pregnant goes like nope nope nope muscles again welcome back to another one in my videos and I see I look Barry you broke down today Oh maintenance today we get pregnant really would drain you I mean give it some real well let them see how it looks to be carrying bitch I'll confirm title above or below whatever Michelle watching this on I am going to be telling you guys about my sister's reaction to this whole situation gross neck this is about to get good my sister-in-law we don't live in the same house because she's like way over 10 years older to me I don't know but we just never really had you know a relationship we kind of did she lived here she never was a type that I feel like go to finally got my first kiss right no she was no bad five she was more strict in my own right I think this because my mom was strict know her because she was bad I mean I haven't seen a baby but don't know whatever let me get this to work so this is the same damn dad okay watch my last video do y'all know that I knew in my head for like a week but like I had like a pretty dark enough side on the positive pregnancy test on this day and it was on March 15th I think your marche petite so she wanted me still her that night and I was like okay so I gotta work I was like I went to her I don't know why I thought that she was gonna be at how she did brunch when I saw her first so I was packing my bag of stuff and I was like thinking like should I tell her today or I don't know I was like I'm just bringing Sunday so she and her sister was in a car we got me my sister got different dads so it's her sister her dad saw so I resist original car although Chester kids really it was one extra kid plus her son but she got her shot at 20 times 23 so those anyways uh so we go to her sisters our house or a brother house first I decided that she want to stay there with them that night so it was just gonna be me my sister um but no but I thought you told me like maybe Roy the bracelet massage no besides meet my sister and her sister so we get to her house or whatever or they want me to make chicken alfredo so I was like okay cool so make my chicken operator or whatever just it was like go to the store y'all want anything and I was like no but in my head I was thinking live potential arm is quite into her Wow she's at a store why she caught her story by this point it was just me her house so let me just go into her so she coming in in our kitchen whenever you know just coming just being her and my mouth was ready to tell her before my could thing like that's good thinking way too fast so I had set her name when I did not mean to say that y'all life I was like oh my gosh I just do that this was like what and I was like oh nothing nothing nothing she was like no tell me she had like pen right and I was like a chicken whatever and also as I was making a chicken for the chicken out right now my eyes are getting watery I was like no more it's gonna keep it together because she's gonna know is something really really wrong so she seen my eyes watering what she's seen the tears fall which ever she was like what are you crying for but I just shook my hand like nothing like it's nothing she was large you pregnant and I didn't even say that I don't yeah I didn't even say that I don't think I shook my head or nothing she just ran out of the room Sydney was injured so she was caught yet I was cranking up the back for her crying but she ran to my room all the counts or something so she was the center of music or whatever just crying I guess so it's just a came back and I have wipe my tears quick I got you see I'm sorry crying she was I was going to just end it there so I just came to me no don't play dumb cuz I really knew her sister sat me down was like she was like yes you are you are it's okay you can tell me you can talk to me but she little shoes I think she's right 19 or 20 oh no she was like yeah you know still not so pregnant to like you're gonna be okay just doing so high um she grows faster you gonna break my heart you know she got all these health issues he was out of what to her plate oh she gonna kick you out and we should kick you out to make room here for you and a two-bedroom apartment for you and a baby in a two-bedroom apartment and she's gonna be so disappointed heartbroken was gonna kick me out I was going fight trying to fight me do other stuff and my head I'm thinking like and after that I was like my first because I knew she wasn't over yet like that but then again I didn't know but yeah so she was still doing all this crying with her burn that made me cry because make me mad she keeps telling me get kicked out when I know that I'm not like you know this is my house no this is my house you live here like I do anyways so so uh she just left or whatever she left the whole house and her sister was talking to me and was like you're gonna be okay if anybody got you if anybody don't got you I got you you can talk to me about anything just like I just know how you feel no sigh okay so I went back to make my chicken alfredo or whatever and my sister came back from her little wall or her said the chrome never she did outside and she I like kissing or cheating she was like oh I still love you I didn't want it for you but I still love you and we're gonna call the health department everyone make an appointment I'm gonna tell the doctor we leaning more towards abortion like I'm very mature for my age and I know don't get even more mature through my pregnancy so it's like no I'm not buddy killed this baby wasn't a baby yeah but I'm not by them kill this baby because you think I'm not capable of doing what I have to do like I know deep down what I'm capable of and I'll just guess so marry any monster like how are you gonna tell me what I'm capable of like no so I was just like no not no I'm not no I'm not no I'm not she was like yes you are yes you are yes you are always slow kid like either way whenever I get there they're gonna ask me like what I'm gonna do is I'm a clearly sad when I keep my child and that's what I did like realize so sometime that ball whatever we had girlfriends came and I'm kind of cool I'm cool with this friend so she came she was like this my nickname she was I'm over you pregnant and I was like Lord girl gonna my face so then my brother came and he was like a magic you grown so he was like joking about situation and like kids really my number one Supporter like right now everybody I know his girlfriend watches video so just know that if you need any support you know see they got you well I don't matter but you know he got you like is how it is it is so then some random girl I don't even know it was like questioning me and I was like um you can call me here's my number we could talk about anything and she was like asking me if I see one cuz Google stuff I'm just looking at this girl like girl I don't know you if you don't mind me like who are you to be questioning me like this but I'll disrespect for nothing but in my head I was thinking like I just know everybody's leave me alone stop asking me questions and always be between me and my sister and she told the whole house and I was really upset about that because that's my business thought it wasn't in your place to tell our mother but whatever so after I finished cooking the food or whatever I was I had a headache like a beaming headache no she's ready to go sleep there was blasting music during whatever they do and I was just like man bro I go sleep so I want my nephew moon I lay down he's not gonna text for my cousin and what's like being wrong go away what's up they're really cool I should've saw her first but she was alright she would be the cool lurking my sister probably around same age honor but she's had a baby at 15 so anyway takes her back and I have got up bright why'd you suffer this but she was like because I need her help put a bush no like I'm not getting no question thank you I was I'm not getting no question she was like she was like I beside you don't leak in the worship um I'm never gonna get my either and plus they can mess up your body for me what have kids you might not be able to as she was like a baby as a blessing I've had miscarriages oops I've had miscarriages so if I can carry the baby and tell me you know my due date was November 24th and everything was cool like I just came back in there to talk to me and I don't really tell me that so I really don't mind a conversation where I think she was just fine who gonna watch the baby how you gonna do this Bob and she was like you need to tell mommy you don't tell her all the time whatever Shoshanna give me seven next day knows I know I said but I'll tell you like oh yeah everything was cool but yeah the whole house knew what her telling my cousin my cousin told everybody lied she told my family she told her family like she was on her friends I was just like what in the world I trusted you you told somebody but if y'all want to hear about me finding out how I was pregnant nigga watch my last video if y'all like find out my mom's reaction and stay tuned with the next video because they will be my next video and thank you so much for watching my own videos and all the nice support and love that I got my last video I really do appreciate it especially based on young it was kind of like not hard but kind of like scary like coming out to the public and everything right but I wish every one of y'all's comments and I hope y'all can all follow me on this journey I'm pretty sure some people that you know just watch that video nosy but I appreciate that okay okay thank you so much for watching don't forget to like this video comment more be ideas down below if you are new to my channel hi my name is right don't forget where subscribe button if you like this video and you might as well search dance at the end but thank you so much for watching I love each nipple ooh y'all in we're


  1. it’s ur baby daddy lil sister i will love to babysit anytime for free and i’m here for u whenever u need me lots of love😘❤️i can’t wait to be an auntie

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