Teen mom birth and delivery vlog *emotional*

hey guys Oh welcome to my channel this is the beginning of our birth vlog before things get a little too hectic my water just broke I'm on the toilet right now it's 5:00 in the morning and I just knew I woke up now like my waters breaking I stood up it just so we're gonna get ready to go to the hospital right now and I'm a little nervous I'm having a little contraction and nothing that bad but yeah Jace is gonna take over the vlog and hopefully my friend wakes up so she could go yeah a little freaked out right now cuz I don't know what to expect but it's happening what's up guys so I'm gonna take over the vlog here today we just about to the hospital that's a long ago Harry's water broke around five o'clock in the morning it's already about like it's like 6:00 in the morning maybe so right now the pain is a 6 I was super excited I was to it I was actually too excited and I got her panicking she had like a mini panic attack so and they don't call me down a little bit I was very very excited okay you won't cut what they wouldn't look like that's what Raven was nervous she was like I thought he was gonna come out that way 15 there's only January 20 Michael over a place it's the 25th January 25th there 6:30 in the morning Vanover it's already 8:00 okay but tell Tom you can give it an epidural from 8:00 to or for their pain technically this is ever was gonna be doing everything yesterday January 25th baby is here hey come on now I can always don't yet right here see my son I remember this like it was yesterday [Laughter] it's gonna warm you up once you come they gonna take some fluids all of you of this right here this is where they can't in the contractions not 139:16 never 49 babies out kings past five I was saying let's account about the baby he's kind of focus baby he's looking for some fool and you guys tongue out I don't how do you feel mom she did so good hey guys so I have no idea what the last clip was but it is January 27th so I gave birth two days ago and there's so much going on outside the door so if you hear that sorry but yeah I gave birth two days ago and it was amazing I was in labor for five hours and I was just really good experience you know it hurt a little but I have the baby right here on me yes today we're going home finally I can't wait to go home and be in my own space the Optima bi were eating some breakfast it is good time is it it is 716 in the morning right here out of here yeah I'm very excited to leave we just really enjoyed having our family here come meet him for the first time and we were in the moment for everything we didn't really want to pick up with a vlogging camera so like I said I apologize for not knowing what the heck was filmed we weren't even allowed to have our phones in the labor room so the little clip that I'll insert of me kind of pushing like the practice bush will be in this video other than that we weren't allowed to record but yeah baby baby T's here and I'm so excited I'm so tired I haven't slept in three days and I'm delusional but we'll see you guys the one or we're leaving alright guys so we're leaving she is not happy [Applause] Oh mommy daddy mommy gotta work slower just had a baby that's the kooky big shout out so what the brand and diamonds too is big shot of you guys maybe the first seat you guys on the same thing house experience you had a baby other than a speed sucks J's tired he's getting the whole field me I'm happy taking my baby home we're going home so guys tell you something right now you're not talking okay so guys we are finally home and we basically just relaxed all day we told family not to come over just so we can catch up on our sleep and get some a long time with baby D so yeah but now yeah we all finished relaxing I feel good got my energy back yeah we literally showered we ate dinner we just had a really good relaxing day we watched a movie he's eating right now and he's been on being Aven good no crazy prize looking like that eating every hour two hours and blessed that he's not a crybaby so dreamy not a crybaby amazing baby and this is our first night with you home so but like I said I'm not sure what was recorded this pregnancy labor delivery vlog I wasn't the woman yeah I just want to thank you guys for coming along on this journey and I can't wait for dream to look back on this memory because it was honestly such an experience like I can't believe I'm like we made him love you baby boy so much so yeah like comment and subscribe for more baby D you know we said his name like really tired I believe that out of a billion times still out there yeah I'm gonna reveal it in tomorrow's video which is like we're gonna catch up yeah thank you guys for watching peace out love you peaches first Inc they don't know

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