Taking Our Newborn Back To Hospital.

what we're doing this morning we're going to get hearing retested again Oh mom so first time every app has ever got a car sage freaked myself out right Lana right you see the gray bits make sure those grey bits when his neck so the black bears mother's neck yeah we got there first so ads we mentioned in yesterday's video we have to take boats Hospital today because when we were in hospital the first time around like when Abba gave birth his hearing in one of his ears wasn't that good yeah so it said what all these things that we need to make sure he's not deaf and one if he is there for pain if it's not beautiful so is that all weekend that's alright so it should be a pretty chill day at the hospital so we just followed our sat-nav and this this is a hospital what no no this excite this looks like an abandoned house I am about this this isn't nice J's I'm sorry I've never seen such a scary economists road you hear the dogs barking yeah but it's okay I'm someone babies are scared of hospitals now it all makes sense to look at this are you sure this is this is both as anything we're in no more creepy hospitals and so where we go next our own against doctors ask right only the doctors love a will of these are these days of just doctors and sadly so we've just come out the hospital and it had his hearing test done and they said they're gonna text me the results tonight so I'll be able to put that in the end of the vlog so unfortunately I've a little bit of bad news about this channel and everything that we've been working for over the last three or so weeks as you guys can clearly tell we've just had a baby and every day since we've had the baby I've tried to daily upload I've tried to keep everybody on board with what we're doing I've try to you know document not only for you guys but for us in the future to reference back to memories so we don't just have memories in our head that fade we've got physical and videos of everything we've done I'm sure you guys can understand that when I create a youtube video it's not as easy as just recording four to three hours a day there's six or seven hours of editing that goes into every single video as well as the recording as well as planning out what we're doing in that specific day and trying to make it all work first week recording each video that we upload takes about ten hours a day of of my own of his time mostly it's me editing for six or seven hours a day I miss out on time with my baby for it I you know I make that sacrifice I treat this as if it's a full-time job because it could be this is where the problem comes in for the first week that we were uploading we were getting paid an okay amount we're getting paid enough to live off ever since I gave a mention on my main channel the amount I get paid per view has dropped by about 70 percent and every single video including the one that Abby showed her body to try and give people you know some body confidence and show that like you don't have to be sad about what you look like got demonetised it was flag 40 monetization and currently I've requested a manual review so somebody at YouTube ad she looked at the video and says all this is against guard Lancer is not this has happened four times out of my last five videos and all of the times I've requested manual review the videos have been Ramana ties but 80 or 90 percent of the views happen within the first two days so I'd miss out an 8-year 90 percent of my money which means we can't afford to do it like these frogs are earning enough to to sanction that amount of time I've tried to keep this channel really brand friendly I haven't said anything negative everything's been you know what I'm doing in the day everything's been very very brand friendly and yet it's been targeted for no reason so I told its watch you guys if there's anything that I'm doing wrong in these videos if there's anything that can be seen as not brand friendly if there's anything that can be seen as not family friendly please tell me because I really feel like I'm being very family friendly on this channel and it's just a little bit up saying it kept me up last night thinking about you know the fact that this could potentially not be an option in the future um so yeah please let me know if there's anything I can do to change my videos to make it more brand friendly it's make it more family friendly this channel is made for everyone to save for everyone to be able to see you know our lives and just a bit annoyed that it's not working out like that so it's vigor or the middle of a heat wave started on the top now it's 41 degrees today it's about the 38 and Thursday we just don't know what we're doing we've got a little spider grub and he just doesn't love it look look what she just doesn't love the way we're doing eva'dur why it's too hot to do anything say aye that was a hopper it's way way too hot to do this don't know what the Midwife wants us for every single topic over there she says very different place doesn't you know the gender of our baby how can she be advised so we were in there for about 20 minutes they were running 20 minutes late he's like crying he was hungry and it's way too hot it's 32 degrees the moment yeah we can't let him get stressed that was noise like it's not fair on him so taken aback I'm letting in food and calm down do it to the local GP because I would need like a post birth check up that Midwife hasn't been great to us the entire time he was pregnant she's never turned up to meetings with you bo starts crying he's crying for about 20 minutes I couldn't calm it down he needed