Talking Benefits: Growing Your Family

Hi V-Teamers, Dotan Ziv here with another video in our Talking Benefits series. One of the most special experiences in life is when we grow our family, whether through birth or adoption. While it’s an exciting time, it can also be stressful, and your benefits play an important role in helping things go well. Today, Fatima Giammarino and Nekia Lewis will walk us through all of the ways that your Verizon benefits can help you enjoy this special time to the fullest. Hi V-Teamers, I’m Fatima. And I’m Nekia. We’re from Compensation & Benefits. It’s so exciting when we learn that a child is about to come into our lives, and we want V Teamers to make the most of this joyous occasion. To help you ease into parenthood, we have a suite of benefits that provide support at every stage. Whether your family is growing through birth or adoption, our Employee Assistance Program provides a variety of resources to help you prepare for the big day. Such as emotional and mental well-being support, including face-to-face counseling, childcare referral, free legal and financial consultations for budgeting, creating a savings plan, or your will. Even convenient services for day-to-day tasks such as finding baby furniture or mowing your lawn. If you’re adopting, our Adoption Assistance Program can provide consultation and resources for adoption matters, and reimburse you for up to $10,000 of certain expenses incurred during the adoption process. If you’re awaiting the birth of your new family member and you’re an Anthem Plan member, check out Anthem’s Healthy Pregnancy Program. Maternity nurses follow your progress from the first trimester all the way through to newborn care. It evaluates early risks to the mother and baby, offers nursing support for both high-risk and non-high-risk pregnancies and provides post-delivery follow-up, including postpartum depression assessment, education and referrals. We know you’re going to want to spend every possible moment with your new arrival. And we’ve got you covered. For Moms who just gave birth, our short-term disability program provides you with 8 weeks off at full pay. After short-term disability, we provide an additional 8 weeks of parental leave benefits at full pay. The 8 weeks for parental leave are available to new dads and adoptive parents too. It can be taken all at once or in increments of 2 weeks for up to a year following the birth or placement for adoption. You have the option of using your available vacation and personal days to extend that all-important initial bonding time. For moms who are breastfeeding and may need to travel for work, our benefit from Milk Stork provides mail delivery and transport services so you can easily get your pumped breast milk home to your child. And when it comes to child care, the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage program provides at-a-moment’s notice child care to help you manage those times when a sudden, unexpected need arises. Also, the Bright Horizons Special Needs program delivers free access to tools and resources for parents with special needs children to help them overcome developmental and educational hurdles at every age. Finally, remember the Employee Assistance Program provides comprehensive support services for an array of life situations. You can reach the EAP 24/7/365 days online or by phone. Starting or expanding a family is an exciting time. If that’s you, congratulations! Be sure to check out all of these resources, which can help make life for you and your family as happy and healthy as possible.

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