tsehai hangover so heat and everything I am going to be making breakfast and today we're just gonna have eggs hey guys so I am cooking right now you can tell that I'm not very experienced I just make scrambled eggs yep here's my magic little thing I made PB and J for it well not PB and J just jam on toast and here's him eating it this is my breakfast I don't know why I showed you mine but I ate it look ketchup here I think I'm just a beauty guru where I'm just going to show you that I'm doing a braid that turns into a bun so that's great I hope that you find this is interesting I like doing stuff like this but I don't know why I thought that I should show you guys but I thought it looked cute so I'm going to show you yep see yep record this and show you how I get ready for like doctor's appointments and what's going on like whenever I go in there like doing how they reads do I not have Airy until 38 weeks I'm not considered old term I had no idea and I just looked at my app literally seconds ago as well and she's still packing on pounds I think it said that she was six pounds I'm not too sure I won't correct myself if I'm not and basically everything else is developed but her lungs her lungs will most likely need help if she comes out after now and I am just so excited that next week I will be going into the my doctor's office again I think that's whenever she'll check Kapaun dilated if I'm wrong I will correct myself later on in this video really hope that you liked getting ready with me that you liked the update on me I will show you my stomach of course this is my stomach from the side let me show you my stomach from my skin I am not report inside the doctor's office with my doctor so he did not want to wait in that levy he didn't want to wait in the waiting room in which he usually does with my friend Bobby so he's just chilling with me we're kind of matching I will record how the room looks like if somebody I don't know how OBGYN rooms are somewhat setup like hey so damn back from the appointment I won't give you this stop my doctor's appointments says after summary visit no after visit summary my blood pressure is 108 over 56 which they told me was good my BMI 24.8 3 and my way is 163 and 5 ounces height 58 inches my temperature is ninety 7.4 my policy is 74 my respiration is 18 my next appointment is on the 25th of June I'm so excited they did confirm my induction B so that Friday I am going to be induced I'm so hyped up to be honest they did not check to see if I was dilated but I really think that i dilated a little bit more i really hope that you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed making it

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  1. Hey guys!! If you like little GRWMs, I'll for sure upload more! Hopefully soon with not only Ares but little Anastasia as well ❤. If you want a certain video, comment what youd like and I'll see what I can do!

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