TEEN MOM BIRTH VLOG | Induced & Unmedicated

ducks 4:30 a.m. and we're about to leave for the hospital we're finally gonna get to me that little boy this is all of our stuff that we're taking except bean we can't take being unfortunately this is the last time I'm gonna have this belly just one last look at it huh I actually getting kind of nervous now I'm gonna miss my bean the calves are all ready to go we're gonna go meet our little minor Timothy so we're at the hospital now and we're just waiting for me to get induced but they're just doing some monitoring on the baby and we're just playing some Mario Kart while we wait they're finally going to start the induction now they're gonna put the gel on my dancers area I'm really nervous my heart is racing you'll be okay wait six hours for them to check me again I will this is such a long process so the first application of the gel is done it was painful and now I'm like getting really bad cramps but the doctor said it would probably take three applications of the joke for my cervix to actually open up and then to be able to break my water so it's gonna be a very long long day and my pits almost 11:30 in the morning so we're gonna be here a while so it's been six hours since the first application of the gel and they're about to put some more in well they're about to check me and see how dilated I am and then put more in but um having it so much pain this whole six hours I mean getting the worst cramping I don't know if it's contractions or not I don't know is it and it just feels like a really bad cramping maybe we just got checked again that she isn't dilated enough so we might be getting here but they don't know because she's think she's having like contractions when you're not dilated enough yeah speak to someone higher up and figure out what think is live in China there was the worst pain I never know in my home to thank appreciate put just to thing cuz I mean and that was so freakin paintable and now I'm scared because my big freaking watermelons about to come out of me so I can't even handle two fingers I'm gonna handle so the doctor came in and they said they don't want to give me any more gel because I'm already getting regular contractions and they don't want to hyper stimulate me or something like that I know what she said but yes so they're not giving me anymore Joel they've told me to just wait and let go walk around and go walk around for a bit so that I can try and like dial 8 on my own and then it out o'clock tonight they're gonna break my waters it's six o'clock now sit oh wow that's in two hours that's really mmm not a long time well yeah we're gonna go get some food now because I'm so hungry the hospital lady brought me possible food like the hospital lady brought me some food and I didn't feel like eating it at that time so I just like thought I'd wait for a bit just have a nap and then I woke up and she's like taking my food away for some reason I'm like oh not done and she's like oh I have to take it sorry anyway let's go get food oh they're about to break my waters I'm nervous but we changed hospital rooms and this one is so much bigger and so much nicer and just watching Survivor right now while we're waiting we and then like a few days later we found out that I'm pregnant so as you see it's very very much positive so this is my sixth week Bentley say this is the baby these are the baby's hands ah space okay I guess so we have the gender you wanna work okay ready set go we're gonna have a son this is my belly for 18 weeks Kip come out this is my 28th week belly I haven't felt the baby move in two days and I'm really worried I'm just a little bit lied because I haven't fought my baby move in almost two days maybe current rate is really high as well so they can't release me and toe it's going down it looks like it's going down so this one is from the baby to daddy I know we haven't met yet but I hear your voice every single day and I'd love you so much already I can tell you're gonna be the best dad ever and I can't wait to meet you in a few weeks happy birthday day this is my 33 week Nelly when we went to the doctor's last week and I was diagnosed with the cholestasis and that means I have to be introduced at 37 weeks so we are having him three weeks early which is so exciting and I just can't believe that I'm gonna be meeting a little boy in less than two weeks it's so crazy focus Shinichi chest honey bring your head out beautiful Shinichi checkup oceanographer you've got this on keep beautiful you're doing it now me you're doing it you're getting me married I'll go tonight me he's coming not I mean he's coming getting my homes where no me he's coming yeah oh wow it's coming no man you're doing it he's coming yeah [Applause] [Laughter] I'm just giving you a why me it is amazing job you did it guys I know you can't in dad you version then sorry between these two clamps for me can be a bit toxic can take a few guys people say it's like calamari yeah just between the beautifully done he's free hi your anxieties so beautiful you guys look cute together okay so like I haven't seen them in the light before they haven't seemed like a fool I think the best pose of him so far hi oh my lord oh my god let me get a beautiful fire all right all right moment of truth two point nine zero nine four week top to toe and then he can go oh you are so divine snooty skin again honey he's got a bit of facial contusion sorry just um bruising just because it happened so quickly so if he looks a bit purple it's just the posing these lips are pink that's the main thing okay these little scratches from where they broke the waters [Laughter] oh is it alright dad skin-to-skin again mate actually that's even a peon look at him with his little diaper look how beautiful he's all we've got here tubs oh okay that's so cute we just got to over my finding gonna get to sleep thank God I'm so tired what time is it it's 2:30 in the morning so much we've got him in his very first outfit ever it's a little big his face is all bruised because he came out way too fast good night little buddy we're gonna try get some sleep I love you so much he's looking over you anyway good night sweet dreams

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  1. Hi, new subscriber here! Love your videos, would you mind giving my channel a view ☺️ I was also induced!

  2. A mother carrying baby for 9 months in her womb is just a tremendous task..and while giving birth..Thanks to all moms who perform this tremendous task ..

  3. A mother carrying baby for 9 months in her womb is just a tremendous task..and while giving birth..Thanks to all moms who perform this tremendous task ..

  4. I loved how naomi said "is he ok?" and "why isn't he crying" because she was making sure he was ok and im late but naomi is a really good mum

  5. Is it just me or when u wach stuff like this and here them scream ur stomach feels weird??Might just be me😂

  6. I feel like girls are better than boys because we give birth, and we just do hard things then boys

    Like if you argee

  7. While I was watching this video my heart was beating so fast like I was facing this situation. Now I am wondering that when I am going to give a birth to my baby what am I going to do?

  8. Awwwwwww he is so cute and i saw his little cute butt…..… not to be weird or anything but he is sooooo adorable!

  9. This made me cry so hard! I was induced 11th June 2019 due to low fluid – 7 hours start to finish and the whole thing was so traumatic but I’d do it a million times over for our baby Freddie. You did so well, our bodies are amazing things! Xxx

  10. I will have a kid in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years

  11. Good Job Naomi my sister has had those same pains three times already once around your age and the other two times around two and three years ago and soon this upcoming year in March another baby of my sister’s will be born

  12. This is going to happen to my mum because she has my another half brother in August I can’t wait for him 🙂

  13. Im due my baby boy in just over 12 weeks. This vlog has made me so emotional. He's so beautiful and you done so good!! Well done to u both 🙂

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