some food she was running about 20 minutes behind schedule there's someone in front of us who's going to be there at half 1 we were there at quarter to two and she's done been seen so it was literally like no putting us thanos screaming the place now it wasn't fair and him or us and some old woman who was sitting in the same place so I was saying really judgmental things about me being a young dad that ha I picked him up because he was crying she saw this was from we society parents like that and getting just took got tattoos and I'm young but i guarante a little bit a weight bearing that she was hate that what we're doing at me some Orbeez I think when you say it's wrinkled we're not actually getting a swimming pool because we're too poor but we are going to get like a decent-sized paddling pool because there's many videos we're going to do over the next coming few days involving the swimming pool that you guys will enjoy it'll be like living with my baby nose would be good videos don't worry stay tuned the skies have been I've never in my life seen anything like this longer yes I've pre-ordered a a 10 foot swimming pad limp oh it cost me a decent bit of money but hopefully only back through monetization for swingers did they give you in a mood just reserved so he needs paper yeah yes oh my god she's so sexy yeah oh you recording cuts off say hello to your friends going to Tesco's yeah it's up noid my entire date says be walking round hospitals and shops and boring things so me and Mycroft test guys at the moment because we keep on losing all the dummies no you keep on losing the dummies no I'm the only one that earns money welcome to the next episode of cooking with Mike dad's I don't know what school this segment of the video it's gonna be a reoccurring theme soon oh and there's a crying baby so today I will be cooking summer every what we're cooking prawns battered prawns not to be mistaken with our shrimps completely different but this we're gonna need rice Sunfire won't occur maybe two breadcrumbs Omega 2 white rice white rice vinegar fish sauce and add chillies and prawns but they're in the fridge my comic book to take them out actually to know what you're lucky guys and for all of us chilli or brought the total cost this mirror was about ten pounds for two people so if you're cooking for four people will be about twenty quid looking for one Utley five pounds et cetera cetera do the maths so first of all we need to make the chili sauce yes you can make the fish sauce aforementioned caster sugar and what won't vinegar so we're gonna do your well that was a that was terrible terrible video operative on me I'm so sorry they would have your fish sauce for this recipe I'm only going to use twenty four milliliters at this into your app white wine vinegar acai sugar it's the taste good well there's actually what's with my camera this isn't puppy head mom you got it wait yeah we'll just see that I wasn't actually just chain there's actually a wasp attacking me and your hundred grams of sugar lovely yeah we love diabetes in this family there another one is it back not might you're chatting gonna mix this together until we're all the sugar ism what's the word mom God evaporate it dissolves your sweet chili sauce should look so like this it is slightly runny well that's what you want you don't want a sticky sweet chili sauce that's a myth because we're deep-frying we need to warm up a pan I'm using salt oil because our offering Tesco's you can use whatever oil you want as long as it gets hot no if you guys aren't familiar with how to deep fry something Ridge where you've got eggs this was eggs are sticky you put these in them like so what I'm gonna do now is going to individually pick up each prong you know dip it in the batter all right generously sort of set that and put it on a plate to rest also I put the royce number that's just such a boring step on after out so after all of these steps your oil should be well and truly boiling the way you can check if oil is boiling is you see little fragments into the water then it's like its final wheels these little ripples little waves that means that what add the oil is boiling it's just it's so dense a car bubble pick up your your frog and dip it into the batter will sizzle wait for about a minute roughly or until it goes completely golden at that point it's edible so at this point again I've gotten to do the rice because it's so boring it should be left with some fronds that look a little bit like this these are prawns put as many as you want with a plate you know if you want to choke that month our plate that's a good amount but you season with salt I like to use a Himalayan sea salt because it's good for you surprisingly and now you have a dipping sauce and and some food and thanks for watching terrible all done Michael you forgot to finish off the vlog yesterday didn't you yeah you did mate yeah you did so obviously on the end the vlog here is the next day I'm just about to edit this video so it goes up tonight and I forgot to outro yesterday I've got to say goodbye and I feel like it's rude if I don't thank you guys for watching this video if you are new to the channel please subscribe it takes 5 seconds out of your day and it helps us out endlessly drop a like on this video if you like to comment down below any sort constructive criticism or things we can improve or for these videos because we do want to make them better for you guys make sure you follow all of our instagrams the links are in the description and if you have any business inquiry sir my email is down below fake guys watching and peace

