100 Replies to “Teen Is Asked To Take Pregnancy Test – See What Happens And The Results”

  1. Why does youtube keep telling me to watch Dr. Phil i hate him he exploits people he exploits families amd their stuggles and pain these are people who need actual help and is he doing that maybe but he's also exploiting them for entertainment and that's just sick

  2. Let’s say she actually is 3-4 months pregnant (as the description suggests), why tf would you make her sleep on the damn floor?

  3. She's probably doing this not just for power, but for attention. She could just be looking for it, or she's begging for it cause she's not getting attention. Hearing her BS gang member stories tells me she's just looking for attention.

  4. God I love Dr Phil! Hes a real G. We knew she wasn't pregnant. I laughed so hard when he said get her a pillow and blanket she can sleep on the floor. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Dr. Phil on a bike on the picture in the background of the hallway is great! Good job Dr. Phil on this case, this one is a good one.

  6. Honestly, I would just kick her out. See how much of an adult she really is and how well she can take care of herself

  7. Lying about being with child is nasty
    However the reasons why some women lie are tragic, some want to live a life they never got to have due to infertility or miscarriage

    Btw i know a former teen mom, this girl, if pregnant, doesn't represent teen moms

    If she WAS pregnant, the baby will be harmed due to the alcohol, even in the early stages

  8. This is disgusting how this is being passed off as trying to help her its torture that girl has rights you all are disgusting for this forcing her to do what she doesnt want and you wonder why she is being combative and unruly

  9. Sleeping on the floor? That woman is dead on and she is making her take the test and you can’t hug them and say come on please lmao….. what a brat that girl….

  10. Do not negotiate with terrorists. And yes if a child goes to those links to terrorize your family they are considered a terrorist.

  11. Goes to show how immature she is to raise a child. Oh good, thank God!!!! She's not pregnant. She too young, she looking for attention. Ah whatever, punish her.

  12. Probably would have worked to wait for her to go to sleep, then take some blood and just run a blood test. Sure it takes a little longer but at least she can't sabotage a blood test

  13. Why should you force someone to take a test.
    The girl did it because she thought her parents would trust her but now that she knows she has lost her trust in her parents

  14. you cant force someone to take a pregnancy test, even a minor.
    a parent/guardian cant even make a teenager give her baby up for adoption anymore, at least not in my state. they'll move the mother and baby to a foster home that will keep them together.
    the biological father also has rights even if hes a minor.
    laws and times have changed so much.
    teen moms do need support.
    I dont understand what this girl lied about being pregnant.

  15. What would a pregnancy test even say if you pour water on it? Will it give a result at all or will it say like "error" or something??

  16. "will you take the test"


    "that means yes right?"


    immediately after: "i'd rather sleep on the floor of the bathroom than do the test"

    ok. real subtle.

  17. I used to be friends with a girl who is JUST like this little girl. Empty threats, lied about pregnancy (and miscarriages) ALL for attention and self esteem issues.

  18. It's stuff like this that harden my heart, as the days go on. For some people, the kind of life this young lady portrayed herself as living to her parents is/was actually real life to some. And for the pregnancy to have been fake? Real slap in the face to those that have actually been through all that. Fakin' your story for someone else's just to get some short-term attention, which ends up trapping you in addiction to gaining attention the same ways through higher levels… lol, I type lots of rambles. Excuse me.

  19. Why would they give her a pillow and a blanket? That would just extend how long she can resist for. Let her sleep on the floor if that's how she wants to play it.

  20. I think I figured out where Doctor Phil gets his power from. 2:45 notice in the background, looks like he’s got one of Daenerys’ dragon eggs on a stand. This explains it all. 😉😂🤣

  21. I am going to tell my story on how it was necessary for me to refuse to take a PT when I was in a Domestic Violence situation. I was with my ex fiancé and I found out that I was pregnant and I refused because I was scared for my safety and the safety of my unborn. I am 25 years old. And that’s okay when you are in a situation like that to refuse but in this situation it’s not appropriate.

  22. Why do all this foolishness when he could make the parents sign for a blood test. This is a minor were talking about.

  23. Sorry i know this is an out of control kid but I cannot understand how it is acceptable for these shows to put these vulnerable children in a position where their issues are aired out, they are physically forced and humiliated on television, i mean where i live anyway there are laws on exploitation and a whole legislation on children's rights protecting them from this happening, as it is not in their best interest.

  24. Ugh what I would have done for those tests that she wasted away when I spent $1,000s checking and trying to conceive…

  25. The kid needs a good slap on the legs…brat..she needs locking in her home..home schooled ,no phone or access to a phone,no outside visitors…ITS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE THIS GIRL.💂👅

  26. I mean technically she still could be not always will it show up on a pregnancy test sometimes it gotta be taken from her blood. But if dr Phil was as smart as he says he is he would’ve known that

  27. She should of called her ex the night before 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ I used to lie a lot as a teen too but not this extreme

  28. This is abusive
    Being forced to be filmed
    Holding her against her
    This is no way to gain trust or make a child feel safe
    Imagine letting your child down so much that it gets to this point

  29. I'm sorry.. I couldn't be her parent.. I would have sent to a mental ward until I think that she is able to take care of herself. Feel so sorry for her parents.. Praying for her.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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