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hey guys welcome back to my channel for those of you who are new here my name is yazmin and this is my one-year-old Layla so for today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys what my morning routine is like as a pregnant 18 year old mom with a 13 month old baby lalla usually wakes up around 7:30 or 8 o'clock and I like to sleep in until I hear her wake up pretty much or if I wake up earlier I stay in bed until she wakes up we start every morning with the fresh diaper and this morning Layla's stuck her finger up my nose and it gave me a bloody nose it was beautiful so the first thing we do in the morning after we get our diaper tuned to get out of bed and start making breakfast for Leila because she is hungry in the morning and will eat everything including my food so I gave Lila some Cheerios and blueberries just to keep her entertained while I made her real breakfast which was some scrambled eggs along with some fruit and her regular cup of whole milk once Leila has her breakfast I pour myself a cup of tea and start getting my food ready which is usually yogurt with some granola and blueberries but sometimes I'll have eggs myself or I'll make oatmeal or a bagel just depending on what me and the little baby in my belly want that morning so Logan and I have a pretty good system going where we alternate mornings so one morning I'll wake up for Leila in the next few weeks up for Leila we need to die as you can probably tell Leyla likes to make a big mess with her food when she eats especially when she eats yogurt so Logan's giving her a bath now while I clean up the rest of the mess that she made hey guys so I just took a quick shower I didn't wash my hair so that's why my hair is still dry I like to wash my hair less often than I actually shower because it dries it out a lot if I wash it too much but anyways I'm getting dressed now so while I'm getting dressed I'm gonna show you guys my new favorite bras I'm really not a bra person it sounds weird but I'm not really a big fan of wearing bras because I usually find them really uncomfortable but I'm pregnant and breastfeeding sometimes I do the main things that I look for when I am looking for bras when I need bras is comfort style and price another thing that's sort of important to me when it comes to especially like lingerie companies is their values because a lot of companies specifically market towards like underwear and bras often give young girls the wrong idea of what your body should look like I think it's important to support brands and companies that have good values and support women that support women inclusive of all sizes and shapes and body types so I just recently started wearing bras from this company called Lively know laundry is inspired by active wear and swimwear and I was founded by a former Victoria's Secret employee who wanted to like reshape and reform the whole idea of how bras were marketed and sold as Lee sells more than 50 different kinds of bras including bras bra let's maternity bras busty bras and active rest like sports bras the lively sales bras ranging from size 32 a to 38 triple D and pretty soon they're gonna go up to 44 Triple D it's the same price for all sizes which is amazing so you don't have to pay more just because you have bigger boobs another thing is none of their bras are more expensive than $35 bra lots are made with all day fabric it's really really soft and it has a super great quality elastic which is what I love about it because I hate elastic that feels tight on you and feels suffocating and it also is made with really breathable fabric and mesh along the outside of it this is one of the bra westin I got and I'm not an underwire bra kind of person I usually prefer just to wear bra let's so I also got this one which is like very see-through it's like pretty much just mesh and just plain white it's a pretty similar style to this one and it's the same super comfortable elastic on the bottom and they both hook in the back and I also got this one which is a little bit more of a serious bra but it's just strapless black lace it has a little bit of underwire on it and again just also hooks in the back you guys want to join the lively community of smart and strong woman click the link in my description below you can get $10 off of your first order so I don't have all that much of a morning routine when it comes to my skincare and my shower routine and everything I usually do that in the evening but sometimes I do take a quick shower in the morning or just shower without actually washing my hair and while I'm doing that and getting dressed Logan takes care of Layla and she'll play in the kitchen with him while he finishes cleaning up and gets himself breakfast as well I like to spend as much of our morning's outside as we can before it gets cool way too hot to even be outside we're in the middle of like a heat wave here so usually when we do go outside we can't be out there for very long but with a little love playing out on the decks you have a little water table and baby pool and she actually hates that baby swimming series just then put anyways after we play outside for a little bit we come inside and she played inside it will I get as much work done as possible but she's happy around 11 o'clock Leila is really pretty tired out it's already ready to take her morning nap Logan and I tag-team morning nap and put her down and she's usually nap for about an hour and a half or two hours well I love sleeping I try to get as many chores done in the house as possible so you guys are bored or seeing me and do all the housework that I have to do but that's what so much of having your own house consists of issues chores and cleaning especially when you have a little toddler well I was taking her morning nap I think it air bag all packed and ready to go out for whatever we have to do that day whether it be something boring like going to the bank or the DMV or something a little more enjoyable like going out for lunch or going to the beach and luckily we got to end this morning with a nice little brunch with my friends in Maryland with this really cute little restaurant in downtown Lewis thank you guys so much for sharing this wonderful morning with us and we can't wait to see you guys in the next video [Applause] [Applause]

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