Symptoms After Embryo Transfer Pt 1. | IVF Journey

hi guys and welcome back to my channel or if you're new here hello welcome my name is Elena my husband and I just had our embryo transfer our very first IVF cycle very first time in Branzburg but the most perfect embryo I have ever laid my eyes on let me show you if it he or she beautiful I agree so I asked you all on Instagram if you would like to see kind of any symptoms and I'm experiencing days month or four and then days five through eight before our beta kind of how I'm feeling a little check-in and you guys all said actually not all of you the majority of you said yes so my sweet sister-in-law gave me this journal many months ago and I am finally putting it to use I have built up all my other journals and I have jotted down kind of how I'm feeling symptoms things like that and I wanted to share days one through four with you let's go ahead and get started so I know this video is like days one through four but I am gonna go ahead and include day up transfer um just because I noticed like one small thing and I just wanted to add it in here just in case you all are going through a transfer do you want to see if it's normal if you're the only one Edra and that is just cramping after the transfer I did have some mild cramping I would say with your cervix being messed with you have this little catheter cannula going into your uterus like there you should experience some cramping I do not relate that to implantation or anything else other than just your lady parts being messed with so I did experience cramping day of transfer so day one after transfer so day one day past transfer which would also be six days past ovulation if this were like a normal natural cycle I have mild cramping in the morning and then a tender lower belly it felt like I had done an app workout and what's crazy is I want Chelsea Hanson's video of her IVF symptoms before her BFP and she noted this as well so whenever I was like okay why is my lower belly sore I immediately was like oh like maybe this is a good sign um way too early to tell and again this could happen just from the trains for itself I mean I could have slept on it weird I don't know and that's what is so terrible is like the giant question mark like I do not know why I feel these things yet so and I definitely noted it because it was something significant on day one so two days past transfer I had wrote down lots with an underline lots of cramping mostly in the afternoon slash evening and I also wrote down fatigue from day two is when I definitely noticed just like pure exhaustion exhaust exhaustion exhaustion exhaustion okay so I was extremely tired on day two three days past transfer I had cramping um still continuing on I would say that this my creaming has not been consistent and that's one thing that's made me a little worried because I feel like in my mind it should be so whenever I don't feel that cramping I'm immediately like what's wrong like is my body now on accepting this embryo what's going on so creeping is non consistent I just want to add that in there because if we do get pregnant this was like the biggest question that I had should this be consistent and I just want to add in mine has not been I'm gonna be like hours I feel it and then hours or even the rest of the day i don't feel it i wrote fatigue and capital letters um the level of eggs on exhaustion why can i not say the level of how tired I am is unreal and I'm not sure if this is progesterone related I I have no idea but I am seriously drained I am like sitting at my desk like peeling my eyeballs open so tired in day 3 I also have noted irritability I just feel so annoyed by everything I definitely feel like PMS like right before I start I get very annoyed with people I'm going with myself annoyed with my animals annoyed with everything and I wrote that down for day 3 I remember we left breakfast and my husband was talking and I had my eyes closed and in my head I'm like shut your mouth like please oh my gosh I feel so bad I feel so bad for saying this and I'm praying that this sweet Lord understands but I just was like please shut it's like I just I want to close my eyes I don't want to hear you know oh that's really bad but I'm being totally honest and day 4 by the way I'm filming this on day 5 I wanted to get like all of day 4 noded I didn't want to film on day 4 and then experience something after and sad day for still the creepin continued again very inconsistent it hasn't been it has not been consistent at all it's like I feel it here I feel it there sometimes I will like get up in the middle diet and use the restroom when I lay back down and it's like I felt nothing but as soon as I relieved my bladder I feel cramping it's really weird it's very strange and then I also put it again fatigue and I actually took a nap yesterday I was seriously so tired I could not keep my eyes open I laid on the couch and it was probably like a half hour nap could have been way longer but I am the type if I sleep at all during the day I will not sleep at night so I forced myself to like get up do the dishes like get moving just so I can keep myself awake I also put on they're still just the moodiness and I feel so I feel really bad about this because I don't want to be Moody and I don't want to hear my husband's voice and want to scream or like squeeze his head or I don't want to like look at people and feel the things I feel about them I just feel so Moody and a little disclaimer and one thing that is so hard to like navigate is are these symptoms of the progesterone that I'm taking or these symptoms of possible pregnancy so that is one thing I've heard many women say is and if you read what's the word side-effects for progesterone its cramping its headaches it's nazia it's all these things all the things that I'm feeling I was on progesterone one week and actually five days before my transfer and I felt nothing on progesterone I didn't feel crimping I didn't feel headaches fatigue anything and then after transferred these came but it's kind of like as my body just it just took wild it built up so just a little disclaimer could be the gesture and I am on progesterone an oil the injection and then I am also doing a suppository a pedestrian my body is so overflowing with progesterone right now it's unreal I feel like I eat breathe drink pad restroom and my poor husband I have to actually just add this in there the other day I was saying I'm you know I'm just so Moody and I think it's that progesterone he's like it made me really moody to whenever I was on it like when one mister and why he's like don't you remember whatever I hurt my back and I had to be on that the gesture on like you're thinking of prednisone that is nuts it was just it was kim kunkel but it has nothing to do with this I just thought I'd and it in but overall de wonder for symptom lines appalling feeling emotionally I am flipping drained mentally I am drained spiritually I am drained I feel like all of the energy in every form has just left my body been enjoying these past four days so I am day five past trans for today when this video goes up lb de six-packs past transfer a lot of you asked on my recent my embryo transfer video one of my beta was and it is Thursday the 14th on Valentine's Day so when you see this video it will be up Friday that's my goal Elena and have this video up Friday so I will already know at that time just to like throw this out there we will get our beta on Thursday we will do a second beta on the following Monday but we will not be announcing on social media until honestly we probably get our first ultrasound if we are pregnant and if we are not pregnant we probably will still just give ourselves that time and not post anything online so I just ask for your prayers and patience and a little bit of privacy after our beta I know that I have shared everything so public but I do feel like getting that beta and getting that phone call is something so personal and intimate to my husband and I and we will share when we feel ready to share those results so I just want to thank you so much for your prayers and your positive encouraging words I swear I see every single comment every single DM every single whatever and it is so appreciated and never overlooked I want to thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys on day 9 past transfer with my day 5 through 8 symptoms bye guys

