Teen Mom Birth Vlog | Baby #2 *Emotional*

let's go alright guys lighting might suck but it's a birth blog maybe so it doesn't really matter I got a membership today and this is my second one now I'm 39 weeks and like five days and I think it worked this time on 4 centimeters I think it's working I'm not sure I'm getting a lot of contractions it's 1103 right now and just from an hour ago I started counting them at 10:05 on this app I've had one two three four you look we can have that one to the list oh right Edith I've had one two three 18 19 20 I've had 20 in the past hour but only one has been a minute long other ones are like 40 30 or 20 seconds long we interrupt this program to watch Joey being the cutest little smart baby ever I'm making him noodles in myself noodles because I might be in labor right now it calls for a noodle don't don't you think it goes really it was at this moment he knew he fucked up I'm fine mommy freaks out for no reason sometimes yeah I just burnt the little shit out of my thumb then my contractions got real bad out of nowhere and yo girl was not ready trying breathing techniques I see in movies and shit texting brake contractions got real close together so I started heading to the hospital I feel so good right now whenever I don't have one do not do this breathing technique I was literally making myself pass out No you sure shit hot y'all I don't know if you guys are gonna be able to hear me because of the ACS but they're hoping we're at the hospital my mom had to go pick up Michael from work and they're on their way to this hospital my sister's going to get me a wheelchair right now to bring me in my contractions are like every two minutes apart for like a minute long I hope she's running working on all this fuckin yes that is my belly button thank you then Michael and my mom showed up blessing us with their calming and spiritual Souls and are you guys so we're here in the lobby style oh no that's not it do you honestly think you're fucking funny we're in the hospital so she was 4 and then we got here we've been here probably two hours pain just not like now I feel good this is not like my first birth whatsoever I feel amazing I can be like this for hours I'd be fine I'm good I'm just so happy like I have a contraction right now I wasn't mean though ever right I was pretty good right right I controlled my contractions so well this time yeah it's because noise was making it feel like it was pink more painful for some reason I think I had to concentrate on my voice inside telling me to calm down and then when people were talking it was like just messing it up so I was fishing them but that's the only rude thing I did I did pull them a little bit but like barely like not compared to last time I forgot to say that I'm at 7 centimeters and they're going to break my water now just try to get things go in a little bit more a little faster we've been here for about two hours now okay wait you say like I'm hurting huh I feel like I don't know if I'm pushing my accident I don't know what's happening down there like going myself oh yeah it's not that really Nestle yep you know you have to put your legs up and stuff he's probably moving that's what it is the nurse just came in and checked her and now she's at 10 centimeters and she's ready to push so I'm gonna have a baby Oh Oh [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Girl I’m due in August and I can’t take you serious😂❤️ I already love you😂😂❤️ your son is adorable 😊 and a big congratulations on baby #2💕😇

  2. My daughter is 4 months old and this makes me want another 😍😍 you did so well and congratulations xx

  3. The humor in this video is something you don’t usually see in birth vlogs! I really like it, it makes labor seem less scary!

  4. Wow! Tu viens du Québec! Je viens de la province en dessous trop cool une youtuber d’ici qui parle bien en anglais j’aurais jamais dit! Ta bien faite sa ma belle!😊

  5. Aww Joey was the cutest lil thing he knew you were in pain and he gave you a kiss on your head that made me smile so much

  6. You are the funniest teen mommy channel…😂😂😂 Glad I found you! Congratulations to the 3 of you!!

  7. Other YouTubers- uploads a 30 min dramatic birth vlog with dramatic music that makes viewers scared and cry.
    Biya- uploads a 9 minutes comedy show😂

  8. Yay finally!!! 😍 I laughed and cried but over all I am so so happy for you guys. Congratulations on your sweet little boy and much love from Germany ❤

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