okay so I just parked in front of like Andrews office and Santa Monica and here's what I think I'm gonna do because I was thinking about it driving here the outstanding Foods offices isn't very far from here and usually if I come out here I try to get extra chips and he gets really excited about that so I just texted him saying I'm gonna see if I can get extra chips for you guys and I'll bring them by the office so I'm waiting to hear back from him but I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to a coffee shop nearby and I'm just gonna ask for a coffee cup and I'm gonna say oh and I caught you a coffee and he's gonna love that he loves coffee and he's gonna realize it's empty and he's gonna look inside and I'm gonna put the pregnancy test in it holy okay so I am going to film him like I'm doing an Instagram story and I'm just gonna be like babe look I got you boxes about standing foods chips pick out chips they're in the trunk because I obviously don't have anything in my car right now I'm gonna say oh by the way I got you a coffee cuz I'm amazing that's pretty much how it's gonna go and then that way he won't think it's weird that I'm filming him because this is a moment I do not want to miss okay okay okay I got you here I got you a coffee from their office no I swear they have a new machine and everything Nespresso yeah thank you guys you everything I thought I would be here we are you're still filming I never stopped partying and those are probably nervous oh gosh I'll be honest today and I I feel exactly that I feel I'm just literally in a ball right now oh my gosh okay yeah I am I am but I'm also scared I'm everything at one time I think I'm just anomaly I have to process it yeah it's real my life's different yeah I should be different yeah you drove all the way out here are you out of your mind you think I'm just gonna sit at home and fiddle my fingers I know I wish I only had chips for you so that's that guys this is just one of those moments that like you always kind of dream of but there's so much that has to fall into place before you're really mentally ready and emotionally ready even physically ready so I'm pumped and Andrews pumped I'm sure there's a lot to figure out and the near future but in the meantime I'm gonna go get some vegan tacos okay


  1. My husband ‘s reaction when I told him I was pregnant was “ how did this happen.” And I was like umm we had sex. Lol

  2. Honesty there was nothing wrong with his reaction. Everyone is different and he is human and responds differently to things. Overall it's obvious he was extremely happy, and me too!!

  3. Hi Daniella!! What are you and Andrew looking forward to most about being pregnant and having a child? Ilysm!!

  4. I can't believe I just watched you on TV like 5 mins ago and now I'm watching you tell the man you love your pregnant! You have grown up so much!🥰🥰

  5. I love what she said at the end because it’s so true. When the time is right, everything else will fall into place. Been struggling with infertility for a few years now, but my joy for others never stops. Congratulations you two!

  6. His reaction was beautiful because it showed that he was trying to grasp the reality of having a new incredible responsibilty in his life soon & it showed he was both: excited & overwhelmed. I thought it was raw & real. All the best for you both. Congrats x

  7. YouTube: Recommended: “Telling him I’m pregnant”

    Me: Look I didn’t ask to watch this thanks 🙏🏼

    Edit: I end up watching this entire video ☠️

  8. When I recognized that I was preg I was just scarred 🙈 Now I am the proudest mom although it is so hard, dont wanna change a thing because it is so much love 💓

  9. Wow beautiful and priceless! I love this video ! God bless u guys and not only that but thanks for sharing this!

  10. Can I just say… she used a pregnancy test that was expired and even if it wasn't the one shes using isn't very accurate…

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