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thank you so much you can't be everything definitely desire therefore moogle is giving us what's happening in the world of sport and that was eat on premise sport desire as gives you as well much more as sunday so do not get bored and you Sunday at 10 p.m. right after live at 9:00 you always get to have this car where the discussion is also still about sport we do have lunchtime sport that comes through after and be is live at 1:00 we do have second television which is a hormone sport so you just have a lot more of platforms where you can get yourself what's happening in the world of sport but getting away from sport a back to you the issues happening in and around the world we want to take you to South Africa now or si like it loves to be or like many people love to call it and that the discussion that I and Connery are going to be having shortly is an unfortunate one about teenage pregnancies we've seen so many school dropouts because of these pregnancies if so many people suffer we've seen so many people suffer from fistula because of teenage pregnancies and there is a custom that comes out is is it lack of the information prior is it about poverty is it about the communities that the gods live in what exactly is it what is the South African story Connery Megumi either telling us this from the very country South Africa Connery good morning from Uganda I guess it's about 621 in South Africa now yes absolutely noted it's actually six which one that's an hour behind Uganda now you I'm glad you've talked about and introduced the topic of tonight's pregnancy now Uganda is wrong third next to Namibia and Zambia in the highest number of girls aged 15 to 19 who have a they have a child or a current pregnant are currently pregnant now that is according to a report that was released by UNESCO here at of course the alien in teen pregnancy training we are attending put together by Eunice and Rahul now more details on this report also revealed that half of all these pregnancies are unintended now this has largely contributed to screwed reports now you've also talked about that many people have blamed it on poverty now despite the belief among so many people including public policymakers in Africa and also in Uganda that profit is an excuse that girls used to engage in sexual activity this report reveals us that it is widespread across sub-saharan Africa and I'm saying that Uganda is also number one in the number of its African countries it is new and Bob Kenya Tanzania and Wanda and other countries was this report looked at all account southern Africa now this report also for oakum and sexual productive health education and also be blamed as the decision by parents and religious leaders to treat sex as a taboo subject has placed many young women in a space where their bodies are not treated with respect now you well know that the Ministry of Education in Uganda try to develop a framework that is at the sexual education but it is just a framework it does not have a cessation plan does not have an implementation plan and therefore it is still hanging namespace received a lot of criticism and the minister's try to respond to all these but looks like what all matters have been factored in fact that in because it's not a comprehensive approach now this among other factors that bring about in each pregnancy you can also cover with the poverty the privation according to special in sub-saharan Africa but also putting young women in a space where sex is used to cater for the economic needs I'm talking about countries like Swaziland where a bride price is a huge thing and therefore they want to marry off young girls and there are for you fact that 15 16 17 year-old young girls are you know taken off in early marriages because people just want to look at young girls as a source of as a source of money and wealth and therefore they will marry them off early and they end up getting pregnant at them very very eyelids now this is a huge problem in Uganda that asks the media need to look into two stories about but also we need to engage everyone in the counter to make sure that the number of girls who are getting pregnant between 15 and 19 that number reduces or else Mildred this is going to blow out of proportion and we're not going to manage it mood CEO Connery that is very true thank you so much for that update and we need to continuously think about and when we talk about aspects of sexuality and sexual education we need to agree to the fact that young girls and boys because of Technology because of the way we've raised them because of the parenting that is happening now have grown up to get exposed to a lot of sexual sex information at an early age and there is a lot of experiencing that is happening that is why Connery talks about a percentage of many of those teenage pregnancies being an intended in that particular way but we do hope that when we walk together every gal will go will get pregnant at the right time and when they want the pregnancy and that even when they miss secondly or somehow get pregnant we can be able to still protect them and make them reach their full potential that is in terms of Education in terms of love in terms of let's take a break of the morning with I will be returning with Simon congratula

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