31 Replies to “Symptoms Before Our Pregnancy Test | IVF Success!”

  1. Hi Chelsea! Just want to say I really enjoy watching your videos 🙂 I just had my FET today and looking forward a successful outcome! Congrats on your pregnancy! I know your big day is coming up and wishing you all the best! <3

  2. Congratulations growing family ✨God bless you! I failed two cycles. But many friends encouraged me to try again. I heard many success stories through the website www.ivfinmexico.com. I'm in contact with one clinic . I'm in hope to share my success story soon!y

  3. I was smiling thru ur update, happy for you an ur hubby may the Lord Jesus Christ watch over you and the life that's growing within you,God bless you and hubby.

  4. This is my 4th ivf transfer and this I'm expecting positive result definitely god will with me after 3days I will check

  5. Hii. i am on FET Transfer 2 days before, but i am not feeling as much symptoms. is itr normal?

  6. This is our first IVF got positive .we were happy but after 9 weeks no heart beat Dr asked as to go for D&C .so sad .planning to do second IVF
    soon.pray for me

  7. Congratulations i have 1 week before my period is suppose to come and im hoping and praying this time im pregnant! I have been feeling cramps and a little sore breast so im hoping they are pregnancy symptoms .Wish me luck And Thank youu for this video God Bless You

  8. Wow you got pregnant on your 1st transfer! That is good but can be heartbreaking for couple with many cycles and no luck.

  9. Congrats! me and my husband are doing our 1st IVFcycle now in Mexico…..we are nervous !!! wish us Luck!!

  10. nice!!!! congratulations. I can't wait to follow you with your baby journey. im 20 weeks 2.2.19 ill still follow you once she's born. LoL

  11. Congratulations!! My husband and I were ttc for over a year and had a fertility appt scheduled for today (9/11/18). However we found out just 2 weeks ago that we were finally pregnant! Were six weeks along now too!

  12. Congratulations,I had a strong feeling it will work for you first time:) I had my first baseline yesterday, there were only 15 follicles:/will be starting Menopur and Gonal-f on Friday .

  13. I was crossing my fingers for you and sprinkled baby dust a few videos ago for you! And then I got my positive test. I'm 10 weeks today so we are probably both going to deliver in April! woo hoo!

  14. You guys are gonna be the best parents, you're so precious and down to earth! You're my fave, growing, fam too, you're so relatable, and I can already picture you with a big, cute belly! I can see both of you "killing" the baby mama dance in about March or April too! Ty for sharing your story ❤️

  15. I’m still so stinkin happy for y’all!!! Can’t wait for more updates!! Continued prayers for a H&H 9 months!! 🙏🏻

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