27 Replies to “Tamar Braxton cries about her miscarriage | Braxton Family Values Review”

  1. Tamar got everything she deserved!! She don't know how to speak civilly nor respectful, and when she gets responses, she can handle them, but doesn't take in consideration of how she talks to people

  2. Tamar got mad pull in the industry yes….she may have actually controlled the album believe me mos likely tamar did it

  3. Tamar is the 1st to tell her mind and opinions even If people never ask for it,but when someone says something to her it's a different story

  4. Not raising your child comment is not unfair. Raise your own children! Tamar is hateful! But she's funny and ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  5. Tamar don't take care of Logan. She didn't want him but she gave Vince a baby so she can continue to pull wat she can out of Vince. She wanted so bad for Ms Evelyn to stay with her so she can take care of Logan. Now she has filed for divorce she's sayn that she has to be close to Logan for the sake of all the stuff that's going on but everytime u see her on INSTAGRAM live she in the club sumwhere.

  6. Tamar likes attention and wen she is wrong that's wen she comes with stuff to make people feel sorry for her. I don't believe that Tamar had a miscarriage. She wuz backed in a corner cuz of her mouth and her attitude and then she comes out with the miscarriage thing. She hadn't mentioned this to nobody and soon as she is backed into a corner then here comes the dramatics. Then she want to act like she is innocent and she don't do nothing wrong. I truly can't stand nobody like that.

  7. I think that they are to hard on Tamar's opinion. she has a right to her opinion as well. women are women

  8. Itโ€™s interesting that on this recent Iyanla Fix My Life, Iyanla said Trina didnโ€™t raise her children.

  9. I know that Trina isn't calling out anyone's parenting skills when during the 1st few seasons GABE was constantly complaining about how HE is the ONLY 1 that was home & how he wished that Trina would stop spending all of her time with the band & spend it with him & the boys at home! I NEVER saw a scene with her at home spending time with her family back then! Gabe was basically the live in babysitter so she could run a muck drinking & other things in the streets with her band! So, she NEEDS to shut up! They ALL have grudges, resentment, envy & jealousy when it comes to Tamar because they know that people don't watch the show to see them! Everything that they've been doing & saying about here on every media outlet that they can find… Is just DISGUSTING! Shows how EVIL they are! They don't care about her just those BFV checks!

  10. I think that Tamar miscarried. My daughter that is just like tamar has said the same thing. Tamar will say or do anything for the attention and I understand why her sister's don't bother with her. I don't like to deal with my daughter but she has my granbaby.

  11. It don't surprise me that Ms Evelyn takes care of Logan cuz Tamar didn't want a child to begin with.

  12. Wow they're all wrong for everything and I can't blame Tracy for being angry at Tamar that was wrong

  13. Tamar ha no reason to apologize, Trina shoudn't have asked for opinions if she was gonna be extra sensitive.

  14. I can't watch reality shows like this. This make me feel blessed I don't have a lot if sisters. My only and youngest sister do not go through bone of this. When I learned my sister shady and dirty ass ways . I let her go asap. I don't do females and once I see my blood is dirty. I love you from afar. Im not going back and forth with my sister and I definetly don't allow her to speak to me like this. Please!!

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