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  1. Today is April 5th, 2019 and i hand ou transfer yesterday, the 4th and im so nervous, im all over YouTube searching for persons with expérience and i stumbled upon your channel, i must say its refreshing To hear thé expérience from a normal person. Thanks for sharing im feeling much better like i can go wash thé dishes😅😅

  2. Hysterical that your husband thought the painkiller was what you were on 😂😂😂. Thanks for posting this update! My FET is tomorrow. 🙏🏽

  3. I too, have been checking back for updates. I am in the same boat as you. Almost to transfer day for me. I only have one embryo like you, so crossing my fingers and praying for both of us!! I feel like I'm going crazy waiting for an update!! Take care 🙂 Baby dust to you

  4. I’ve been checking back for updates but understand that it’s a busy time in life! I’ve been enjoying watching the journey and can’t wait for an update! 💗💗

  5. I'm intensely excited for you! I'm 38 and recently had to end my journey, but I was thinking before my surgery hopefully with me ending my journey you can be able to start yours! Biggest huggs!😘

  6. How was the bloating afterwards? I've heard you can feel extremely bloated/watery. Did it dissipate after a few days??

  7. I don't know if you'll see this but girl I'm so happy for you two! I have been watching your vids and just think you are the sweetest! You are so deserving of a beautiful little baby and God is with you hunny and will make sure it happens! Totally subbed momma!! Much love to you! ❤️❤️

  8. Girl you’re definitely pregnant. Cramping is not consistent with pregnancy it comes and goes. Definitely a symptom of natural pregnancy I experienced. And the mood swings just continue to be out of hand for the next couple of weeks but it will go away

  9. I hope it all works out. I did ivf around the same time. Got bad news after egg retrival. Hoping better news ivf round 2. Be positive till the end. When I got pregnant twice though iui, I had no symthoms. Even through I lost both, I learned that anything can happen. Don’t give up!

  10. try not to think to much of symptoms most of them are progesterone they mimic loads of pregnancy, I have done 17 IVF transfers and in the failed ones I had symptoms in the ones that worked and ended in loss I had the exact same symptoms as the failed cycles, and the one where we got our beautiful baby Benny we had the same symptoms, there was no difference at all, it is all the meds until about 17 days past a 5 day transfer. But I do hope that this little blast is snuggling in for the next 8 months or so. Also did you do an update about if you got a snow baby. Thinking of you the TWW is not easy, none of it is, it is a massive shut up and wait game.

  11. I always had cramping, an aching chest and was very tired as side effects from progesterone. The difference in my successful transfer was an increased smell from day 3 after transfer and a new kind of cramping on day 7 after transfer. I wanted to prepare myself for the blood test and took a test on day 8. After so many negatives I was absolutely surprised to finally get a BFP!
    I keep my fingers crossed for you!

  12. I only had an hour or two of cramping over the first 4 days and I got a positive on day 5 🙂 I was so worried about the fact that I wasn't really cramping at all. These things just play games with your mind!

  13. Fwiw I've had early cramping from implantation to positive hpt in both of my pregnancies. Very noticeable for me, I hope it's a good sign for you! I've been thinking about you guys and praying you have a healthy and happy 9 months mama!

  14. These are all great signs!!! I felt cramps but they were in my uterus. Very different from any cramps I’ve ever felt. My temperature also went up and I was hot flashy. These were all symptoms o had not had even being on progesterone or estradiol

  15. I'm praying for you! This makes me so excited for my FET which feels soooo far away lol! I only just now got my report on my day 5 embryos. Good luck on your TWW, though. That's definitely the worst part!!!

  16. I didn’t have much cramping after my transfer. I feel like that came later, but everyone is different. I was bad and tested before my beta. I got my first positive 4 days past transfer. I was not strong enough to wait the two weeks lol. Also you have a lot of hormones going through your body right now so you are going to be moody. It gets better when you stop the progesterone. This whole process is so draining, but hopefully it will all be worth it.

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