially fish
leafy vegetables and walnuts are also best for the hypothalamus, the very organ
responsible for starting the release of testosterone and other sex hormones that
support sperm production. So at a glance, what these studies show is clear
enough. Too much meat and saturated fat in plants and animal fats lower the
production of sperm and make semen acidic, high in fatty acids. This reduces
the fertility of men and this also means it can only get worse if a diet high in
saturated fat and high in red meat is promoted as healthy such as with the
keto and carnivore diets. It’s also quite clear that a diet high in plant-based
foods and low in animal meats and fats is beneficial to sperm health.
That’s called a balanced diet, because it contains all the food groups to ensure
vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates are eaten for optimal
health, and it produces healthy sperm too. Healthy sperm, healthy babies, healthy
people. Wishing you the best of health.

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