29 Replies to “TCS NQT 2020 Official Mock Test Fully Solved | Quantitative Aptitude Section”

  1. Sir please upload videos based on individual concepts like time and work ,on trains etc please do videos on aptitude concepts Sir please

  2. Answer to question no 14) will be 96 and not 100
    Because it is said an orange at above level can be put between gap formed by 4 oranges at previous level.
    Now at last level we will have 5*1 oranges and hence we can't place extra 4 oranges at top.

  3. Sir, inn question 12 u had mentioned that probability of getting 3 blue balls as 5c3.. but on substituting values u had put 5 * 4 div by 2.. Why not it be 5*4*3 div by 3..?

  4. Sir, In the instructions given before the mock test, they said there will be FUB type questions also…But I didn't find any…So should I expect any FUB type questions in the main exam or not, please explain??

  5. Question 14 correct answer is 101.
    as one orange will be there above the 4 oranges . size of the tower will be 5

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