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  1. This guy called into Talk Heathen several times, eventually they just publicly shamed him and hung up. He's got a Jordan Peterson woo-woo understanding of God and the Bible, his attitudes are right out of 1950, he's so certain he's correct, and never presents any actual evidence.

  2. ALL abortion is wrong. .I don't care if a woman was raped or ect..that baby never ask to be conceived they should have the baby and let someone adopt it..or further more if the woman wasn't raped then they need to use protection or keep there legs closed. .abortions is murder no matter how far along being pragunt the woman may be. …that is gods children there killing

  3. After Tracie said "It was their choice", there was dead silence on the phone. Rob seemed to be stunned to hear that women should have a choice.

  4. Rob himself would probably get an abortion if men could get pregnant. Most pro-lifers only form their anti-abortion stance on whether someone else is pregnant.

  5. Listening to Tracie and Jen talking about people having abortions, legal or not, I was reminded of something I read in that context not to long ago: "Roe v Wade didn't start women having abortions. Roe v Wade stopped women dying from abortions." That made me remember pre-Roe, and reading about a young girl dying from a back-alley abortion, and I remember reading the "good" Preacher saying "It was what she deserved". Now, fifty years later, I don't see that much has changed.

  6. Wait wait wait wait. Wait. Did homebody just say there are psychologists helping people who were MURDERED? lmfao

  7. Im a feminist, and motherhood could only be talked about through personal experience…….then shut the fuck up dude, unless your the first guy mother.

  8. 8:16 "There are psychologists traveling through the world who help trauma victims, who've been raped, who've been MURDERED…" uhhh are you sure about that, my dude

  9. I just don't recognize the authority of anyone to force another woman to carry her baby to term. An since abortion rights are founded in the right to privacy, these abortion rights are especially precious, and anyone who wants to take anymore privacy rights from me can jump in the lake.

  10. I live in Australia, and I have heard about the number of polls concerning the high % of US citizens who approve of keeping the present termination law. For Rob to have missed this, he must be pretty ignorant. The data Jen related about birth control and sex education are also known in the public domain here!
    Similarly, he seems to get his statistics from some very suspect places.

  11. This idiot, Rob, can only talk about the actual people he's spoke with so that's science to the religious for you. The only truth is what I have personally come to believe. What a moron.

  12. Abortion is wrong in my eyes, but I’m not trying to make laws against it because it’ll remove your free will. It’s between you a God if he exists. Personally, how do you all view abortion? Why do you all support it or not?

  13. Actually teenage pregnancy is way down and abortion is down according to the NIH and CDC. surprised they didn’t know that. And when considering the emotional health of women, it’s more harmful to deny a woman choice as apposed to allow them to have an abortion. Most women do not regret having an abortion. They suffer far more emotionally when they are can’t have one. Look it up.

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