‘Taken At Birth’: The Shocking True Story Of A Black Market Adoption Ring

>>>This is a small town. You wouldn’t have ever thought anything this big was going on.>>He requested a thousand dollars. They were told to come to the back door and handed the baby out and said, good luck.>>We know now that he was telling women that their baby died and he would sell them.>>They’d put it in my arms. Isn’t she awful tiny?>>Those women deserve the truth.>>It almost sounds unreal, but it is real. The new tlc docuseries, taken at birth uncovers the shocking case of a the hicks babies, black market 0u9 of a small clinic in Georgia.>>Jane and Lisa worked tirelessly to reveal the truths about this story and reunite long-lost families. Welcome, ladies. You’ve been investigating Dr. Hicks since you were 19 years old.>>18.>>18. And you started this journey after you found an error on your birth certificate?>>I knew I was adopted from an early age and at 18 I wanted to find my birth family.>>Right.>>So I started looking. I knew it was — as my adopted father said, not aboveboard. I knew there could be some challenges, but I didn’t expect what I found.>>That they bought you literally, right?>>Yes.>>Wow.>>So what was — paid cash?>>They paid cash, yes.>>So what was their response once you came back with that information?>>Well, they knew that I would — I mean, they had talked about it openly. My father talked about it openly with me. So he had told me the story before I went down, yeah.>>May I ask, what does a baby go for? What was the price?>>He paid a thousand for me. My sister was bought from the same place four years earlier. They paid 600 for her.>>Tell them the circumstances surrounding when you were adopted by your adoptive parents. You were tiny. You were this little baby. She was literally handed out the back door.>>Yeah. So it was pretty bad.>>How do these transactions work? It’s not like you can put it on Facebook. How do they happen?>>It was word of mouth mostly. There was a woman that had grown up in mckayesville, Georgia. She moved to Ohio. She knew the doctor. She couldn’t have children. So she bought babies from him. She told her friends, and it just went from there. So there were close to 200, possibly more. We still don’t know what the exact number is. It went to Akron, Ohio.>>Based on that research, how many babies do you think Dr. Hicks could have done this>>There’s absolutely no number. We don’t have concrete information right now other than to go about 200.>>There’s no documentation. He would forge birth certificates. Some of these people didn’t even know when they were born.>>Wow.>>So how did Dr. Hicks — how was he able to get away with this for decades?>>It was a small town. It’s funny, because people knew, but they sort of turned the other cheek, didn’t they?>>So the police and authorities were aware and they didn’t do>>He was a big man in town. He owned businesses, several businesses. Ment he was the doctor.>>At that time doctors were like gods. So if they say something, that’s the absolute truth.>>Was there a connection or a thought that maybe his own children were children that were biologically his have been victims of this?>>Yes, there was. From the very beginning, I mean, that was always something — when I talked to some of the towns folks, my sources basically, they had said they thought it was a good possibility that he had fathered some of them.>>So you’ve been able to reunite now some of these families who were separated this way. What has that experience been like?>>You can’t put words to it. It’s amazing.>>It’s incredible. But it’s also — the people who went on these journeys were incredibly brave. They don’t don’t know what they’re going to find at the end of this. A lot of them found out, sadly, we had one case where the birth mother was told that the children were still born.>>Oh, what.>>And they were sold. They buried the children. They put tombstones up. These families mourned the death of their children their entire life.>>Only to meet them years later.>>Is it possible these children were the biological children of Dr. Hicks themselves?>>You’re going to have to watch.>>That’s the tease. You make me want to watch now. Thank you for sharing. That’s mind blowing right there. You can check out, taken at birth, Wednesday night on tlc.>>Kit, what is going on over there?>>Look here. I don’t want to mess up her makeup. Lacy is here. We have so much to dive into. “Mean girls” anniversary, “Party of five” anniversary. The new hallmark movie you’re going to love. She’s coming up next.

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