100 Replies to “Telling my boyfriend I’m Pregnant!!”

  1. This is incredible!!!! The fact that 2 of my favorites have announced their pregnancies today is incredible to me!! @Earthmamamedicine is the other fav that announced hers today and maybe you guys can help eachother out on this amazing journey!!! Ugh my heart is so full! If another one my favs announces a pregnancy, I'm going to lose it!!! There is something in the water lol!!!! Congrats you 2!!!!!

  2. I am so happy for you guys!! I now understand why the channel will be changing! But it's great! I was in your shoes a little over 3 years ago, and my husband was even more stunned than Seth. But after the initial shock is over you, it's all happy and planning because your life takes a dramatic turn. It's all so exciting, I am so so happy for you guys and I just watch your videos once a week on the internet!!

  3. Congratulations! You both seem to be super happy and that’s great! However, having a child is a big deal and to go on “natural” birth control and to admittedly not being doing a good job of it…getting pregnant…and then telling your boyfriend who didn’t decide to have a baby right now on camera and in a public place…it just seems irresponsible and not very thoughtful of his feelings. Anyway, you both seem happy so don’t know why I felt the need to share my gut feelings after watching this. Congrats.

  4. Ohh my goodness!!!! I am so excited about this news I just teared up!!!, I started watching this channel because I was a solo traveler but I have fallen in love with you and your story💕💕. I am so happy for the two of you!!! I can not wait to hear about every step of the journey and what lies ahead!!!

  5. SOOO Excited for you all!! Can't wait to see where this journey takes you. I think you two will be absolutely fantastic parents! <3

  6. Congratulations!!! Very happy for you both. All the best. Clarifying question, you were using the natural tracking method to try and get pregnant or just not use chemical birth control?

  7. No one is EVER ready for the first child.. but it is the most wonderful adventure raising a mini you and watching this awesome mini you grow 😝

  8. This made me cry so beautiful, I'm pregnant with my fourth my youngest is 6 months, and getting out of abuse is hard and heartbreaking. This is what I wish I had

  9. That's one way to wake up your SO in the morning eh? 😆 Congratulations to both of you! That's super exciting. Course now your minds are buzzing with everything that comes with a pregnancy.

  10. when you haven’t watched shaylas videos in a while because you’re so busy with school and this is the news up come back to. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO💕💕

  11. I don't understand why he's so annoyed by both you asking to sit by him and asking him to watch your video. He makes it seem like what you're doing is unimportant compared to what he's doing, and it came across really poorly to viewers, just to give an explanation to some of the comments. Regardless, congrats!

  12. If you were off birth control how could this be a surprise?   Better sit down and talk about all the stuff that needs to be talked about…….. jobs, birth defects, money, religion, number of kids, education……… You better cut back all this YouTube stuff and focus on real life with real people………   Congratulations and best of luck……….

  13. Awe how cute! Congrats.
    Came across ur video and yes i subscribed. I have 5 kids and have been married for 26 years. Wishing u the best health thru ur pregnancy.

  14. Can everyone please stop staying that it’s strange that he doesn’t seem excited!

    If it’s not planned there’s nothing wrong with getting shocked or even panicked. My boyfriend and I found out a few weeks ago that I’m pregnant (not planned). We were both so scared. For a week I was really confused and my boyfriend panicked. We’ve been together for 7 years. After a week he talked to his brother who’s got to kids. After that everything changed and now we are both really excited!

    A lot of things go through your head when you find out that you’re having a baby, it’s a huge change in your life!

  15. Honestly I just had my first child and for real… you guys have each other and a decent support system; it’ll be just great and you will still have free time 😂.

  16. You could definitely tell this didnt look like an excited video at first. Especially with Seth's reaction look like.. (could totally see him thinking) "um you were doing a natural method and I thought that was working… how the heck did you get pregnant!?!?! Wer weren't you keeping track?!?!"
    Ahahahahaha. Too funny.

  17. you know , when you don't really plan this or lke comes as a unexpected surprise , it's shocking , but not every thime when smth is shocking it's bad lol 🙂 , and for sure if it's your first child it's totally going to mess up your life ( in a good way 😀 ) , i mean now you have a one*one = 2 makes 3 lol not to mention the responsabilities again there is the prove of your love who's in the game now , i wish you 3 the best with your child , stay strong , stay sweet and love one and eachother 😉 …..

  18. How you feel thinking about having a baby someday: 😍

    How you first feel when you find out your actually pregnant: 😳

    Lol, of course in the end it’s like: 🥰

  19. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16

  20. You’re never “ready”. . . But also don’t listen to anyone who tells you you can’t do as much with a baby. It’s harder, but we’ve traveled just as much, if not more, still do just as much with friends etc. you value couple time more than ever. It’s an addition. Not losing in any way.

  21. My boyfriend is also like this. He doesn't express his emotions as freely like I do. he's just like that 🤷
    Btw congratulations catch up on your sleep cause you won't be getting any when baby comes 😍

  22. Well I hope you enjoyed your globe touting adventures cause that's done now. Kids are wonderful, welcome to the next chapter.

  23. He seems very put out that she wants to sit next to him. He actually negotiated terms before he agreed to let her sit there.

  24. Yea, Im not convinced he is excited… BUT let this be a lesson.. ya live together, have sex then ya NEED to discuss WHAT IF…… yet this seems to be something only a handful do ! Welcome to reality!

  25. I don’t understand the negative comments. He looks so excited! Of course he’s nervous. My husband and I would lose our minds the first few weeks after finding something like that out. Like your boyfriend said, you’re never really ready. I think initial shock and nervousness is something everyone experiences when finding out they’ve created a life! Blessings to you both!

  26. I love his reaction. Like his face went “processing…processing…processing…DING” and his eyes lit up and just ❤️❤️❤️ best wishes to you both!

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