Teen Cousins All Got Pregnant in One Year | Unexpected

I’m really excited
to prep with my family for the baby shower. Since I didn’t find out until
I was almost five months pregnant, I feel like
I’ve missed out on a lot. So I’m trying to enjoy
being pregnant while I can. You know what you should do? You should do blue and pink. How do you spell diaper? [LAUGHS] Oh, my god, go back to school. No, you need to–
you need a green. I’m still in school. I’m Tiara. I’m 16 years old. I’m Tyra’s little sister. And I have a baby girl. The three of us got pregnant
within a year of each other. And it’s kind of crazy. But it’s nice to have
someone to relate to and to talk about
being a teen mom, too. [LAUGHTER] TYRA: I don’t think this
glue is sticking very well. Look. TYRA: Wait, let me
throw a ping-pong ball. I mean, how much more
suck do you want it? [LAUGHTER] I’m Melissa. I’m 38, and I’m a grandma
for the second time. I’m Candice. I’m Melissa’s sister. I’m 34. And I’m also a grandmother. Me and my sister, Candice, was
pregnant with Taylor and Tyra at the same time. We told our mom we were
pregnant the same day. I came in and told my
mom I was pregnant. And then as soon as you
walked through the door, you started crying. So it was our mom’s
first two granddaughters, born three days apart. So they were spoiled rotten. [RASPBERRY] [LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER] She can come in here
and sit– sit with us. She pooped. MELISSA: That’s her mom, not me. TIARA; It’s on her back. [BABY SQUEALING] [LAUGHTER] You ready for that,
poop up the back?

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  1. This is the parents fault they set an example and they followed it an example that is completely wrong by the way 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. how’s it when your moms a teen mom and all your cousins are teen moms you still don’t use protection? like at that point you’ve had so many warnings

  3. This is sick why is this being encouraged. We live in a sick world. To think U.S. is supposedly first world…. don't they teach sex education anymore

  4. This is sick why is this being encouraged. We live in a sick world. To think U.S. is supposedly first world…. don't they teach sex education anymore

  5. We need laws passed so these women loose custody of their children. Their fathers should be jailed for rape of a adolescence. PURE DISGUSTING.

  6. These girls should be ashamed. Perhaps we should go back to the days of stoning them, and their Illegitimate bastard children.

  7. Wait a minute. All giggling girls, playing house, thinking they are so "cool".
    Where does the daddy come or is this another poor baby, toddler, teenager child without their daddies? That's cruel, but these girls can't see beyond their "baby shower" strutting around school on parade. This is so sad for the child. Who's going to get up night after night, feed, change these babies? I'm sure the girls think Mom to do all this.
    Who is going to pay for all these selfish decisions? WE, taxpayers that's who.
    That means we're on the hook for 18 years paying for their child.
    The child will be the most harmed one out of this mess.
    TLC quit showing these kind of stories!!
    It is so wrong. Girls, have some respect for yourself.

  8. in a small age it's easy too have in a relationship but the main thing is too spend life with partner honestly conditions applying for both

  9. This is just sad. I don't understand how you could be happy for your kids having babies at such a young age. I would be gravely disappointed and feel like I failed them as a parent.

  10. This is how 80% of females are these days.. ditzy dumb bitches.. sleep with anyone that comes their way.. probably take 30 selfies a day all for attention. Didn’t need to make a show giving them even more attention. Makes me sick.

  11. Bruh this shit fake, her belly is fine in one shot n then she got a whole ass balloon belly in another lmao stoooooooopppp

  12. Being a mother requires a lot of responsiblity 24/7 and this teens seems like they treat as a play
    .she should learn from her cousins take it as lesson ( but she took it the other way around got pregnant too 🤣🤣🤣🤣)

  13. They are all mothers and yet they still live with their mother. Where is the father to the baby on all of this? I’m sure the grandmother are the ones doing the hard deeds of caring for their grandchildren, because a kid can’t raise a kid on their own.

  14. It’s called a condom, pill, pull out it’s called not being stupid and then bitching and moaning about a choice YOU made.

  15. I'm not trying to judge but I do think teen years is very young to have kids and you can't be 100% safe with sex cause there's always that small chance even with protection. My mom even having my sister at 20 (my age now) was a struggle because she was a single mom and I honestly cannot wait to be a mother but I wanna be stable with a great career so I'm not ready to have kids till I'm at least in my mid 20's but I do think that life completely changes having kids younger. It's not impossible but it's very hard. I'm almost 21 and I've never even done it but I don't feel ashamed and even now I feel like it would be hard for me to have a kid since I'm still young but yeah people could make better choices with prevention but I'm seeing this become a trend somehow with more girls being pregnant. Call me old fashioned but I believe in falling in love before having sex and I'm saving myself for the right guy but we all have different views.

  16. maybe between the three of them they will have enough brain cells to raise a human coz on their own there ain't no hope !

  17. Are parents not talking to their kids about sex and babies nowadays????????? Geez… can we text them about this serious matter at least.. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  18. You know instead of bashing the teens how about we talk about ways to help prevent teen pregnancies it's not right or fair to talk shit and no wanna help or change and understand the situation to it's fullest

  19. Why doesn’t their mom education them about protection? Or about how hard it is to raise a child when they themselves are still children 😐

  20. Wtf!?? No shame what so ever in their situations. It is twisted…I would assume kids are being encouraged to have sex to support the home with Medicaid or foodstamps. I couldn't explain any other reason for that level of dysfunction!!

  21. I can not stand this show. Every time it comes on after 90 day fiance I turn from it. You would think that these girls would learn from their sex education class along with the shows teen mom and 16 and pregnant, since those two shows apparently made teen pregnancy rate drop according to some articles.🤷🏽‍♀️ This show is just down right embarrassing and the teens are acting like its okay to get pregnant at that young of an age. This show needs to be off the air.

  22. Wait until they cannot sleep at night
    Cannot drink
    Cannot party
    Cannot hang out with friends
    Dealing with crying
    Dirty diapers
    Messy house
    Messy life like they live in hell

    And after all of that they will learn how to use protection

  23. That's a damn shame how these young teens get pregnant early in their anything is a joke they still babies themselves and their mama got to raise the baby and raise them to shaking my head

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