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  1. This is such a family friendly channel, YouTube really needs to sort everything out, it’s ridiculous

  2. I wouldn’t recommend putting a blanket over the buggy to keep Beau out the sun, it can trap heat in and he will over heat because of it, getting a buggy umbrella will actually be much better for him

  3. Hey Mike , been loving your videos recently and nothing else is family friendly but just as a friendly comment not as a hatred comment but when you said “I would be a better parent then that Lady” you are very true but that might cause you losing you on your money and we love your videos ,take care

  4. Please don't cover the pram/car seat with anything. It can double the temperature and they could over heat. Not trying to be nasty, just helpful advice 😊 love your videos though! Hope you get everything sorted with your account cause there's nothing wrong with them at all! Both doing an amazing job. I've got a 13 week old and a 2 year old 😂

  5. 100% family friendly! And the vid of Abbie showing her body after baby was absolutely the most encouraging vid ever. Hats off to her for that one, very courageous of her to do that. I think she’s gorgeous!! And you have a beautiful family!! Congrats!

  6. I seen that you had a blanket or some sort of cloth over the pram for your baby, don’t think you know this as I don’t think you would have done it otherwise but by putting something over the pram actually makes the temperature inside the pram higher, it’s been all over social media a lot lately and one pram got up to 50°C, We’ve all made the mistake I just thought I would tell you x

  7. I don’t want to sound horrible as you guys are doing your absolute best as parents however covering the pram with anything such as a blanket or muslin cloth actually increases the temperature of your baby I didn’t want that to sound bad

  8. I absolutely love all the videos on your channel and watch them just about every day ❤️❤️ there is nothing wrong with the content at all, very family friendly with adorable shots 🤗🥰.. I don't see why the videos are getting demonitised like wtf :///

  9. Please don't cover your car seat on a hot day it could kill your baby . And please don't take this a an insult . Congratulations on becoming parents you make a beautiful family .

  10. I am so sorry this is happening to you it's also been happening to some other youtubers channels too where the women breastfeed. it's not okay i fully support and believe in breastfeeding but for some reason YouTube doesn't like it and a lot of youtubers are being demonitized for so many small things it's ridiculous

  11. there’s tons of teen mom channels who breastfeed on camera and blur it, and youtube doesn’t demonetize them. and then there’s youtubers who swear constantly and do a bunch of dangerous things on cameras for views but are still monetized. i don’t understand at all why your channel would be demonetized, i think it’s more family friendly than the ace family to be honest

  12. Iv been watching you for a very very long time but do NOT cover a baby pram with a blanket, you may be keeping the sun off him but your keeping the heat in the pram!!!!

  13. This channel is honestly the best, it is family friendly, I love being able to look forward to these videos of your family x

  14. There's nothing wrong with your YouTube channel your an amazing a fantastic little family beau is so cute

  15. It’s irritating how YouTube target the wrong channels this is one of the most purest channels on here

  16. Mike what your doing is what ever new family if doing daily basis and you haven’t been negative. I just wish I did this for my son when he was born so I could have the memories, keep you chin up lad x

  17. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the breastfeeding, but the reason that YouTube is demonizing videos could possibly be breastfeeding in public.

  18. This channel is so family friendly there's nothing I could suggest for you to change. You're very cautious of what you show like when Abbie showed her belly and the stretch marks on her legs you made sure it wasn't inappropriate. I feel you're being very mature and respectful and tactful on this channel which is perfect and you shouldn't be getting flagged like you are. You're doing great and those flagging the videos need to cut it out.

  19. So YouTube allows sex/nude/death but not babies? And abbie showing her post birth body Wtf?? I'm sorry Mike!! Fucking YouTube!!!

  20. Please join, parenting groups on fb. For new parents you’ll find some great tips. Just trying to give some advice, lose the fur in the car seat and don’t put a blanket over the pram cause it actually makes the baby hotter. I didn’t know this when I was a first time mum either 🙈 beau is the cutest and you both doing amazing!

  21. Mike please don’t put the blanket over the front of the pram people have said to be putting them on and the babies are getting too hot because they don’t have a breeze you can get breathable netted ones that can go over the pram! X

  22. I can’t see why you wouldn’t be seen as a family friendly channel the only thing I can think of is the breast feeding because there are stupid people in this world that thinks it’s wrong but all your doing is showing everyone what it’s like to be parents. This is the only family channel I watch and I’ve tried to watch others and I just can’t get into them but yours is by far the best one and I think it’s because you’re so real

  23. I love watching your channel. There's nothing wrong with anything your doing. Keep up the great work and yall are such good parents.

  24. Mike this is the most family friendly channel that I watch and I watch family vlogs. I think that is a joke that you have been demonized. I feel like its youtube just trying to limit their cash outflow and increase their profits. It's a joke😡 and its boiling 🥵🥵keep up the great work. This is one of the best channels that I watch

  25. Why you guys are being demonitised makes absolutely no sense. The video of Abbie, is actually amazing ❤️ she’s just showing what giving birth to such a beautiful human has done. Your channel is absolutely family friendly. I absolutely love you guys. You are all awesome. God Bless you all ❤️

  26. this is 100000000% family friendly, remember we love you lots and are here for you always. we got your back 🙂

  27. I love this channel!! There is nothing on this channel which isn’t family friendly. I’m so sorry you are going through this, you shouldn’t have too!! You create such beautiful videos and memories with Beau and YouTube needs to recognise that and give you beautiful people a damn pay rise, they shouldn’t be demonetising your videos as there is nothing in your videos which are breaking any guidelines as far as I’m concerned. Keep making awesome videos, keep being strong, keep making lovely memories with your child and I hope all goes well and for Beau’s hearing too!! I’ll keep you all in my thoughts 💜💜

  28. Congratulations on the birth of your son. Could you possibly let your mum know I've been trying to get in contact? I've lost her number and changed mine since we last spoke.

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